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Hyperemesis Gravidarum

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Sweet Jesus, I'm sorry to hear it. I can't imagine how awful that must have been. To be honest, I have no idea whether this way of eating would help or not. Nobody really knows why women throw up during pregnancy, and certainly not why they throw up uncontrollably for a longer period than anyone would expect. Some say it's hormone-related, others say it's toxins leaving the body (in which case, this way of eating may actually help) but they're all just theories.

Sorry I couldn't weigh in with anything more definitive.


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Hello. I'm a newbie here looking into this forum bc I just finished a W30 and I'm breastfeeding.

Your post caught my eye bc I have had HMG with 9 or my 10 babies.

I wanted to let you know that even if you have it again, it's possible that you can get through it healthy at the end of the pregnancy and with a healthy baby. Especially if you have a supportive husband and others.

For me, I was shocked that my last baby was the first one to not have HMG for 6 months. It's the first time I didn't weight less after the pregnancy than before I got pregnant.

I do not know if what I did differently will help you, but I do know it won't hurt you. I didn't plan it, it just worked out that way. But if I ever get pregnant again, I will absolutely PLAN to do what I did wi baby 10 in hopes of avoiding HMG again.

Firstly, right before I got pregnant, we had some awful stomach bug that seemed to just keep cycling through the house. In an effort to build immunity and kick it, I started the family on a regimen of daily olive leaf extract and grape fruit seed extract. It's nasty tasting stuff, but by golly it worked. About 2 weeks into it I found out I was pregnant, which was weird to me bc normally I am already puking sick before I even can use a pee stick. But I wasn't sick. I was so unnerved by not being sick that I worried the baby wasn't going to stick and end up a mc. Come to find out, in a couple other countries they are studying the rise of HMG, which just a few generations ago was extremely rare. There is some speculation that it is bacteria or parasitic caused, similiar to how those were discovered to cause some ulcers, which also are very common in HMG patients. And what is one little known fact about grapefruit seed extract, tho is I most commonly used as an immunity booster? It killes many digestive bacteriums and parasites. Yeah. That kinda freaked me out to think of that, but this and dramatically upping my diet are the only differences between 9 previous pregnancies and pregnancy 10. Which brings me to how I ate.

Secondly, protein protein protein has always been our mantra for HMG even in previous pregnancies. When you are that sick, any itty bitty relief is a life saver and protein was a major craving. As soon as we found out I was pregnant and not puking yet, we started loading me up on nutrient dense and heavy hitting proteins, which I didn't know at the time is pretty much a W30 diet plan! We were doing it only in hopes of doubling up my health before the puking kicked in. I did get some nausea and I think I puked ONCE. It was crazy. After 9 pregnancies filled with HMG, it was a nirvana pregnancy to me. And iirc the only times I felt sick, was when I indulged in other stuff. Even a lick of the sour cream spoon would leave me sick for the day. Same with bread or mashed potatoes. Oh and onions. That baby still hates onions. I don't remember about rice, but legumes left me feeling intestinally tortured.

So. Again I'm new here. But I wanted to chime in and let you know it might help and that it's not crazy to still want more children even after a very rough pregnancy.

(((hugs))) and good luck in making your decision.

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