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    How to get back on?

    This is really helpful and encouraging. Thank you. :) I struggle with breakfast, so maybe looking for a healthy Paleo breakfast that’s friendly on my mind, will help me get back on track. Thanks again. #wholeannayllop!
  2. I did a Whole30 succesfully last year. Not just succesfully... I LOVED it: every minute, every meal. Okay, the last weeks of eggs for breakfast I wasn’t jumping for joy, but I could’ve kept on it longer because eggs where a small price to pay for the way I was feeling. And in a way I did keep on it longer. I kept the weight off for a year. I continued to follow Paleo principles and have a healthy balance in my meals and remained sugar, dairy and legume free. Except bread... I had the occasional slice to “switch it up.” And then I got married in May. Where most brides are all about losing weight, all I could think about in the months leading up to it was: FOOD!!! We even had to widen my dress a bit at the seams. And you know what: I didn’t care. We had the most fabulous wedding anyone could ask for. I wore a strapless dress. I see the pictures and my wobbly arms and I’m actually fine with it. But... I don’t feel good. I feel tired and heavy and an auto-immune disease I have is responding to the dairy that has crept it’s way back into my life. Enough reasons to flip the switch, right? Well, no. I’m struggling. I don’t really know what my question is, but I guess I’m hoping for some recognition. And some advice. How do I get out of this?
  3. Annayllop

    Second Whole30

    Is there a moderator who has some wisdom to share with me?
  4. Annayllop

    Second Whole30

    I had a very successful and surprisingly easy first Whole30 this past summer. I’ve since stayed “in balance”: my food habits have changed and without paying too much attention I’ve managed to keep the weight off. (I lost 9 kilo’s!) Perhaps more important: I found out in the reintroduction phase that dairy leads to inflammation pain with an auto-immune disease I have. I nearly didn’t do the reintroduction phase because I didn’t think anything would come out of it, but I’m happy I did. It’s been very helpful to know this and help regulate (an understand) my pain. I’ve since tried to start a second round a few times already, but wasn’t successful in the sense that I had a hard time staying fully strict with breakfast, including no paleo “cheats” like the healthy pancake or a paleo type of bread. Reason being: I’m só over eggs! I’ve tried other types of breakfast, understanding I need to see it as Meal 1, but honestly: left-overs from the night before just don’t work for me in the mornings. I’ve also tried other alternatives like sausage and veggies, soup, etc, but also: not my thing in the morning. I’ve read every Whole30 “breakfast” recipe I could find online, but... nothing to my taste. I know I must sound spoiled (I actually work for a humanitarian organization and count my blessings daily that I not only have food, but also have the luxury to choose what foods I eat!) but I can’t be the only one struggling with this? What kept me on track and gave me a great start of the day these past months has been a slice of spelt bread and a fried egg with some veggies for breakfast. I know I would not be allowed to call it a “second Whole30” if I do this, but I do wonder if it’s really so bad for the process in my body, trying to lose weight? I know I’m not sensitive to gluten, I have the full (proven!) discipline to keep it to the one piece of toast in the morning without craving bread/gluten in meals later in the day. If I allow myself to do this, I know I can easily turn these next months into a otherwise fully Whole30-compliant (so not simpele Paleo) straight line, until that glass of red wine at Christmas dinner. I’m open to your feedback and critique. I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t want to hear your honest thoughts and opinions. (PS. I don’t live in the States so suggestion of specific brands I could use for breakfast wouldn’t work for me. Whatever I eat needs to be home-made from scratch. I do enjoy cooking though so as long as I can find the ingredients here I should be fine.)
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    We started on June 12th

    Thanks MeeshKB! What did you eat on day 31? Indeed, interesting point of view from NorskWife. I'll keep track of what happens to my smell when I reintroduce food. Tomorrow is niet day 30! I'm soaking chickpeas as prep for day 31... I'm going to follow the advice where you start with legumes. Wednesday I'll have apples and peanut butter for breakfast. I'm making falafel (without flour but will use sweet potatoes instead) tomorrow night to bring for lunch on Wednesday, to eat with a simple salad. Dinner will be chili with only one type of bean added (kidney beans). The order I'll go in after: non-gluten grains, dairy, gluten. And that's it, right?
  6. Annayllop

    Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule

    I'm still confused... should I follow the reintroduction schedule in the book (so starting with dairy), or what's on the website (start with legumes). I start this coming Wednesday (3 more days left only... iiieeekkk!), so need to start planning my meals. Would be really great if one of the professionals could shed some clarity. I saw someone else asked this question too but it doesn't get answered anywhere, instead snowed under by a discussion on dairy. I understand the concept of how to reintroduce, I just really really want to do it in the right order since I've never had any food sensitivities and am extremely curious to how my body will respond after these 30 days.
  7. Annayllop

    We started on June 12th

    Hi everyone, I only just now joined the forum, but I also started on June 12th. I have found it relatively easy. I did stop with sugar a week prior to officially starting, just to test if I was indeed as committed as I said I'd be. I'm not a sugar monster, but couldn't imagine drinking my coffee black... Well, I managed for a week without complaining and figured I might as well just get started on the Whole30 then. And it's been one of the best choices ever. I must admit, sugar in my coffee is the only thing I've really missed this month, but then I've reminded myself that "it's only for 30 days". So far, I've lost a lot of weight already, and I have less pain from an auto-immune disease I've had since childhood. Interesting development is that I've become very sensitive to smell. I've cut onions nearly every day for all of my grown-up life and never once had a single tear, but since last week, I can't cut onions without getting teary-eyed. What's up with that? Same with when I'm cooking a Thai curry, the spices get to my sinuses during cooking. I plan to start the reintroduction on July 12 with legumes, according to the protocol in the book. Can't believe that's next week already! These 30 days just went by so quickly. I must admit, and when I read this earlier on different blogs I didn't think it would apply to me, but I am a bit 'afraid' to start eating all foods again. Funny fact though: by July 21st I'm supposed to add gluten, which happens to my birthday, so I'll be having that beer. Anyway, hope you have all been succesful at it too and feeling the benefits.