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Fried Zuchini (my favourite veg recipe)


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Slice zuchini/courgette in to 3"/8cm long pieces, then in to 1/2"/1cm slices. Fry in olive oil on medium-high heat until well browned (the piece at the 11 o clock position towards the edge of the pan is about right). Move to a cooler part of the pan if necessary until zuchini have softened. Should take about 5-10 mins overall.

Salt and squirt with lemon juice. Enjoy!

Small, firm zuchini are best (6-8" length). If you can get home-grown ones that are 4-6" they will be even better!

For fats, I've used olive oil, clarified butter, bacon fat (YUM!), coconut oil and lamb fat. All nice.

I usually cook up 2-3 zuchini at a time and put leftovers in the fridge. They reheat really nicely.

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