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can't find my log in history


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Pardon my inadequacy at finding my way around this Forum.

Its definitely not the Forum fault . Its "operator error"

However hopefully this "out of order sharing won't be too disruptive

I have been over the top busy lately and getting time to log in and update

which I am sure is very valuable, seems to have been seemingly


However, I have been sticking to the program by doing very very simple preparation

and hopefully this weekend and next week I will pour more creativity into

my food choices

I have been reading my daily support emails and the occasional recipe , All of them<

sound fantastic. But I must say as simple as I have been keeping my food choices

I have been very satisfied with the choices, in all respects, including how I have

been feeling physically, mentally and of all things emotionally.

Physically I have been struggling since bi lateral knee replacement to getting my

"mojo" back. I seem to have forgotten how to run ( not surprising) but that along

with the enthusiasm and passion has returned and although it ain't pretty ,

I'm running again.Can the weight room be too far behind?

Mentally the fog has lifted ( my wife may have a slightly different opinion)

but I seem to be dressing myself with success lol.

And I am sleeping like I have perhaps never slept before. It is nothing short of

amazing. I have had this story I made up for years that since I don't get much sleep I

must not need it and have survived on maximum of 4 hours for the most part.

That has all shifted and its so fun.I still get up before dawn (imperative living in the desert)

but sleep pretty much sound as can be up until that magic 3:30 to 4 time

An added benefit to that is this emotionally stable feeling. Im sure the sleep is significant in that but so is the added quality to my meditation time..

For me these benefits lead to much better thinking which translates into less self absorbtion

and more compassion for others.

All and all At least at this halfway juncture I may be a poster child for Whole 30.

If this is what 70 feels like I can't wait for 80

lots of hugs and love to all

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Here is how to find everything you've ever posted in the forum. Click on your picture where it appears on the left whenever you post anything. That will take you to http://forum.whole9life.com/user/22577-jlb111/ which is your profile page. Or you can save this address so you don't have to find your way to where your picture appears in the forum. Once you are at http://forum.whole9life.com/user/22577-jlb111/ look down the left hand side and you will see a link for Topics and a link for Posts. Click on the link for Topics and it will list from most recent to oldest every topic you have ever started. Click on the link for Topics and it will list every post you made in the topics started by other people.

I only figured this out recently and I used to make my living as a computer consultant whose time was billed at $150 an hour. :)

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