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  1. Lea Mint

    Starting 5/14

    Keep it up ladies!! Hope you all made it through the holiday! I admit post whole 30 my holiday eating wasn't great so I gotta step it up too.
  2. Lea Mint

    Starting 5/14

    Wow @KelliW great job! I avoided Mexican restaurants like the plague because the food is my weakness!!
  3. Lea Mint

    Whole30 - Start Date: 5/15/2017

    I'm in Houston and it was in the 'seasonal summer' section of krogers, which is a grocery store
  4. Lea Mint

    Whole30 - Start Date: 5/15/2017

    I love shopping!! And having a cart full of veggies! I even bought canvas grocery bags that say 'you look radishing' on them!!!
  5. Lea Mint

    Whole30 - Start Date: 5/15/2017

    Welcome! My advice? Eat more not less. Trust me. You probably aren't eating enough if you are counting out the number of tomatos. You are replacing a lot of high calorie options with low calorie ones so fill the plate and make sure you eat until you are full!
  6. Lea Mint


    Welcome to the forum!!!
  7. Lea Mint

    Complete Newbie - Start Date 05/08

    Sounds good! I made cole slaw with avocado mayo and that was pretty good too! Homemade spaghetti sauce with butternut squash spirals is great too. Coconut aminos are wonderful for Asian. And I could just old faves like a hamburger with lettuce instead of a bun.
  8. Lea Mint

    Complete Newbie - Start Date 05/08

    Congrats and be welcome to whole30!!! It's great to feel so able to control what you eat and not cave to those cravings and bad habits! Any amazing recipes to share?
  9. Lea Mint

    Day 26- Losing the Tiger Blood

    Looking at this I question if you have enough protein and fat for your first meal of the day. This one is really critical to set the tone of your whole day. I'd make this meal bigger for sure, one meal, and add more protein / fat.
  10. Lea Mint

    Starting 5/14

    I ended up giving up coffee for the 30 days. I couldn't handle the coconut oil. I hope it works for you! Someone also suggested nutpods. I'm sure you can find it if you search coffee on the forums. (Yes despite being done I'm hanging out in ya'll thread because my support thread ended up with no people in it by the end and that sucked! So I'm going to stay with ya'lls! And let you know YOU CAN MAKE IT!) <3
  11. Lea Mint

    50+, kind of sedentary, and still successful!

  12. Lea Mint

    Whole30 completed!

    Wonderful to hear!!! Congrats! I went on meds years ago for my bp which was 150/100 at one point. It's been up and down, over the years, with and without meds. I've not been taking them the last few months and my post whole30 bp was 122/80! I count that as a win as well! keep going!
  13. Lea Mint

    Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    I plan to continue on just not 100% strict. I like my coffee with a little cream and sweetener, so I've brought that back in, a little wine, and I've had some cheese. I also had a little bit of beans yesterday (little did I know that catered lunch would be MEXICAN). I'm not even close to ready to feel like reintroing grains, and I figure leaving out desserts and other items for some time is good for my health, my blood pressure, and my weight anyway! Today we went out to eat and it was nice to not have to be SUPER picky about the food while still eating fairly well, with green beans and sweet potatoes as my side dish and the pork stuffed with apples and mushrooms, even if there was a little butter or sugar in the recipe, I felt very comfortable eating it.
  14. Lea Mint

    Whole30 #done

    I'm honestly not sure how I'll reintroduce. I think more the slow method. I wanted coffee so bad, that dairy has been first, but I honestly only had some creamer and a little cheese. I don't have a huge desire to eat all the off plan stuff right now. Yesterday I didn't have any tummy issues going to sleep and i had both white potatoes for breakfast and tomatoes (in salad and homemade spaghetti sauce for dinner). I had a salad, so it isn't that either (raw stuff can irritate). The night I had huge issues dinner was dry rub ribs, potatoes, fruit, salad w/ tomato and pepper, Oil/vinegar, and broccoli. These are all common things I eat and plenty of days I have no issues either.
  15. Lea Mint

    Starting 5/14

    I was going to reply the same. Remember. Don't worry about eating too much. You are eating Whole Foods. You are eating things that are dense in nutrients with less calories than the carb-packed processed foods before. It might FEEL like a lot of food. But a Pile of veggies isn't many calories. An 8oz chicken breast isn't many calories. 4 eggs is only 320 calories and the rest of your meal is veggies with maybe 150 cals of healthy fat. So don't focus on 'too much'. Simply eat what is allowed according to the template, eat until you are full. Eat enough to go 4-5 hours. And enjoy it!