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  1. I want to hug you, kiss you, dance with you! I can feel your energy in your words. Thank you for finally sharing your story!
  2. My SCOBY has been hanging out since last year when it started to get too cool around here for proper brewing. I have not been adding any tea as it sat above the refrigerator. This will definitely be an experiment as I start brewing again! No mold but such a strong odor of vinegar of course! I think I will get a bottle or two of plain GTs and put my SCOBY in there and start brewing again. Like you said LadyM, it gets to be an expensive habit when not brewing your own!
  3. Leg Cramps on Day 3

    Muscle spasms can be brought on by a lack of potassium. What often happens by switching to less processed foods is you end up reducing your sodium; this, in turn, impacts your potassium levels. Bring on the salt shaker .
  4. My only advice is this: 1. Have fun 2. There are no kombucha failures. Just lessons on how to improve the next time . Kind of like the whole30. Or life Seriously, have a great time with it!
  5. Carrageenan in my almond milk????

    I say either whipped coconut milk or black. You got this. Be careful with these commercial brands. I was at Whole Foods and found one where the ingredients look GREAT, but further down it states that it "contains 2% or less of the following...". Both sugar and carrageenan were listed. Just FYI!
  6. Christmas grazing

    Deviled eggs are one of my favorites!
  7. Outstanding results! You should be proud!
  8. I have done that successfully in the past. Do be careful, as missmary cautions, as those concentrates are extremely high in sugar.
  9. Sauerkraut

    I had lots of questions regarding sauerkraut last year. http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/4019-sauerkraut/?hl=sauerkraut In this thread is a video for making your own. It is easy! However, I must admit that mine is just not as good as the Bubbies brand which we have here. Kombucha on the other hand? I rock my own
  10. Yoga help

    I could not agree more! I started my yoga practice by attending a community education class. It was budget friendly, and helped me understand the terms and proper form. I eventually branched out to a program for Baptiste Vinyasa Power Yoga and LOVE it. One of the aspects I truly appreciate is the teacher is constantly coaching all of us individually (with hands on correction if necessary). I shared with someone recently that I would not be able to do a DVD or podcast because I need someone looking at me and saying "hey, move your knee to the right" .
  11. Weight gain? Chubby face?

    I read this recent blog post on The Minimalist Blog and it really spoke to me, for just the reasons you are writing here. Hope this helps! http://www.theminimalists.com/awareness/
  12. Okay, I would mix up the seasonings and put them in a baggie. Not sure TSA confiscates those or not . Then, all they would have to purchase would be ground beef, onions, garlic, tomato paste, chicken stock and apple cider vinegar. While the list sounds long, they probably already need lots of these items for Thanksgiving dinner prep!
  13. I am a baker, however, for hobby and not professionally. While doing whole30s, I had to rely on tried and true recipes in which I was confident of the outcome. Is it possible for you to do the same and continue on your whole30? While I am not the whole30 police, put the scale down and back away. Weighing yourself is not a part of the program.
  14. If you have the Well Fed 2 cookbook, there is an amazing recipe for plantain nachos. I adore the "taco" meat that is part of this recipe. You could easily make ahead of time (if driving there) or make it quickly when you get there, and use it to top the salad. No dressing required, except some chopped avocados. No need to even make the plantains. I bet the family members would be jealous. Bring enough for everyone .