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  1. Around this time last year I felt the Lord call me to move to a new city to show Jesus to a group of friends I had in college. With that move came a new job, a new life style & new community. & with all the new came a lot of changes psychically, emotionally & socially. Some changes were amazing and some not so great. I've had the most fun days of my life and then I've had the hardest days all in a years time. Lately I've craved a restart, feeling like a lot of those changes have set me back, rather than pushed me forward in my walk & my calling. Re listening to sermon by Lee Mcdermott during the Hunger Games series at Newspring Church (recommend every single give it a listen) I realized that needed to be started with taking steps to get back to where the Lord called me to be & working towards becoming a good gift. One of the things I felt pressed to work on was myself physically. And after talking with a few people (shout out to Morgan from work girl love you if you ever read this) I felt like that first step towards that was Whole 30. & you guys I would recommend this to anyone. It's about so much more than losing weight, it's about feeling better & understanding what we put in our bodies DOES matter. I've lost 19 lbs, but more than that I feel so much better and have energy like never before. My skins clearer, I'm sleeping longer & I am recognizing that my body is truly a temple. I have a lot farther to go, but these last 30 days have been an amazing restart & again guys if you're thinking about doing whole 30....DO IT. I promise you won't miss bread, dairy or sugar that much....I can't promise about the alcohol tho... i've read some of your blogs on here
  2. Whole 30 Pot Roast

    I made some whole 30 pot roast in the slow cooker last night and it was the best thing i've put in my mouth yalll.....wanted to share the recipe. I got it from a co-worker so i'm giving her all the credit. (shout out to Morgan. Love ya girl.) Ok here we go: 2 lb chuck roast (I got mine from earthfare, but they have grass fed at Walmart) 8 whole pepperoncini (whole30 compliant- read your labels!) 1 cup bone broth (or beef broth- homemade or read your labels- this one can be tricky so making your own might be easier.) Salt n peppa (to taste & to dance to. come on put the spotify on) Red potatoes (peeled or unpeeled) – probably 8 of the small ones- cut in half Carrots- (peeled- I use regular big carrots but you can use babies- as many as you want) 1 lg onion – cut into large chunks Garlic – 2 cloves 2 Tbs Ghee/Coconut oil 1 tsp parsley 1 tsp rosemary 1. Coat each side of chuck roast in salt and pepper 2. Heat 1 Tbs ghee/coconut oil in large skillet on medium-high. Brown chuck roast for 5 minutes on each side. Add the other tablespoon when you flip sides. 3. Add everything in the crock pot! Put the roast in first, lay the veggies on top and around, then dump everything else in. 4. Cook on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 3-4, stirring every hour or so. I like to pull the meat out when there is about an hour left and pull it apart with two forks and stick it back in to soak up all the yummy juices. You don’t have to do this but it makes it more tender and easier to eat (in my opinion). No give your taste buds what they are asking for people.
  3. Football Season is Upon Us...

    You're literally the best human ever for that.
  4. Hey guys. This may seem like a silly question or one that should be easy to think of an answer for, but do you guys have any recommendations of foods I could bring to a tailgate? Tailgating starts this weekend and I'm not really nervous about being around tailgate food, but i'm more nervous about getting hungry all day and all there being is chips and dips and meats covered in all the sauces. & ya girl gotta eat more than a piece of fruit. lolz but i do love fruit. Thanks for the help and not judging the ridiculousness of my question.
  5. Hi everyone. Myself and 4 other friends started Whole 30 on Monday and so far its been good/interesting. I've also been reading the book so to read how food affects your body mentally is crazy for sure. I have a quick questions for you guys to see if you could help out. I have a friend asking about why its ok to eat a certain mayo or make a ranch dressing but it it's not ok to have a banana egg pancake. & she's questioning the potatoes being ok, but not those pancakes either because of fries being a bad food. Maybe it's in the part of the book i havent read yet, but wanted to see if you guys could help me out in explaining. thanks!