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  1. Oh nice!! A bubblebath! What a great way to celebrate passing your exam. (Congratulations! ) I feel the same way about the same foods, including avocados now. I've been trying different recipes too & started following the official Whole30 recipes on Instagram. Also following "everylastbite" on Instagram. Last night made her Chicken Pot Pie Soup & my husband & I were BLOWN AWAY!! And tonight the leftovers were even better! Can't wait to try more of her recipes. I highly recommend....
  2. Hello @Eyechip The alcohol routine was an issue for me as well. I had planned to do the W30 about a year or so before I actually began. But I didn't follow thru that first time BECAUSE of my evening cocktails. It was simply something I eagerly anticipated at the end of each day & it helped me relax as well. I wasn't drinking in excess, just enjoying the routine. But this time, something was different in my resolve to feel better (multiple health issues were getting worse). I had my mind made up that I was going to do this 100%. I have not had a single cheat NOR a single desire to chea
  3. I so appreciate the positive feedback & encouragement! Congrats @JCar for making it to day 21! You can pretty much see the finish line from where you are. Today is day 16 for me & I'm still in shock at my "stick-to-itiveness"! This is so out of character for me but I'm realizing that I'm stronger than I thought and that too often I cut myself short. This is a good boost to my self esteem. Anyway, I'm totally comitted to seeing this all the way thru to the end...
  4. @MeredithM20that looks delicious! Good job! I was thinking about you today, wondering how you're doing. Glad to see your post!
  5. Very helpful @BabyBear, thank you. This will be very important for me to practice.
  6. @JCar I was thinking the same thing. I'm not a TOTAL junk food junkie but I do have a serious addiction to sugar. I had wondered why I was still thinking about sugar and junk food on day 11. I wasn't necessarily craving, but noticing default behaviors automatically coming to mind. For example, I was making trail mix for my husband while I was hungry. I instinctively reached for the M&M's when it suddenly occurred to me that I cannot have M&M's. It's these types of automated behavior I want to break. At first I was bummed that I was still having these thoughts and tendencies. I started
  7. Hi @JCar! I'm very encouraged by your post. I'm at the end of day 11 & feeling pretty sluggish & foggy today. I too have Hashimotos & had just removed gluten prior to beginning my W30. I'm hoping for/looking forward to being less sluggish & having more mental clarity. So thank you for your input & cheering us on!
  8. Hi friends I've searched through the Forum and have not yet found an answer to my question, so I hope this isn't repetitive. I'm trying to find a compliant canned chicken. I did find mention of Costco's canned chicken, which I have (the Kirkland brand). However, one of the ingredients listed in the seasoning (which is the last ingredient on the label) includes modified food starch. So the ingrdeients are chicken breast meat, water, seasoning (salt, modified food starch, sodium phosphates, chicken broth and natural flavors) It's only part of the seasoning. Would this be considered non-comp
  9. @MeredithM20 You go girl!! We made it to double digits! We are 1/3 of the way to victory! Just keep your eyes on the prize...
  10. Thank you @BabyBear I will definitely give these a try. My husband loves sweet n sour chicken! I appreciate your suggestions
  11. Oh my goodness @MeredithM20 I had the same feeling a few times today. I went from feeling like "woo hoo day 9!!" to "its ONLY day 9..." in a matter of hours today! The book does say that days 10 & 11 are the hardest, we're just a little early. My friend gave me a recipe book for martinis tonight & it killed me to not rush home & try one out. But instead I had some blackberry Bubly in a wine glass. Pat yourself on the back for not stopping at McDs! I highlighted the mini "pep-talk" on pg 12 of the Whole30 book to help on days like today. Really, 9 days is a huge accomplishment! Mayb
  12. Great job @Grant A! Sorry to read about all you've been thru. But good for you for pushing thru it all and getting this far. Keep it up! You're an inspiration!
  13. Have room for another accountability partner?? I need all the help I can get! I'll be 52 soon. I'm doing the program for the first time to help me heal my gut, learn what my problem foods are, break some unhealthy habits & curb my anxiety. So far, I'm doing pretty well & enjoying the ride! How are you doing so far @gloriaypradal?