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    Chicken Bouillon

    So I'm on day two, and I made Whole30 Cauliflower Rice, well as I was cooking, I didn't realize homemade broth meant the chicken bone broth and I used my chicken bouillon cubes I had in my cupboard. the one really bad ingredient I noticed right away is the sugar. Do I have to start my 30 days over? Should I throw the rest of the cauliflower rice out!?
  2. AndieK

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    I too have experienced a difference. I have the 10 year IUD and am 5 years into and have been able to pin point roughly the time I am going to get my period, cramps became awful on the IUD, but my period only lasted for 3 days. It's great! I'm only two weeks into Whole30 and I noticed a change in my period instantly. The cramps went from being awful and lasting only one day to magnified and lasting several days. On top of that, my period lasted almost 5 days instead of 3. But the silver lining, my PMS crabbiness before the devils week, was mild... comparatively speaking. We will see what the next cycle brings.... :/
  3. AndieK

    Chicken Bouillon

    THANKS!!!! I went ahead and decided that I would rather spend a few extra bucks and time making my own broth, both beef and chicken, then risking buying one from the store. They turned out great so I can't complain...and I love being in the kitchen so I'm winning on all levels..ha. I never thought I would be that person that reads labels, but now I do on EVERYTHING and sometimes it's just out of pure curiosity..especially when it comes to the stuff I know is really bad for a person. I read what's in it, chuckle a little, and put it back on the shelf and walk away proudly. I think its more a strut! Ha.
  4. AndieK

    Chicken Bouillon

    Thank you for your quick response!!! After I hit submit I realized the corn syrup and soy were red flags as well! Ugh. I already went ahead and threw the cubes away, next goes the cauliflower rice. Naturally, I would make up an excuse and say, "Well I only ate less than a cup of it with dinner." but I promised myself, no cheating, no slipping. It is only day 2 so it won't hurt me too much to start over. Day 30 is a Tuesday and its no good stopping in the middle of the week. Especially with my meal prepping. I just wanted to make absolutely sure it was a dumb error on my part before I made an even bigger dumb error and kept eating it the rest of this week! Again, thank you!