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Decrease in energy levels?


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So I'm on day 5 (which is really day 9 since I had to start over) and I've been so exhausted. My muscles feel tired, my body feels like it's moving in slow motion. Is that a normal part of the process? I've also been a vegetarian for the last 10 years and switched to Paleo because I've been recently diagnosed with Leaky Gut Syndrome and allergies to all vegetarian sources of protein.

I'm wondering if the decreased energy has something to do with the massive transition to eating meat.

Anyone else experiencing the same?


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You are in the middle of the worst period for most people in the transition to Whole30-style eating. I felt sluggish for almost the first two weeks. And, you may be struggling extra with the transition to eating meat.

The gut flora of vegetarians adjusts to what they eat and so the population of bacteria required for digesting meat tends to be under-sized. Your body sometimes adjusts to changes slowly and so, you may not be digesting your food optimally. Many vegetarians benefit from supplementing with a digestive enzyme like Now Foods Super Enzymes for a while until their gut flora grows what it needs to digest what you are eating now.

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