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Starting over AGAIN !!!


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Hey Everyone-

Just thought I would introduce myself. It isn't so much as an introduction as much as a commitment to start and finish the Whole30. I have tried so many times in the past month to do this all the way through but I always manage to screw it up. For instance, yesterday, I wanted a snack. One thing led to another and I was binging on compliant food. Then that lead to sugar, which led me to feeling gross. I am this strange vortex that I have to break. My relationship with food is completely warped right now and I was to get it all in check. I am hypothyroid so I am also dealing with lulls in energy in the afternoon- so i don't know if I am really hungry or just tired. Most likely, just tired but I have been using food in the afternoon to feel better. I want to break this cycle.

My intestines are in are a freaking wreck so I don't know if I am having a sensitivity to dairy, sugar, or gluten. I want to get myself figured out! I am hoping I can do it!

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