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  1. Starting May 23

    I made a lovely coleslaw style salad yesterday using Tesco's spiralised veggies. £1 a pot and on 3 for 2 currently. I used carrot, beetroot and courgette and a load of homemade mayo. Crunchy and delicious. Even hubby liked it (he emptied the bowl so I had to make more for my lunch) and he is so not Whole30! Good value too as I only used about a third of each container and planned on using the rest in a stir fry.
  2. Starting Saturday 5th March in UK

    This is where I plan on being now
  3. Starting May 23

    My main tip is to sign up for the daily emails if this is your first Whole30. And I am in UK too BelieverL16
  4. Starting May 23

    I am starting on Monday too. I have been on Whole30 since 25th March but just had a week off on holiday. Need to get accountable again as I have a lot of weight to shift and I also feel so much better on the meal templates.
  5. Is it ok to have 9 eggs a day?

    If you love eggs try this recipe for egg salad. Maybe you need to stop the omelette habit too
  6. Starting Saturday 5th March in UK

    Thread closed - back from holiday and need to start again from Day 1. Going to find a thread starting tomorrow or Sunday and getting back to strict compliance. Thanks for all the comments and support over the past couple of months.
  7. If you logged in via FB rather than setting up a new log in it will bring across FB pics.
  8. Does two years the other side count as 'almost 60'? Like you I have been dieting for well over 30 years and am now into my third month on this Whole30. To be fair I am on holiday this week and much more relaxed and a bit non-compliant, so not really Whole30. But I shall be back on it on Saturday when I get home for a strict 30 days before my next holiday. I am retired, no kids or grandkids and keep myself as busy as I can around dodgy knees and lower back issues. Swimming, aquafit and walking tour leading keeps me moving. I love the Whole30 meal template although I am enjoying going off-piste with breakfasts this week - compliant food but not in compliant combinations. But I shall soon be back to my standard plate of baby spinach topped with some form of egg and meat. I miss it! Good luck
  9. Starting Saturday 5th March in UK

    Thank you. Mum had vascular dementia and, as expected, it was a stroke that ended her life. It was a blessed relief to be honest but still tough to accept.
  10. Starting Saturday 5th March in UK

    We are on the Isle of Wight which is my home even though I left in 1973! Mum died at Christmas and I am over to collect a few things from my brother and to be a tourist for the first time in a long time. I used to call my visits home to mum as 'Driving Miss Daisy'. We'll be heading to Scotland at the end of June as we have a small house booked in Thurso for a week. Four days to get there staying in our camper van and three days to get home. Looking forward to that holiday as we both love Scotland and the far north east is an area we haven't visited yet.
  11. Starting Saturday 5th March in UK

    Holiday is going well so far. And we are near a Waitrose so I have stocked up on their organic coconut milk as both Tesco and Sainsbury seem to have replaced stocks of Blue Dragon with their own-brand-non-compliant version. Cheap it may be but healthy it ain't. Plenty of walking, plenty of sitting in the sun reading or watching the boats in the marina, and plenty of colouring-in in the shady conservatory. Exercise, Vit D and mindful hobbies. I could live here!
  12. Starting Saturday 5th March in UK

    You sound way too busy! I need to get my Well Fed books out too. I am taking them on holiday tomorrow and planning at least one whole week of three meals a day. Shopping list as well so I can go an get what I need as soon as we get back. I'll let you know where I move to. I think some more interaction would be good for both of us.
  13. Starting Saturday 5th March in UK

    Thank you Sugarcube
  14. Starting Saturday 5th March in UK

    My thread is dying I am busy this week and away next week. I want to carry on with this one for a strict Whole30 between holidays but I may start a new one and see if I can get more people involved. I know the 'UK' attracted a few Brits but leaving it out would get a lot more new people involved.
  15. Starting Saturday 5th March in UK

    Day 65 - I can't quite believe I am still here and feeling motivated. It proves to me just how much emotional strain was involved in having a mother with vascular dementia. I feel so different in my head than I have done for several years. I never expected losing her to be easy, and it isn't, but it's been a massive weight removed from me psychologically - and hopefully physically too if I carry on with Whole30! Thanks Mum xx Anyway - a great aquazumba class this morning - my knee mobility is greatly improved and I can do so much more than when I started 6 months ago. B was compliant food but not in compliant combinations (sounds like army issue undies!!) L belly pork rashers (frying right now) on spinach and rocket with a hemp oil drizzle. Cherry toms and cucumber. D not sure - whatever hubby chooses from lamb steaks, oxtail stew or chicken thighs. It was good to have him home after four days away but God did he snore last night. So much for a good night's sleep with him back in the bed!! Ruddy man.