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  1. Baby spinach - where do you buy yours? I gave up on Aldi as their's just wasn't 'baby' with thick stalks and large leaves. Now Sainsbury's are going the same way. I want nice little leaves with thin stalks. Any idea where I can get these?
  2. I thought sulphites were out. So my poaching method wins for me. Pork mince with smoked paprika makes a pretty good chorizo substitute
  3. What about these? Not sure about the sulphites. Ingredients: Pork (97%), Salt, Water, Coriander, White Balsamic Vinegar [Wine Vinegar, Grape Must, Preservative:Sulphur Dioxide], White Pepper, Pimento, Preservative: Sodium Sulphite, Chilli, Filled into Natural Pork Casings I make my own from just mince and seasonings using Carluccio's poaching method.
  4. John West Infusions are great for on the go. I keep a couple in the car with a fork for emergencies Sainsburys often have a sugar free jerky but it makes my jaw ache chewing it. I refuse to pay £10+ for an 8 fl.oz bottle of soy sauce substitute which doesn't have much flavour apart from salty. Sorry Amazon - rip offs don't work with me. Other than that it's hard boiled eggs which I source from a friend's farm about a mile away from home.
  5. The reintro link? I always have trouble finding it when I want it.