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  1. Maggieb123

    Starting 4/27, FOR REAL THIS TIME!

    Day 11 for me and I couldn't be happier!! I am starting to get sick of the same ol' food, but I changed it up over the past few days.... Meals: #1 Leftover beef burger with guac and some greens #2 Salad with homemade vin and can of Tuna #3 W30 fast and easy Sheet pan Pork tenderloin and carrots with some Potato salad I whipped up this morning. I am feeling pretty good today. Still have a headache and some digestive issues, but hoping to shake those in the next couple days.
  2. Maggieb123

    Starting 4/27, FOR REAL THIS TIME!

    Welcome to all end-of-April W30 starters!! I am on day 6-- woo hoo! Meals today were pretty standard: #1 Leftover Egg foo Young-ish #2 Leftover turkey stir fry #3 Roasted Broccoli and Shrimp sheet pan I have been chugging along this time trying to keep up the momentum-- it seems like the days are flying by! Food is starting to taste better and I am losing my need to snack (just today) so I think I am adjusting to meal portions that work for me. Making up my grocery list now for next week and trying to "plan" for success. I'm more of an on the fly kind of dinner maker, but I know if I plan out my meals I can save money and that is motivation for me.
  3. Maggieb123

    Starting 4/27, FOR REAL THIS TIME!

    Day Five I can't believe it!! Meals Today: #1 Scrambled eggs with last bit of Guac I had in the fridge (it was no longer green) and carrot sticks *again* #2 Nom Nom Paleo's Egg foo young-ish-- OMG this was good! I didn't have fish sauce so I added a squirt of anchovy paste and added some compliant sausage instead of the ham, but WOW! It may be my new favorite! These eggie hockey pucks are both crispy and soft it's amazing. See link to recipe: #3 Last of the leftover turkey chili topped with some arugula and pepitas Plus I have about 5 leftover pancakes in the fridge for breakfast **double pat on back**
  4. Maggieb123

    Starting 4/27, FOR REAL THIS TIME!

    Welcome bestyearyet! I am happy for any and all support (and recipes too!) WE CAN DO IT!! Day four for me today **Pats self on back** I had the weekend off away from a computer screen so I have not posted my meals but I have stuck to plan and keep trucking along. Today I had: #1 Scrambled eggs with a spoonful of guac and carrot sticks. #2 Last of the Curry salad over arugula and half an apple my son wouldn't finish. #3 Turkey stir fry with cabbage (my version of egg roll in a bowl) and a fried egg on top (my favorite whole30 meal) Also, I discovered that I forgot to take my starting weight/measurements. I am pretty okay with this as I won't really be tempted to jump on the scale now to see if I've lost anything, as I have with almost every other whole30 I have done! I am just focusing on how I feel this time. After only 4 days I can say I feel really good! I skipped my usual sugar withdrawal headache this time (although it could still be in the coming days) and I am already noticing an improvement in my belly bloat and energy levels.
  5. Maggieb123

    Starting 4/27, FOR REAL THIS TIME!

    Hello again! I've got day one under my belt **high fives self** Meals today: #1 3 scrambled eggs in coconut oil with an apple and spoonful of almond butter #2 Curry chicken salad** (homemade mayo--another high five for me) over greens and cucumbers #3 Roasted Asian Pork meatballs and roasted broccoli **I make it with poached chicken breasts, apples, celery, tons of spices-- I have about 8 cups of the stuff I am set for a couple days! Also, I prepped a ton of hard boiled eggs/ roasted some sweet potatoes for emergencies and salads and am going to try my hand at some turkey chili with sweet potatoes tomorrow for dinner. Already running out of food, but this could be because I emptied out all the non compliant goodies so it looks pretty lonesome in my fridge. Maybe I'll go to the farmers market tomorrow! Here's hoping....
  6. Hello Internet! I am approaching my start date (4/27)and I just received Melissa's "Whole30 Day by Day" book in the mail today-- it's getting real! This will be my fourth round but it has been a while since my last one! I am starting to get worried, not about my meals but the times I eat them. You see, work graveyard shift from home (9p-5a) five days a week now and I am also a full time mom to a normal sleeping toddler. I usually get about 4 hours before my son is up and then we get our afternoon nap time of another 2-3 hours if I'm not meal prepping.... When should I eat? I keep going over my schedule and I don't know where three meals are going to fit. I guess one around 10am (let's call that breakfast) one after naps around 4pm (lets call this lunch) and one before I start my shift 8:30pm (let's call this dinner before you go to bed 8 hours later) I guess I will just have to go ahead and see how I feel after a few days. Luckily I am off work the weekend of my start so I am able to sort of keep track of my hunger for the first days without worrying about when I will sleep as much. Does anyone else have a difficult work schedule? How do you make it work? Many thanks in advance!
  7. Hello Internet! I have decided, after several months of trying to complete a whole30, that I am actually going to do it this time. I am just out of excuses. I completed several successful rounds back at the end of 2016 (eek that seems like a long time ago) and beginning of 2017. Then my husband and I took the slow roll back into eating the standard american diet and now I am not sure how I got right back where I started. We have moved, I started a new job working nights (so sleep is my challenge), and now I have a super active toddler who likes to get into just about anything that isn't bolted to the ground. I remember how good it felt. I remember the sleep-- oh the SLEEP! I digress... I know how to meal prep, I can cook, I just haven't been willing to give up ice cream and wine until just now. It's been too long, whole30-- let's catch up. Anyone with me??