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Whole30 does not encourage liquid meals for a variety of reasons that a moderator can address far better than I could. Plus I doubt any protein mixture is going to be compliant anyway.

Your breakfast should be a proper meal incorporating protein, fat and lots of vegies. No shake is going to come close to the benefits of a real meal. If you follow the meal template right, you should be getting all the protein your body needs anyway.

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All protein powders are processed food and consequently not good enough during a Whole30. And in the crazy way the world works, people have come to view smoothies as health food even though most are sugar bombs that spike insulin and all mess with hormonal rhythms by digesting too fast and maintaining satiety too briefly.

An important part of doing a Whole30 is learning to eat real food like meat, eggs, and veggies, even at breakfast when the TV commercials tell us eating on the run or in the car is normal and appropriate. My latest breakfast kick is one I recommend for people who are busy. Boiled eggs with salsa. I keep boiled eggs in the refrigerator all the time. I get up in the morning, peel three cold boiled eggs, cut them into quarters with a spoon, and then spoon 4 or 5 tablespoons of red pepper, tomato, or tomatillo salsa that I buy pre-made from Whole Foods on the eggs. Protein, fat, and veggies prepped and eaten in minutes.

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