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  1. Starting July 17

    Tomorrow would be the last day, BUT, the boyfriend and I made the decision to stop on Saturday. We only had three days left and it wasn't the I'm sure it wasn't the best choice we ever made, but we aren't regretting it. We spent four weeks watching everything we ate, reading every ingredient, spending so much money on groceries and cooking every meal, that on Saturday, after running to our now new favorite market, we realized, three more days isn't a long time but in all reality, in three days we aren't going to lose a lot more weight, in three more days we aren't going to feel much different than we already do, and in three more days, we are going to end up spending a lot more money on groceries. So, instead of running home and me whipping up a lunch that will exhaust me, we decided to go 80/20. We are happy with our decision and to be honest, the boyfriend needed it. He was getting so skinny, it was looking pretty sickly. He is 6" taller than me and was only 10 pounds heavier than me. I'm not very big so use your imagination on that! He took in some carbs over the weekend and he felt much much better. I am going to stick to paleo and remain dairy and gluten free. I am not going to sit and worry anymore about there being a little bit of sugar in my spaghetti sauce or in my salad dressing. I still want to eat right, but the little ingredients that are in certain foods, I will no longer fret about and I will finally be able to enjoy the routines I was used to: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner then workout and my post workout shake. And maybe I won't be so hungry all the time. I learned through the Whole30 that my stomach can make some pretty scary sounds, ha. GOOD LUCK TO THE REST OF YOU!! CONGRATS ON MAKING IT THIS FAR! YOU GUYS ROCK!! WOOT WOOT!!!
  2. Starting July 17

    Day 24 and I love watching that number get higher and higher. I do have to keep reminding myself I have to do a Whole32 but two days during the week is nothing for me. My energy is still no good, but it might be because I am up late working from home and not getting the best quality of sleep. I need anyone's help right now. My job, like most, carries stress and the last few weeks have been particularly more stressful than usual and today, I have been sent over the edge. All I want is a comfort care to help with this bad day. My usual go to is working out after work, then sitting down with a big glass of wine and some form of junk food from my childhood like pizza bagel bites, pizza rolls, or wavy potato chips and Top the Tator, and watching New Girl until I fall asleep. But I can't, I'm Whole30 driven. Any ideas for some comfort cares I can partake in after my workout? I want to sit down and cry right now, but I am not one who cries, so that is out. Happy Day 24 All!
  3. Starting July 17

    @SLHorowitz86 I completely understand your "I don't want food to have a hold on me anymore." It gets exhausting worrying about something as small as a few tablespoons of mustard, ketchup, mayo, dressing of any kind or a condiment! I could use Lucky Charms and trisodium phosphate as an example right now. But I will skip that for fear of getting lectured on here You and your husband deserve a pat on the back for just making it 20 days. There are a lot of people out there that are complaining about their weight and how they feel but won't even give something like the Whole30 a day. The two of you gave it a try, realized it wasn't exactly for you, but are willing to keep going with a healthier lifestyle and that is awesome! So kudos to you!
  4. Starting July 17

    Day 23 1. I'm still waking up uncomfortable with abdomen pain and gassy, every morning now. And I don't know why but its irritating and painful. 2. My energy has not increased but my clothes are definitely looser and I am seeing a bit of a difference in the mirror. 3. I look forward to remaining paleo and keeping dairy and grains out of my diet. I will be reintroducing wine first. 4. I miss having Gilmore Girl snacks with wine and girl talking with my best friend. It's not the same with water and carrot sticks, hehe 5. I went from cooking all kinds of experimental dishes to being one who now too is tired of cooking and I am one who loves being in the kitchen. Keep up the great work everyone! The finish line isn't far away!! You rule! Andie Out!
  5. Starting July 17

    I am still on it. Day 19 today! 1. The energy part has not hit me yet at all. I have enough to get me through my 30 minute workouts every night but that is it. 2. And I am with you about the clothes and continuing the clean eating. But not only are those results exciting but how I feel after eating is awesome. I never used to be able to eat anything without feeling bloated and uncomfortable afterwards, even if it was healthy. 3. As for cooking, the meals are getting simpler and simpler but I am making them easier on my own to save on money. I also love spending time in the kitchen...I create a lot of random recipes. As for breakfast, every night before bed I crack two eggs into a tupperware container. Once I get to work and get settled in for the morning, I stir the eggs, add salt and pepper, sometimes spinach leaves, or hot sauce, and heat them in the microwave for 55 seconds, and top with pico or I feel like that day, and eat that in the morning. It's quick and you can add a handful of veggies to just munch on too. You can even just whip it up at home in the morning and its quick and the more you experiment with what you add to them, the less you start to get sick of eggs every morning. Well at least it has worked for me for 19 days See, I may love being in the kitchen, but I don't love getting up earlier than I have to. I prepare what I can at night so I can wake up, shower, feed the animals, let the dog out, get ready, and head out the door. I give myself 25 minutes to do all that and that is all I want. More time to sleep for me There are a lot of sweet potato hash recipes that are easy to prepare the night before and make a big batch of and separate into containers and use for breakfast. and if you can find Aidell's Chicken and Apple Chicken Sausage. Those are compliant and delicious! I made my hash on Sunday night and I should have made more because I would have eaten that for all three meals. SO GOOD! 4. Ha, I think it may be witts end with coworkers. I used to be bitchy and snappy with my employees and now, I magically gained patience and am happier at work. I have always been happy at work because I love my job but I used to get fairly annoyed daily. I still get annoyed but I don't show it anymore and let me just say this, I have never been one who has had patience. 5. I haven't noticed a difference with my skin, but I'm a pale Irish girl who's never really had bad skin, not since middle school any ways. 6. CURSES TO THE WEEKEND! Most people look forward to weekends, and I do for the sake I get to see the boyfriend, but I don't right now because, during the week, I cook, I clean, I workout, and I am ok not having that glass of wine at night when I get home from work. But come Friday, we have had a routine for a year now and we can no longer follow our routine because it consisted of a nice dinner out and beer or wine. I used to work in the service industry. My first job was a waitress when I was 16 and then I grew up and became a bartender for quite some years and well, maybe this goes along with my low level of patience, but I could NOT stand when people would come in and order something but then request fifteen million different things to change about the order. If you don't like our ingredients and the way we cook it here, then stay at home and cook it yourself! So I refuse to be someone who goes into an establishment and orders the steak salad but requests they dont cook my steak anywhere near butter and to change out the cheese for olives, or bring me the salad dressings so I can read the ingredients. I'm going to stay at home and make it myself so I know its done right! Earlier this week I was in the fearing state of no progress was showing up. And all I want to do is step on the scale to see if there is maybe a little something happening, but I have been noticing a change in some of my clothes fitting a little looser, even my bra is loose. I have really become an ingredient reading fanatic? Have you suffered from that yet? Are you reading the labels on everything, even the stuff you know you can't have but just to see what's all in it? Are you working out with your Whole30? As you get closer to that day 30, have you thought about what you want to reintroduce first? Andie Out!
  6. July 17 start date

    I too started on July 17th. High five! I also spent that weekend cleaning my kitchen out of anything that would taunt me and I spent Sunday just prepping and cooking. I made such a mess of my kitchen and I loved it. I followed the Fried Cauliflower recipe out of the Whole30 book and on Day 2, I was so excited to eat that for dinner as a side with my Walnut Crusted Pork Loin. Then, after I ate about a cup of it, I did research, and looked at the chicken bouillon cubes I used to make broth for it, oh my are they terrible. Not only added sugars, but MSG and some other bad bad stuff. I decided since I started on a Monday and I meal prep for the whole week, and my day 30 was on a Tuesday, that I would still keep counting the days as normal but I was already planning on eating healthy until that Friday, so my Whole30 turned into a Whole32! So maybe instead of starting over, you can extend like @thedinardi says and push yourself all the way to that Sunday and go for a Whole34. Sunday will be the perfect day to sit back and relax and pat yourself on the back for making it through and to celebrate! How has it been going for you thus far?
  7. I messed up :(

    Oh Mustanglover28, I empathize with you entirely! I have spent the last 5 weeks hating the DMV!!! All I wanted to do is scream and indulge on wine, chips, chocolate, and gummy bears! I am on Day 16 of my Whole30 diet and all the ups and downs life brings, I have wanted nothing more than my go to frustration foods! I give you many props for starting over and not just giving up entirely! High-five! I'm sure this is a no-no, but when I have those downs, I have been pouring La Croix flavored sparkling waters into my wine glass and drinking it that way. I'm used to a glass of wine after work with my dinner to calm me down from the work day. It has helped me drinking my water out of that. Try to always remember why you are doing the Whole30 and just as Elizabeth G said, find other things to help calm you. Even try reaching out on these forums! There will always be someone who has gone through what you have in some way, vent and let out those frustrations to strangers who can relate and will listen!
  8. Starting July 17

    HOWDY! We are on the same Whole30 cycle! I don't know if you are looking for an extra buddy or not, but I have started a log in the Whole30 forums and have been looking for someone who started on the 17th as well! I envy you that your energy has increased. I am missing that part. I still feel groggy and find myself in the hangover mode in my 3rd week but I am feeling internally better and that to me is already a big hoop jumped through. The boyfriend and I find ourselves at the grocery store every weekend and we too struggle when going past the chips and sugar aisles. I make myself walk down them and say no. It makes me feel stronger when I do. I have been told that snacking is a no no but I still do it. I allow myself one snack during the day and it's either a handful of fruit or I have made some awesome bars that are just raw cashews, dates, and organic shredded coconut blended together and pressed out. Simple and delicious and 100% Whole30 compliant! All my diet routines have included two snacks during the day and my body has gotten so used to that, I couldn't omit both snack breaks. So I'm right with you on the snacks, if they Whole30 compliant, I am not going to consider it a break in the diet! Cheers on half way through! And good luck to you and the last 15 days! Easy peasy!
  9. What is the cause?

    When they did my scope, they found that my bladder lining was extremely thin and that was the leading cause of the bacteria build up leading to the bladder infections. If your urologist isn't suggesting IC, have you thought about bringing it up to them? Again, some doctors just don't believe in it. So during your cystoscopy, that should have been noticeable then. They did keep the pictures from the cysto? It has been awhile since I have dealt with it, but mine was more of a strong discomfort that would keep me up at night and I would have to sit with my legs under me and my body hunched over, laying my head on a few stacked up pillows. I would just be clenched up the whole time. And I had the urge to urinate, it wasn't a strong urge, but when I would try, nothing would even happen. It was painful. It felt like I was "dried" up and I would stay in the before mentioned position, drink tons of water until I finally was able to "flush" it out of my system. Now that isn't a recommendation because well, by not going to the doctor when suffering a possible bladder infection can lead to a kidney infection and that is much worse. The pain and discomfort I noticed did happen around that time of the month sometimes. I remember that was one of the questions the doctor I saw regularly would ask. The discomfort could last a week to just a few days. It also occurred a day or two after having intercourse. There was one point where I had an ultrasound done on my kidneys and that showed nothing. It wasn't until I went to the urologist that I finally found a way to feeling better. From someone who has gone from doctor to doctor in her time to figure out what the cause for the discomfort was, my only suggestion is to start with the urologist and bring up IC, if you haven't already, if they jump to that isn't it, then, to be honest, I would request a second opinion from a urologist who can look at the cysto pics and who believes in IC. I too am fair skinned, not a complete red head, but auburn, for I do have some Irish in me, but I don't have IBS. What is weird, the family friend who introduced me to IC, she was fair skinned, red head, and also had IBS. It is weird the bladder infections come up negative. When you say comes and goes, are you saying it's just one random day and then gone the next? Does it last for a few days?
  10. What is the cause?

    If you're having almost regular bladder infections or UTI's and you're having pelvic pains, I would suggest an appointment with a urologist. For several years, I was monthly going into the same doctor for a bladder infection and given just sample pills to "band aid" the bladder infection. I'm not lying, I was in there once a month, if not more. It was so painful and uncomfortable. Finally, a family friend had suffered through the same thing and went to a urologist and suggested I do the same. After being put under and having them scope my bladder, they found that I definitely have IC. This was back in 2005ish and back then, some doctors didn't believe in IC so they don't recognize the symptoms to be related to such a thing. That still may be true today, but I'm glad I went to the urologist and found an answer and was able to get treatment for it. 12 years later I rarely have any "outbursts" and I feel much better. Also, start with Prerelief before every meal. It makes a big difference. If Prerelief gets too spendy, simple Tums can work too. Anything to fight the acid in meals.
  11. Chicken Bouillon

    THANKS!!!! I went ahead and decided that I would rather spend a few extra bucks and time making my own broth, both beef and chicken, then risking buying one from the store. They turned out great so I can't complain...and I love being in the kitchen so I'm winning on all levels..ha. I never thought I would be that person that reads labels, but now I do on EVERYTHING and sometimes it's just out of pure curiosity..especially when it comes to the stuff I know is really bad for a person. I read what's in it, chuckle a little, and put it back on the shelf and walk away proudly. I think its more a strut! Ha.
  12. What is the cause?

    Thank you! Last night, I skipped on the raw veggies, and just had chili, still sitting at work with gas cramps, yet again. But the chili is so good! I'm going to have chicken and cooked vegetables tonight with some Whole30 Tangy BBQ sauce and save the chili for the boyfriend this weekend and see if tomorrow, I notice a difference. If so, then we found the culprit. Sad that it's the chili, but good at the same time.
  13. Alright, I shared my measurements in my Whole30 Journey log last night, so there is no hiding what it is that my body is doing. I woke up to Day 10 this morning hating my insides. I was cursing and looking for every home remedy possible before heading to work and having to suffer. Between starting Whole30 and also having every woman's favorite joy, "the devil's week" and me wanting to curse my baby maker and drop the Whole30 for some dark chocolate, red wine, and soft pretzels, I know my body is going to be off. Don't worry, I am not going to splurge and run and get my devil's week cure! But I woke up this morning with severe gas cramps and have been quite flatulent. It probably doesn't help that I sit on an exercise ball in my office. I'm trying to figure out..what is the cause? Is this common? Last night, I made Whole30 chili and had that for dinner plus an extra serving of vegetables and protein, so I had a hard boiled egg and some cauliflower, carrots, and celery with Whole30 ranch. I found a link that listed foods that can cause gas and green peppers (in the chili), cauliflower, carrots, and celery were all on that list. Shall I be avoiding these too for a week to see if my sensitive stomach is not able to digest them? I munched on vegetables Monday with my dinner as well, and I didn't wake up yesterday feeling like this. Could it have been the chili? I have suffered my whole life, never knowing what to eat because I always get bloated, gassy, or nauseous after everything. Even when I was on a 3 month kick of all healthy foods. Fried foods are a definite no no for me. I'm lactose intolerant. I fear I am gluten intolerant as well, which will break my heart. I am not supposed to have anything acidic or carbonated because I have Interstitial Cystitis, for those that don't know what that is, Google is your friend. They always say green tea is good for you and most diets, and believe me, I have tried them all, suggest drinking green tea...that hurts my stomach. I used to have to be on Prerelief and Gas-X daily with every meal to fight any acids I would take and prevent gas but after awhile, I noticed it wasn't working. I drink a cup of black coffee every morning, even though I am not supposed to because of my IC, but some Ibuprofen as soon as I wake up, helps so I can get my daily caffeine. I went off on a tangent there, sorry. Back to the reason for this post, I would love to hear some advanced Whole30 groupies ideas as to what they think? Is there anyone out there that shares the sensitive stomach struggle with me? If I am going to do Whole30, I am going to do it right and if the purpose is to get to feel better, I want to start now.
  14. Trail Mix Recipe ??

    It probably will be over our lunch hour. I thought about packing us a lunch instead because the boyfriend is ALWAYS hungry! And I don't want the fun cut short because he's hungry and wants to go home and have me get dinner going early. Ha. Eggs and olives are a start, but chicken and roasted veggies are what we are actually having for dinner tomorrow night. I'm roasting a whole chicken for the carcass to make broth.
  15. Trail Mix Recipe ??

    Does anyone have a good trail mix recipe that is simple and quick to make? The boyfriend and I are taking the dog to the lake to go hiking and play fetch, where all of us out for the weekend and soak in some sun rays. We will be traveling a good hour's drive to get to the point, so I want to go prepared and make us a trail mix to munch on to keep our energy levels up. As of tomorrow, he will be on day 6 and I will be on day 4 slash 6 of the Whole30. We don't need anything fancy, I prefer to not have anything super salty. So far all I have come up with is making my own banana chips with lemon juice, buying some raw cashews, raw walnuts, dried dates, dried cranberries, shaved coconut, and maybe one other raw form of nuts. I've looked up a few recipes online that say whole30 friendly but there are ingredients I'm not sure about, like maple syrup, honey, cinnamon, or non-dairy chocolates....If could find non-dairy chocolates and use those, I would be in heaven! I would love to hear some of your ideas please