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  1. understood. is there a specific kind of ice cream/frozen yogurt/soft serve you recommend reintroducing to avoid wheat? otherwise I will just check labels.
  2. hello, I am back with another question (sorry!). my reintroduction has been going great and I am so relieved. I would like some clarification though for my remaining two days: dairy and gluten. so it says in the reintroduction section of the whole30 materials to have some ice cream after dinner for dairy and then on gluten day one of the options is a muffin. I know in this reading it also talks about that you will incidentally get some added sugars/ingredients when introducing these foods. My question here though is does that cover then say a chocolate chip muffin is okay, or ice cream with co
  3. Ok thank you. Now that I have looked at the recipe I am concrrned. I am wondering if it isn't compliant now because of butter and the semi sweet chocolate chips? I understand we are reintroducing non compliant foods and that's the purpose but is the butter and chocolate too much since it's only supposed to be a non gluten grain day? Thank you!
  4. Hello. On my non-gluten reintroduction day, can I have a paleo brownie (made with almond flour and coconut sugar) as one of my items in exchange of non-gluten piece of bread or rice, etc? I know a rule is no baked goods - even if compliant - but I was thinking this would be ok since it's reintro?
  5. Thank you to everyone for the information above. I have one follow up. The example for the first day is peanut butter on apple, miso soup at lunch and side of black beans for dinner. If the next day if my body reacts, how do I know which of the 3 it was? Is the idea that if it were say the peanut butter, I would feel it immediately after? Thanks.