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  1. Not an expert here, but I went through the heavy night sweats, splitting headache, crazy ridiculous tiredness and wonky periods a few days after I started my Whole30, too. I'm 47 and not yet perimenopause, but was a hormonal roller coaster for sure. I was even questioning if doing the Whole30 was a good idea for me even though I've done them multiple times in the past without issue. Today is day 30 for me and everything has totally evened out. In fact, until I read your post, I'd actually forgotten that craziness so it clearly stopped long enough ago for me to put it out of my head. Hang in there! Oh, and nuts on an empty stomach definitely make me gassy, too.
  2. GLC1968

    What bowl do you use for your salads?

    My husband and I went bowl shopping about a year ago for this exact purpose. We bought two massive ceramic bowls from Pier 1 that kind of coordinate with our dishes. They are our designated 'salad bowls'. Occasionally they get used for serving dishes at Thanksgiving but most of the time, they are reserved for individual salads.
  3. I do this all the time and honestly, it really helps me appreciate how awesome it is to be doing a Whole30 at home! You are smart to get the first week under your belt before you hit the road. In addition to what everyone has said, I keep track of things I can eat that are compliant from chain restaurants. I tend to eat a lot of carnitas salads from Chipotle. Panera has a few salads that will work if you leave off the cheese and sub their roasted turkey for the chicken. I hear you on the food deserts though! I pretty much always have apples, baby carrots and both RxBars and Epic bars (or bites) on me at all times. That way, if I can't find anything that will work, I have *something* to eat. That said, after about day 20 or so, I find that if I really can't find anything that'll work, skipping a meal doesn't hurt me. I couldn't do that in week 1 or 2 without crazy hunger or headaches, but once I've become 'fat adapted' it's easier. Not ideal, but better than eating off plan. I just make sure that my next meal is bigger (like at a steakhouse or something). Oh, I also keep a small bottle of olive oil and vinegar in my liquids bag in my carry-on. This makes a HUGE difference on airport salads (if you can find versions without cheese in them!). Just make sure this bottle seals well. I have a camping version from REI.
  4. GLC1968

    Day 3 and struggling!

    I hear you on the chili challenge. It seems so boring with nothing added or on top! My favorite Whole30 approved topping is diced avocado. You get that 'creamy' addition that I used to get from cheese and the flavor actually goes really well with chili. Hang tough - you will get to the point that turning down those foods gets easier (not 'easy' but easier!).
  5. GLC1968

    Non-Bitter Coffee

    An Aeropress or a Chemex (google them!) are great ways to make non-bitter coffee but they require time and attention. I do both on occasion, but I also like my Trader Joe's Medium Roast K-cups. Yes, I said K-cups. I know all the coffee connoisseurs just gasped or rolled their eyes! But truly, it's good basic smooth drinking coffee. I actually like the same TJ's Medium roast in my Aeropress or my Chemex as well and you can't beat the price. Another 'trick' to drinking coffee black for the first time? Put it in a stainless steel travel mug with a lid. When you can't see that it's black, it's easier to wrap your brain around it. I did that for the first few weeks of my first Whole30. At the end, I couldn't wait to go back to my heavy cream in my coffee and what do you know? I hated it. I only like coffee black now! Drinking coffee black has made life so much easier that it's one of my favorite 'results' of my first Whole30.
  6. GLC1968

    Vegetable side dishes - need suggestions

    I like this recipe, too. I make the same modifications that GFChris does BUT I often use a bag of broccoli slaw in place of the turnips. Completely different result, but yummy (and super easy) as well!
  7. GLC1968

    New WHO report says that processed meats cause cancer

    Really great article (well researched) about this discussing the role of fruits and veggies (or lack of them) in the studies used by the WHO.
  8. GLC1968

    What is your Favorite Whole 30 Meal?

    Hard to pick a favorite but I find myself actually craving this one so I'll go with this: I serve it over cauliflower rice that I cook with minced jalapeno for a bit more kick. Pavlov would be proud...I'm salivating just typing this up!
  9. Nothing in that break room is WORTH IT. I can say that will all the confidence in the world because the worlds best foods do not live in office break rooms!! Grandma's lasagna? Worth it. Those special holiday cookies that your best friend makes every year? Worth it. Your first bite of your wedding cake with your new husband? Worth it. Crap that someone brought in to put in a break room so THEY don't have to see it on the counter at home? So Not Worth It.
  10. Just to help you rest easy - I did my entire first Whole30 taking a daily fish oil that said 'may contain soy' on it and didn't notice it until I was doing re-introduction. I still had fabulous results! (I too have since gotten rid of that bottle/brand and now am very careful with my supplement shopping)
  11. There is also a recipe in the original 'Everyday Paleo' book that uses a similar egg/pumpkin souffle mixture but bakes it on top of a beef, spinach and onion saute. It's fabulous and one of my favorite 'everyone-is-eating-pumpkin-during-my-October-Whole30" meals! It's not sweet at all but definitely has that 'fall' feeling to it.
  12. GLC1968

    Half Marathon Race Fueling

    I don't fuel for half marathon runs anymore. I used to but after my first Whole30 a couple of years ago, I got used to going longer between feedings and I liked it. Now it's just water until after the race. If I raced in hot weather, I would probably do electrolytes as well but I avoid the heat at all costs so that hasn't come up in a few years. ;-) I'm racing a half on Sunday - the plan is plenty of starches leading up to it (so thankful white potatoes are now allowed!) and no food during.
  13. GLC1968

    Portable Coconut Milk Container?

    Be forewarned, the container frogtox posted will leak with really liquidy/runny/thin stuff. I tried taking vinegar with me once and it ruined a purse! I use containers from REI - go to your local backpacking/hiking/camping store and see what they have. Most of it is designed to be very light weight, handle a lot of abuse and not leak (and it's all food safe). Tons of shapes and sizes and many that are 3 oz or less now due to TSA regulations.
  14. GLC1968

    Stuffing SWYPO?

    FYI - I just made my aunt's Greek meatball recipe using shredded (and sweated) zucchini in place of breadcrumbs and it worked well! They didn't hold up to the traditional pan frying method, but baking worked great.
  15. GLC1968

    IN place of sugar in a recipe?

    I would use OJ. I've done that in a BBQ recipe and it turned out great. The added orange flavor was a nice touch. Another idea would be to use a compliant apple sauce (if it's not too thick for the overall consistency).