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  1. Starting April 5th

    I thought I remembered reading that about fruits and nuts somewhere, but when I went back to read it again I couldn't find it. Do you know which book/section talked about that?
  2. Whole30 Day 1 - April 3

    Hey Morgan! I "met" you on someone else's thread, but I didn't realize we had so much in common! I'm 21 and also a cheese, ice cream, and wine enthusiast. I'm going to the UK in August. Have you ever been? - Emily
  3. Complete Newbie - Starting April 3rd

    I'm glad you all had good first days! Now for the lethargic, cranky first week... @YvonneKimbrel my favorite recipe so far was the potato taco on page 56 of the w30 cookbook. I was in the mood for Mexican and it was absolutely delicious! If you don't have the cookbook, look on google for a Mexican spice blend. Mix it with some ground beef and use a baked, halved, hollowed potato for a taco shell (the book's recipe has a lot more to it than that, but that's the gist of the taco). I topped mine with avocado and tomato Also, I don't know if any of you have tried homemade plantain chips before, but they are SO GOOD. I tried them for the first time yesterday and now I definitely understand why Headmistress Melissa made store bought plantain chips off limits. I look forward to hearing how you're all doing in the next few days!! Emily
  4. April 3rd

    Hi Cas! How did your first few days go? Have a great Whole30! Emily
  5. Starting April 5th

    I hope you had a good first day! My only suggestion would be to bring one or two mini-meals for those days you think you might be a little cranky. I know we're supposed to avoid snacking on the Whole30, but it would be better to eat a little extra nutrient-packed food than to snap at your students (by mini-meal I mean a snack that incorporates at least 2 of the W30 food groups. I usually pack some berries and a small handful of almonds when I know I'm going to have a long day). Good luck! and have a great Whole30!
  6. Complete Newbie - Starting April 3rd

    Hello to both of you! I hope you have a great first day! You can do it. Like you, Fitzy500, I was hoping the Whole30 would help me feel less bloated and uncomfortable all the time. I'm on day 11 now and ALL of those gassy, rumbly feelings are gone. It's wonderful. I hope you have quick results like I did. Have a great Whole30! Emily
  7. Newbie here! Starting April 8th!

    Hi Christina! I hope you have an awesome Whole30! I'm on day 11 right now, and it's not nearly as hard as I expected it to be. Even if your husband doesn't seem that motivated, it will be nice to have him on your side and eating the same foods (watching my family eat my favorite off-plan foods without me is difficult). I wish you the best! Emily
  8. April 3rd Start!! Total Newbie!

    Hi Meredith! Good luck on your Whole30! I'm on day 4 right now, but if you ever come face to face with the sugar dragon, I'd be happy to give you a pep talk! Best, Emily
  9. Getting started tomorrow!

    Hi Jimmy! Good luck tomorrow! It's good to hear you're motivated to start. I'm on day 4, but just let me know if you ever need a pep talk! Best, Emily
  10. Started Yesterday, March 25

    Hi @shelleybella It sounds like you have a great plan for your first week of Whole30! Have you had any of the hangover-like symptoms that the book talks about? I'm on day 3 but I've been feeling fine so far! Best of luck to you! Emily
  11. Starting March 20th

    Hi Carrie, I'm on day 3 now and it's going great! I haven't had any of the "hangover" symptoms the book and Whole30 Daily talk about, so I'm hoping that means the next stage, "kill all the things", will be easier too. Since you're farther along than I am, have you had any of those cranky feelings? That's great to hear about the restaurant! My fiance is an engineer so he can make me some cool stuff, but nothing that will help with the W30 I hope your second week goes as well as the first!! - Emily
  12. Starting tonight March 25

    Hi 911gal, Man, that's crazy that your truck was stollen! I hope your insurance can get you a new one quickly! I started yesterday and I'm not following the sample meal plan either. I'm glad everything worked out for you to start on time! I admire that you didn't let your struggled stop you before you even started. How did your first day/night go? I wish you the best of luck! Emily
  13. March 24 Start - First Timer

    Hi Kat, I have the same problem with the empty stomach. I always ate pretty large portion sizes, so I'm trying to cut back to the recommended Whole30 plate (i.e. palm sized protein). The good thing about that, though, is that we can fill up our plate with veggies! Yesterday I found myself wanting a little more after dinner, so I went back for a second serving of brussel sprouts. I haven't had guilt-free seconds in a long time. A long lasting roast sounds like a great idea! I have to switch up my meats pretty regularly though so I don't get tired of it. I got lucky and found Ghee at my grocery store. It was $12 though, so I'll probably use it sparingly and stick to cheaper fats most of the time. I also signed up for the Whole30 Daily. I really like them so far! Today's article about self-efficacy was very motivating for me. My first day went pretty well. I didn't have to work either so I spent a lot of time doing meal prep, reading forums, etc. I know the cravings are going to hit me hard eventually though. I was watching Netflix last night and someone on the show was eating a poptart, which made me really want a poptart. I haven't had a poptart in years, so I know the only reason I wanted it was because I couldn't have it. That will be my biggest struggle. I hope you have a great Day #2! - Emily
  14. Newbie - March 24th Start Date!

    Hi Chris! It's going really well so far, except I tried the mayo/ranch recipe from the Whole30 book and it definitely does not look like ranch... It'll work for salads though! I don't have classes on Fridays so this is my best day for meal prep Thank you for your reply! Emily
  15. Starting March 20th

    Hi @Carrie619 How is your Whole30 going?? I'm on Day 1 today, but I can definitely relate to your love for wine and cheese. If you want some Whole30 friends to go through this with, I'd love to get in touch with you. Best of luck! Emily