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My Life after Whole30

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I finished my Whole 30 about 2 weeks ago. I've reintroduced dairy, which doesn't seem to affect me very much. I'm having whole cream in a cup of coffee once a week, cooking with butter, and occasionally adding a little cheese to things. I'm not going crazy.

I've reintroduced alcohol and I don't like the way I feel. Very occasional/special occasions only.

I've reintroduced sugar - BAD idea. Sugar dragon was hibernating, but now Smaug has woken up. I'm not snarfing down bags of candy, but I definitely WANT it, and lots of it if I don't control myself. Sugar - only if it's included in a natural food. And since my blood work in January was pointing to diabetes, I don't want it.

I came down with food poisoning or a stomach virus this weekend. I had a non-whole30 breakfast (leftovers from a bbq place with too much fat - my husband used bacon grease and butter, and then chicken broth for most of the day. Some olives and yogurt with fruit in it for dinner). I'm feeling better. Just have a few painful moments after I eat something, but then all is ok again.

I'm not reintroducing grains because I don't want to eat them. I KNOW that wheat/gluten has a horrible effect on me and I don't want to suffer through it.

The only beans I might want are chickpeas in hummus. I might try that, but it isn't essential to my life.

I bought kombucha today to try. I'm scared, LOL.

End result, I'm ready and willing to stick to a mostly Whole30 diet. I do plan to go out to eat occasionally. I feel so much better when eating a healthy diet and want to BE healthy. I plan to get my bloodwork done again in a month or two, having been eating this way for most of that time, and see if my numbers are better. I'm thinking the cutting out of alcohol will have a huge affect on the numbers.

I'm going to keep up writing in my log here. I find it helps. I'm not going to write down everything I eat, of course. More like a journal to keep my motivation up and my goals clear. I'm going on a cruise in June, so I'd like to slim down a bit before then. Have a long way to go, but every bit helps. I'm going to start walking my kiddo to and from school and maybe talking my toddler on some rambles, so I can get some exercise in. I'm definitely going to be doing some core exercises and some body weight exercises per Mark Sisson. I'll take some measurements later today and see how far I go in the next few months.

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