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  1. MicheleC

    PCOS Support Thread

    Hey Ali! Are you eating enough healthy fats? And eating enough at meals? And sleeping at least 8 hours a night? That could be affecting your energy levels. In July I noticed when I didn't eat as much my energy would tank and the one night I stayed up super late I was lethargic and cranky a couple of days after.
  2. MicheleC

    Official Whole30 - August Check Ins!

    I am in with Day 1 down!!! Looking forward to building a healthier life with you all!!
  3. MicheleC

    PCOS Support Thread

    I am on day 28 and have gone off plan once when my boyfriend made fried rice for dinner for me and his daughter because that is one of her favorite dishes that he cooks. So far it has had no ill effect. For me the concern is more insulin spikes but I think eating this way has really stabilized my blood sugar levels. It's nice to see thatI am not alone in this!! I was always told by my doctors that my PCOS symptoms would resolve if I could only lose weight and now that I am down 100 lbs I am presenting with hypothyroid symptoms. *sigh* I am in a much better place health wise I know and I have an appointment with my doctor to see if I can get some bloodwork done to see where I am at hormonally. It is definitely a complex system and for many years I was insulin resistant and metabolically deranged. So even what I have done so far is really a drop in the bucket compared with 30+ years.
  4. MicheleC

    Irregularity...and I don't mean my period

    I have also struggled with constipation. For me it is partly hormonal I need to get my thyroid checked but if this is new for you here are a few things that have helped me. Chew chew chew your food. With veggies especially the more you can break them down before it hits your gut the better. Fermented veggies (sauerkraut etc..) also help keep me moving. I also take green pasture fermented cod liver oil. Magnesium also helps me but like others have said don't overdose! I also do better with cooked veg. I hope this helps!!
  5. Also your skin issue might be due to something other than food. I used to have eczema on both of my hands and tried using every kind of cream and did an elimination diet and allergy testing and nothing helped and couldn't figure out what was going on. Then one night I used Weleda Skin Food and in a couple of hours my hands BURNED and the first ingredient was lanolin. Sure enough every cream I was trying had some lanolin in it and when I cut that out and stopped knitting with wool the eczema patches went away. Hope this helps! I know how frustrating it can be! Michele
  6. MicheleC

    PCOS Support Thread

    I am doing this with you all on this site!! But in the world I am on my own as well. My boyfriend is super supportive and when we have gone out to eat he checks in and asks if there is anything I can order and I will check the menu and select based on that. Usually though I cook for the both of us for meals and he enjoys the food I make and I enjoy cooking it and knowing exactly what is in my food. My family does not eat this way and the house is littered with junk food and I have my little sections of the fridge and cupboards with my coconut oil and veggies and meats etc. I keep good things for me to eat then I am not tempted by what may be in the freezer and the cupboards. Sometimes it is difficult then I read the ingredients labels and then turn to my real food. Blueberries and melon are in season for me and that helps too.
  7. MicheleC

    Ghee Allergy?

    What about using clarified butter with an autoimmune protocol? I have been using coconut oil and my boyfriend was getting tired of coconut flavored food so I switched to clarified butter I made from pastured butter and he likes that better. When I cook for myself I use coconut oil. However for my next Whole 30 I am doing an autoimmune protocol without eggs, nightshades, and nuts for arthritis. Currently I don't feel like clarified butter is an issue but then again I don't feel any problems with the other foods either except I have heard that nightshades can aggravate arthritis and my chiropracter recommended leaving out nightshades especially.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions!! I will definitely check these out!
  9. Hi all, I started an autoimmune protocol and so nightshades including hot peppers are out. I was wondering if anyone knew of anything that is not a pepper but is spicy so I can still liven up my meals without aggravating my arthritis. Thanks!!
  10. MicheleC

    PCOS Support Thread

    Hi Ali! What I initially did to lose the weight was join Overeater's Anonymous and I weighed and measured my food for a year and did not eat any sugar or flour. I did eat 1oz of grain in the morning usually oatmeal. When I learned about Paleo I switched to sweet potato instead of grain. So I was succesful with that except my constipation never cleared up and there were several times I felt impacted I think that was because they were having me eat 6oz raw 6oz cooked veggies for lunch and dinner and I think it was too much fiber for me as well as possibly eating eggs every day for a year (not kidding) for breakfast. The weight loss did slow way down and then I couldn't handle weighing and measuring and struck out on my own and have battled with frequent sugar binges. So what was good about OA was the support and getting away from processed foods. I did struggle on my own until I finally found the forum and started getting active here. I am now on Day 18 of my Whole 30 and no binges and feeling like I have a clear head and heart again is wonderful. For me I just get a lot of protein and veg prep in on the weekends or evenings when I have more time and then just sautee and reheat for my meals. That way I am not cooking from scratch every day. I also carry meals with me and rarely eat at restaurants. It does take some practice to figure out how much to cook and what you will eat within a week so just do your best. The cookbook Well Fed and ISWF's Meal Map has some strategies for precooking that I have been implementing as well (same author Melissa Joulwan). So for me the Whole 30 feels "easy" because I had done something very similar to this for a year. Except now that if I am hungry between meals I will grab a snack of protein and fat usually or some fruit and I eyeball my meals and eat when hungry and stop when full, even if I don't finish what is on my plate. That was not allowed in my prior plan. I am not sure what has been going on with my weight since I started the Whole 30 because I have not been stepping on the scale but my clothes feel like they fit better. I am more looking to how I feel around food and finding strategies to keep myself from turning to food to relieve stress and comfort me. I am not sure if my hormone issues have cleared up and I am looking for a doctor who will help with that. I also had some hypothyroid symptoms but my TSH was normal so my doctor didn't feel the need for further investigation. I think that is better now but it could just be that it's summer and hot here. I hope this helps! Welcome to the forum Ali!! Michele
  11. MicheleC

    Can I eat flaxseed?

    Many of us struggle with that as well. All I can say is for me it helped to just make the decision to do the Whole 30 and start and not over think it. We can do anything for a month, a day at a time. I hope this forum inspires you on your path! Good to know about the flaxseeds it helps to research all the health claims on things before going "nuts" on it!
  12. MicheleC

    Paleo Cookbook

    Awesome!! And so approriate to print it out did you read about the cookbook she mentions copying from a copy borrowed from the local library?
  13. MicheleC

    About to get started and scared!

    You can definitely do this! You have the food ready now the rest is execution. There will be tough days and that is what this forum is for we will support you and prop you up when you need it. If family is not on board get your support here. I am on Day 16 now and it isn't just about the food I feel that a fog has been lifted around my brain and my emotions are getting on a more even keel. There have been days where I have been upset and I took some time for me and cried it out and more importantly for me I didn't grab sugary foods to help me! So take the next 30 days to give yourself some TLC with nourishing foods that will sate your appetite and give your body the nutrition it needs. Be Well!!!
  14. MicheleC

    PCOS Support Thread

    I'm from Northampton MA!
  15. MicheleC

    Protein/Fat/Carb Balance

    I have been journalling my food on the forum. Not specific amounts just general what I am eating. Is that bad to do?