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  1. Thank you for responding, Sugarcube. (Have you ever thought of taking up roller derby? That would be a great derby name.) Forgive me; I started the Whole30 before I read the books, so this is probably covered at some point. Are apples considered a less-than-ideal snack just during a Whole30, or is that the general perspective for afterward, too? I’ll be honest: I’m embracing a lot of new concepts for this experiment, and I’ve understood the reasoning behind the recommendations. I do get the recommendation to limit nuts. However, I’m having trouble getting behind “apples a
  2. I read this and got confused. Are you saying that an apple midday is not an appropriate everyday snack? Or a closed handful of nuts? (For me, that's like 6 to 8 almonds.) I'm on Day 16 of my first Whole30. Just trying to understand the official perspective.