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One meal at a time: second time around 4/22


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I have been meaning to start a new journal to go along with my new Whole 30.

I did a whole 30 back in Oct/Nov. I noticed major improvements in my relationship with food, and was able to get some aches and pains to finally go away.

I have stayed off most grains (besides an occasional gf pizza), all dairy, and most sugar.

I am feeling like I would like to get back on track and get rid of the occasional grain and sugar for good (hopefully). I have been noticing some aches and pains creeping back in, and have noticed I have been wanting to snack more.


Eat 3 meals a day: no snacking: up veggie intake.

wo 3 days weight training/walk daily

sleep 7-8hrs per night

Little about me: 41 yrs old/married for almost 15 years to a super supportive husband/proud owner of a goldendoodle named Maggie.

I have been gluten free for about 5 years, due to being diagosed with celiacs.

Wish me luck.......

Tuesday 4/23 Day 2

coffee: black

wo: Jillian Michael Body Revolution

m1: chicken burger/coco cauliflower

m2: chicken thighs/roasted parsnips/spinach salad with balsamic vinegar & oil

walk: 1.5 miles

m3: Well Fed shepherds pie/cumin carrots

sleep: 7.5hrs

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Jillians Body Rev is pretty good. Most of the dvds are 30 minutes long. I like the weight days, but don't like the 3 cardio dvds all that much. The program only has 3 cardio dvds, one for each month. I got super bored doing it over and over: and I only do hers 1x a week (not 2 like they recommend).

I am use to lifting a bit heavier than I have been doing for her workouts. I am a big BeachBody fan and have liked p90x and chalean extreme more than this program, but prefer the 30 minute length of Jillians!

I have noticed a bit more arm and ab defintion doing this program, but nothing major. Hope this helps!

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Keep forgetting to log my stuff in.

Week one was a success. So far smooth sailing into week 2. Hunger is less, and feeling better.

My energy during my am workouts is a bit low, but only then. I do wo on an empty stomach: perhaps I will try a little bit of food one morning this week to see if it helps. Though I don't really like to eat before working out.

Monday eats day8

Coffee: black

wo: JM wo 10

m1: ground pork/apple/coco cauliflower

m2: buffalo burger/spinach salad with tom and kalamata olives and balsamic/evoo dressing

walk 1.5 miles

m3: chicken leg/squash bites/kale salad

sleep: 7.5hrs

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