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I didnt feel bad :(


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This is kind of silly, but I'm a little disappointed that I didnt feel bad after returning to old habits while on vacation last week. I'm 2 months past my first whole30, but had not eaten gluten, rice, potatoes, etc until i was on vacation last week. Most people say that if they cheat they feel awful and have stomach pains, etc... i felt no such thing! My most noticeable side effect was i didnt stay full as long and did notice some energy slumps... but thats it!

The only thing ive added back in after my first whole 30 is some heavy cream in decaf coffee and a tiny bit of sugar in my coffee every now and then, as well as feta cheese in my salad.

what gives?! is my stomach just less sensitive than others?

oh PS, on a side note, my hubbs and i decided to do a W30 every quarter, so we started our second W30 today.

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I don't fell bad in the short term either. What I have noticed is that over time (like months) of reintroducing stuff regularly I feel worse gradually (almost imperceptibly). Over time (like months) it makes a big difference in my sleep, bloat, my weight, and my energy levels.

Also, psychologically my health habits also decrease... I allow more and more sugar and alcohol in my diet as time goes on and my sleep hygiene goes downhill.

My family also does a W30 every quarter and I find that by the time it's W30 time again I'm ready and excited for another one! I've also found that as I learn through each W30 they are getting stricter and stricter.

I've decided it's okay that I don't feel really bad immediately when eating off-plan. I'm hoping that means my body doesn't have too much inflammation/leaky gut, and I hope to keep it that way!

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