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Whole30 before I turn 30!


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Hi Whole30ers!

I turn 30 on May 17th, and I want to challenge myself to close out my 20s by completing the Whole30! Today is Day #2 for me.

I am a working mom of 2. My husband is doing the challenge with me. Our kids will be eating the same foods as we eat, while we're all together, but I am not going to restrict their diet at social events, or when they are with the grandparents. ;)

So far this is not too different from my normal clean eating and cooking (except, for the no wine).The biggest difference between the Whole30 so far and my normal healthy eating plan is that I am actually allowing myself MORE healthy fats than I would when I am just making up my own plan. WOW! I am amazed at how much more satiated I feel! By having the fats, I don't crave the bread/sweets I normally do when I get "strict" with my diet. We'll see if that continues.

Also, I have never gone 30 whole days without cheating. I am the kind of person who will eat on-point all week and reward myself at the very least with some dark chocolate, or a paleo-fied dessert on the weekend... if not a whole weekend of care-free eating/drinking, then hop back on the bandwagon on Monday. I wonder I how I am going to handle sustained healthy eating. We shall see!

I have a blog where I'll write down what I am eating each day.


I plan to post my workouts too and how this diet affects them. I run, do cross training, and yoga. Right now I am recovering from a NASTY bout of bronchitis, so hopefully I'll be back up and at my runs with renewed vigor this weekend.

So, I'm glad to join this group. I've been amazed looking through the forums at how dedicated people are to this! Any encouragement you've got is welcome... especially as I get to the weekend!


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Hi, welcome -it's great to see that you've got your husband and kids along too. Believe me, I wish I'd found this way of eating when i was your age and my kids were young. Good luck and don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have

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