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My second W30.


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Starting my second W30 tomorrow. I'll be tracking my eats here. I did a W30 back in November, felt great. Ready to do another W30 now, my eating habits have been sliding a bit lately and I feel less great. Logging food and thoughts on this forum definitely helps, maybe I just need that extra bit of accountability? Anyway. I'm ready for the next 30 days.

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Day 1, not normal routine as it's a holiday. Breakfast was slept through, so the day ended up being two meals and a snack. Not a pattern I plan to repeat, I know W30 works best with 3 proper meals.

The eats:

Meal 1 - 2 eggs, 3 rashers of sea salt cured bacon, 6 cherry tomatoes, leeks leftover from dinner last night.

Snack - a pear and a heaped tsp of almond butter.

Meal 2 - generous portion of pork, aubergine, pepper and tomato spicy stew, half a big sweet potato, half an avocado. 2 plums.

Been drinking earl grey tea with no milk, black coffee, water.

Missing milk in tea, this was the hardest thing about W30 last time round, and suspect it'll be hard this time. My reintroductions after my first W30 suggest I don't have a problem with dairy, even so I'm eliminating it again this time.

Off to an ok start. Feeling full after meals. Planning an early night, crossfit in the morning.

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Day 2. Up early for crossfit. Got a PB on my thrusters, also managed a comedy clunk to the head with the bar. All good fun!

Meal 1 - (after crossfit) Palm sized chunk of roast pork, mixed green salad, half a sweet potato, half an avocado.

Meal 2 - mixed leaves, cucumber, tomato salad. Splash of balsamic and olive oil. Olives. Half an avocado. Can of tuna.

I knew dinner was going to be late as we had a neighbourhood meeting to go to and I was concerned there would be biscuits, so I had a snack at 6:30pm to avoid getting derailed.

Snack - an apple, tsp of almond butter.

Meal 3 - buffalo meatballs, tomato, onion, basil sauce (homemade), courgette "noodles" fried off in the meatball pan. Handful of macadamias and raisins.

Been drinking water, earl grey without milk and rooiboos tea without milk, a black coffee.

Slight headache, possibly less caffeine than usual as I normally drink a lot more tea when milk is included, could be coincidence, could be the clunk I gave myself this morning. I did get headaches at the start of my last W30, be interesting to see how it goes this time.

Going to bed feeling full.

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Day 3. Up early for crossfit. Still felt headachy, chugged some black coffee before heading out the door. WOD was power cleans and burpees. Brutal. Was ready for food when I got home again.

Meal 1 - bacon, one hard boiled egg, big mixed salad with a drizzle of olive oil. Half an avocado.

Meal 2 - massive mixed salad, olives, can of tuna, hard boiled egg, blob of W30 compliant mayo. Macadamia nuts.

Afternoon trip for groceries didn't happen as the car wouldn't start. I got sidetracked with work. I grabbed an apple at about 5pm as a snack. I don't think I really needed this, I wasn't hungry. Grabbing a snack is one of the habits I want to break through this W30. Must be more mindful. A glass of water would have probably stopped me. Alternative transport meant I had food in the house by 7pm. Lots of good W30 compliant food to see me through the next few days.

Meal 3 - massive mixed salad, drizzle of olive oil, chicken breast, half an avocado, half a large sweet potato.

My headache is still slightly there. Hoping a nights sleep will see it off.

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Horrendous migraine when I woke up. Couldn't get out of bed until 3pm. Couldn't face food until I was up.

Meal 1 - an egg, a can of tuna and half a sweet potato with some chilli and herbs made into nomnom paleo inspired patties. Salad. Olives. Macadamia nuts.

Meal 2 - steak, massive mixed salad, drizzle of olive oil, half an avocado, slaw made with compliant mayo.

Lots of water to drink and a couple of cups of coffee.

Feeling a lot better this evening. Not sure if the migraine was W30 related, or just one of those things and maybe me feeling headachey for the last couple of days was a migraine coming on. I haven't had a full on migraine in a while, but they are something I occasionally suffer from. Hoping I feel better tomorrow, I had a lot of stuff I was meant to get done today that had to be cancelled, I was fit for nothing.

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So sorry about the migraine! I had one at the beginning of my Jan W30, I actually left work and went home, which I very rarely ever do.

Thanks, for the sympathy. Migraines are horrible I used to get them a lot. Been eating mostly paleo for about 12 months now and they've definitely declined in that time. So much so, that I can't even remember when I last had one. I was a bit headachey at the start of my last W30, but that coincided with a period of dog related sleep disruption, so I was never sure of the cause that time round. The fact I've been headachey again now does make me think it's something dietary. I definitely felt better after a cup of coffee today so maybe it's caffeine related? It's so hard to pinpoint a single thing.

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Meal 1 - 3 egg and veggie frittata served with green salad.

An unexpected, last minute lunch with a friend where I didn't get a chance to chose where we ate or know in advance what they serve. I ordered the all day breakfast with some substitutions.

Meal 2 - bacon, fried eggs, tomato, sausage. Skipped the toast. The meat may not have been entirely W30 compliant.

If this was my first W30 and this had happened I'd feel the need to start again. As it's my second one, my reasons for doing it are a bit different. I'm mostly wanting to reign in my sugar consumption, stop thoughtless snacking and just have a general re-boot of considered eating. I'm not going to stress over two rashers of bacon and a sausage. I don't feel like I'm off-plan. That would have been if I'd ordered a sandwich and fries and had a slice of pie for afters! So I'm carrying on.

Meal 3 - still cooking. But it'll be be roast pork, carrots and courgettes.

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