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OOPs I did it again:)


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Hello All,

I wrote my first post on here about finishing my whole30 on March 8th. ( I actually did it was the title of post). Anyhow, a few days before it was over I decided to extend it to a whole60 to help cement my new healhty ways and yesterday was my last official day of the whole60! Yup, I did it again. I have to say I am so proud of myself. Prior to the whole30 I wouldn't say that I was someone that kept my word when it came to diets, losing weight or following through on commitments that were challenging. However, through these 60 days I have changed into the person who does follow through, who does have will power, who can say HECK NO to twix, donoughts, ice cream, cake, Mcdonalds french fries and so on. I am the person that is setting an example by doing!! I am THAT healthy person. Still have so much more work to do but I am very well on my way.

To date on the whole60 I have lost 28 pounds!!! I did not measure so I don't know what ive lost inch wise but I have gone down 1 1/2 pant sizes!! I have also joined Crossfit! yup I made the exercise leap. Like I said in my first whole30 success post I needed to get my food under control before I added exercise.

Positiive aspects of my second round:

1) My attitude, perspective and mood have been way better, positive and happy on the second round than the first round. I think I was a little grouchy the first round as I learned the way and figured things out. Little things don't make me sweat and I am more mellow.

2) My skin is nice and I would only say that because people have commented. Also, I don't have to use as much of my face lotion because my skin isn't so dry.

3) I lost another 12 pounds ( 28 total)

4) eating the whole30 way is much more automatic and normal and needs less thought

5) I am so excited to be healthy and am on a mission to continue to eat good, get fit and strong

6) I also got two friends to join:) That is without me begging but by them seeing the positive effects it has had on my life!!

Things I still need to work on:

1) eating right away when I wake up. I tend to take a few hours before I have my first meal

2) being better prepared for things. With my hectic coaching schedule I sometimes don't give myself enough time to get food ready and will go for long periods without eating!! BAD BAD BAD

3) eating three meals... this goes off of number two. I sometimes skip due to my lack of preperation or not having compliant food on hand when I am coaching or out and about. Just ordered some primal pacs to help aid in this and bought some sardines to keep in my car for emergencies.

4) 8 hours of sleep! ugh I suck major at this one. But I am trying to get better.

Well, luckily I have another 40 days to improve. I decided to go ahead and do a whole100. For me its easier to extend than to out right say hey I am going to do 100 days from day 1. It just makes things seem easier and more manageble. I am excited to have two buddies on this journey with me. In the next 40 days I hope to get more creative in the kitchen, get into shape with the addition of crossfit and to improve on my list that needs work. If you are just starting out and reading this I would say this process will seriously change your life. I have not listed half the things about how amazing this program is and how much it has truly impacted my life:) there are no words but I will continue to show gratitiude through my actions. Also, 60 days flys by and yes in 30, 60 or 100 days you can dramatically change your life!

Happy Monday!

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I needed to read this. It's my first day and I'm just like you - never follow through on commitments like this. I'm already thinking I'll do 60 days so it can be a cemented habit, so I'm really happy to read that yours continued to improve in the second round! Thanks for the inspiration!

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