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  1. GLC1968

    Ideas for more fats?!

    I keep the fat from my US Wellness Meats bacon and love using that for cooking veggies. And a drizzle of melted ghee makes everything taste better!
  2. GLC1968

    Weight Loss?

    I was a crazy counter as well. Not only every little morsel that went into my mouth, but every single activity I did (GoWearFit user here!) and every little measurement I could possibly take (ie, measuring tape and body fat with calipers every week, weight every day). I did this for years and without the results I wanted. I lived the 800/800 life for two whole months (800 calories per day, 800 minutes of vigorous exercise a week) out of desperation. I thought I was healthy and that I felt great, but I had NO idea how far off I really was... Aug of 2011, I went paleo and learned to stomach fat again. And slowly but surely, I learned to let go of the measurments. By the time I found Whole30, I was fairly comfortable without counting but not without weighing. I struggled a lot the first two weeks but somewhere in week three it was like someone opened all the shades in a darkened room. All of a sudden I wasn't hungry all the time, I realized I was bringing home all the snacks I'd packed, and I had zero desire to step on the scale. And when a friend asked me to count my calories/ratios for a day because she was curious, I did and it actually pissed me off. I didn't want to. I was freed!! That was last June. I haven't counted a calorie (or even had the desire to) since! Trust the process. Let go. Whole30 will get you there if you let it.