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  1. Starting tomorrow January 3rd

    Hi Melissa! How is your first day going??
  2. Starting Jan 3

    Hi, welcome to the forum! How is Day #1 going?? - Emily
  3. Started January 1!

    Hi CecLens! Welcome to the forum! How is day 3 going? They say this is the "hangover" stage, but I bet your side effects will be a little lighter after 2 weeks of practice eating. I think that's a great idea to mentally prepare. I can't wait to hear about your experience! - Emily
  4. Excited!!!

    Hi Angie!! It sounds like you're off to a great start! I think that extra time mentally preparing will pay off. I can't wait to hear about your experience! You'll totally rock it, I know it! - Emily
  5. Started 1/2/18

    Hi cr89! You can TOTALLY make it all 30 days this time around!!! I think the key is to mentally commit to it 100%. If you're thinking "I think I can do it but I might give in after the first week", then that's not 100% committed. I try to think of it as a fact, not a possibility. "I will do it. End of story". Just out of curiosity, do you have any of Melissa Hartwig's books? I think they're incredibly helpful! If you haven't read them, I suggest starting with her new Whole30 Day by Day book. It's only $12 after tax on Amazon and it will be at your door in 2 days. I love the daily tips and encouragement. Also, I don't know very much about PCOS, but if you need to regulate hormones then the Whole30 is the way to do that. It may be hard to believe in the first two weeks of the Whole30, but you will feel AMAZING by the end of week three. There are so many non-scale victories (and scale victories too) that you could see, but the only way to know what will happen is to finish the 30 days. It's only 30 days out of the 30,000+ days in your lifetime. You can do it. I know you can. It will be SO worth it, I promise!!! YOU'RE AWESOME AND YOU'RE GOING TO ROCK THIS! I look forward to hearing about your experience! Seriously, I want to hear about your victories, so don't let me down Best of luck, Emily
  6. Anxious Newbie Seeking Support for 1/1/2018

    Has anyone else been facing temptations? Today I packed leftover chicken veggie soup (with homemade bone broth). It was delicious, but when my coworker walked in with free pizza for my department, my soup suddenly seemed pretty boring. I'm happy to report that I stayed true to the Whole30, but it took some willpower. If anyone has tips on how to distract from the office break room freebies, please share!!
  7. Anxious Newbie Seeking Support for 1/1/2018

    The breakfast sounds delicious!!! Maybe tomorrow I'll scarf down some scrambled eggs and then eat that sweet potato berry dish on the side...
  8. Anxious Newbie Seeking Support for 1/1/2018

    Hi everyone! I'm starting my second W30 on January 1st. YOU CAN DO IT! I had amazing non-scale-victories (and body composition victories too) after my first Whole30. It's SO worth it to finish. Don't think about the possibility of falling off the bandwagon. Tell yourself you're going to hang on tight no matter how bumpy the road gets. As Melissa wrote in Whole30 Fast & Easy, "don't give yourself an excuse to fail before you've even started" (page xi). You owe it to yourself to see how amazing you'll feel after 30 days. Like I said, it's worth it. I look forward to hearing about your experiences
  9. Starting first Whole 30 January 1!

    Hi everyone! I'm starting my second Whole30 on January 1st! I'm excited to see so many people joining in. I'm seeing some uncertainty in a few of your posts, so I want to give this bit of encouragement: I know you can all finish the 30 days!! The biggest motivator for me was mentally committing to succeed. I love this paragraph from the Whole30 Fast & Easy book: "Don't even consider the possibility of a 'slip'... Commit to the program 100 percent for the full 30 days. Don't give yourself an excuse to fail before you've even started" (Hartwig, page xi). You can and WILL succeed! Will you be faced with a delicious, off-plan food that you really don't want to turn down? Yes. Will you spend a seemingly endless amount of time in the kitchen? Yes. Will you get through it anyway because you're a strong, amazing man/woman? HELL YES. The more you acknowledge and mentally prepare for the temptations ahead, the easier they are to conquer. YOU. CAN. DO. THIS. Good luck to all of you (but you don't need it because you're awesome and don't need luck to make healthy choices)! Let me know if you find yourself in need of a pep-talk at any point!
  10. Starting January 1st

    Hi Ellie! You're off to a great start! I'm starting my second W30 on January 1st, and my biggest piece of advice is to over prepare. I never had a moment of doubt during my first W30 when I thought I wanted to quit, and I think it's because I did everything I could have to mentally prepare myself. Getting on the forum early is definitely part of that!! I also recommend signing up for the daily emails. Anyway, I look forward to hearing how your first W30 goes!! You'll rock it, I know!
  11. Start Date: Jan 1st

    Hi Lish! I have a Jan 1st start date as well! This will be my second W30, but my first living with my step kids. I've been looking for some kid-friendly recipes (thank goodness we can eat potatoes) but I like RunGirlRun's idea of cooking one grain for the kids to go with my meat and veggies. As for your hubby, find the one factor that he would be most interested in (better sleep, lessening body aches, stopping heartburn, weight loss, whatever it may be) and use it. Tailor your argument to him and his needs. Anyway, I look forward to hearing how your first W30 goes! YOU'RE GOING TO ROCK IT!!
  12. Starting April 5th

    I thought I remembered reading that about fruits and nuts somewhere, but when I went back to read it again I couldn't find it. Do you know which book/section talked about that?
  13. Whole30 Day 1 - April 3

    Hey Morgan! I "met" you on someone else's thread, but I didn't realize we had so much in common! I'm 21 and also a cheese, ice cream, and wine enthusiast. I'm going to the UK in August. Have you ever been? - Emily
  14. Complete Newbie - Starting April 3rd

    I'm glad you all had good first days! Now for the lethargic, cranky first week... @YvonneKimbrel my favorite recipe so far was the potato taco on page 56 of the w30 cookbook. I was in the mood for Mexican and it was absolutely delicious! If you don't have the cookbook, look on google for a Mexican spice blend. Mix it with some ground beef and use a baked, halved, hollowed potato for a taco shell (the book's recipe has a lot more to it than that, but that's the gist of the taco). I topped mine with avocado and tomato Also, I don't know if any of you have tried homemade plantain chips before, but they are SO GOOD. I tried them for the first time yesterday and now I definitely understand why Headmistress Melissa made store bought plantain chips off limits. I look forward to hearing how you're all doing in the next few days!! Emily
  15. April 3rd

    Hi Cas! How did your first few days go? Have a great Whole30! Emily