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Stopping the excuses.


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I found Whole30 back in November, and it truly changed my life. I became quite the label-reader and recipe-finder. I felt balanced, energized, and that overall, unexplainable happiness. I lost that bloated feeling, I stopped fighting teenage-like breakouts, and, after years of discomfort, my digestive tract felt healed. I was (and continue to be) a believer.

I need to read and memorize the Reintroduction chapters of ISWF. Each reintroduction started with chocolate and alcohol then quickly lead to bread. My skin usually flared up within hours; however, I had tried so many things it was always impossible to pinpoint the culprit.

I've been non-compliant in all areas for a few months. I have about 50 excuses at the tip of my tongue. I am writing them done so I just get them out of my system...

- I am stressed planning a wedding. (so I pay for a facial, but don't do what I know really clears up my skin. brilliant.)

- Grad school is also stressing me out.

- Whole30 was always so dang expensive. (so was the takeout I ordered 3 times last week.)

-Stress in my job is through the roof.

-My friends were wondering where the heck I was during my Whole30 as I lost some interest in late night bars.

-I don't have time for all those recipes with all those expensive ingredients.

- My fiance likes ice cream.

- I have events like my wedding shower, our wedding tasting, and other things coming up.

OK. THERE. I'm tempted to start yelling, "Screw you, excuses," but I don't want to scare you. That felt good. Here I go. I AM going to be successful and pinpoint the foods that make me feel ill. I am going to be slay the sugar dragon and stop eating ice cream every night. I am going to look and feel fantastic even if I have to be patient.

Starting today.

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Sounds like you have a rock solid plan to kick those excuses to the curb!

Your wedding tasting may be a perfect excuse to incorporate the parents into the wedding plans, if they are available. If there is something off plan, just get their opinion. A win win in my book :).

As for the shower, what bride isn't trying to look best for her wedding day!

You got this!

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