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Day 12 & 900 miles from home


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Went to an engagement party 900 miles from home for a one night visit and kept 100% compliant. Flew in got a hotel and flew out the next morning. I learned a few lessons while staying compliant during this trip though. First off I called the hotel prior to arriving and found out they had a whole foods 3/4 of a mile away. THANK GOD!!!! This being an engagement party there was plenty of terrible food and alcohol going around. I was able to stay complaint and resist all temptations and the many many many offers and the peer pressure that came with the event. Many people had many questions and as I have read "It starts with Food" 3 times I had plenty of the rights answers.

First lesson I learned is that even at whole foods labels and questions are needed for everything you intend to put in your mouth. I found their salad and hot bar and proceeded to get some hard boiled eggs and vegetables. I noticed many of the vegetables were cooked in cottonseed or safflower oil. BIG NO NO! Had I not read this I would have devoured non-compliant foods thinking they were safe.

Second lesson I learned is do not assume anything and always have a backup plan. I went to the party which was hosted at a family member's house and the party was to be catered. We were given no idea of what was to be served but I assumed they would have a salad of sorts, olive oil and at least one meat product that was cooked decently and that I could trim the fat from as I was sure the meat would not be pasture raised and grass fed/finished. Nope, wrong on all counts. IT was all fingers foods and snacks and the only grilled vegetables they had were cooked in oil and no one could tell me what kind. Eventually they bought out boiled shrimp and fresh fruit and I was able to eat something.

Going forward I will be picking up 'Primal Pacs" & baby food vegetables for trips of this nature, at least while I am trying to be 100% compliant.

Tough weekend but I go through without a single slip!

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