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  1. Bootsie1947


    Thank you. I think I have that book and will dust it off today.
  2. Bootsie1947


    The first time I did it I lost 40 lbs and felt wonderful for 6 months. Because program was new I did it very specifically. Regained most of weight due to variety of issues and e dry time I try to go back to basics I get into two great days then fall off wagon again. Any suggestions on remotivating myself?
  3. Bootsie1947

    Cost of Coaches is the cost to hire a coach and do I talk to them live or only via email? Can't find this info on web site. Thanks
  4. Good morning- I can relate to this post. I’ve had three weeks of visitors family holiday etc and got off eating healthy and do miss how I felt. Getting back to no sugar no bread etc is harder for some reason than first time. especislly with Xmas looming. I did food freedom but it opened door to too much Sugar etc. I e gotten out my journal to look at it. Anyway to return without going cold turkey and going to beginning again? Elizabeth
  5. Thanks for your reply. I don’t think I have reflux or ccept I tend to clear my throat as if I have post nasal drip and it all the tone. Someone said it was reflux, someone else said cancer of the throat and someone else said it was eating too much acid like all the salads and tomatoes I eat. I’ve given up trying to figure it out. But I’ve lost almost 40 lbs since feb and that feels a lot better and I eat mostly whole 30
  6. Bootsie1947

    Getting back on track

    I had some bad news a few days ago and I got off track big time trying to stuff my pain. Drank too much, got into toast jam and regular butter and lots of chocolate almonds. Amazing how sluggish I felt. Sleepy again and not wanting to even take my daily walk. Sugar dragon is in big time and all I do is think about food. I have got to get co trip over myself again so am Re reading book again to see if a week back on program will kick dragon to the curb. So hard when emotional issues pull you down. And the one I have will last for 4 more months until my daughters pregnancy gets good news or not. Ugh
  7. It seems I have reflux or herds which started after I finished whole 30 as I don’t eat any grains but sweet potato and I do eat slot of tomatoes and have lemon on my water daily. I wake up coughing alot and clear my throat a lot. Anyone heard of this happening to them?
  8. Well I CAn reply to my own post. Doctor wasn’t worried because overall I was lower.
  9. I’m a 71 year old woman and did whole 30 5 months ago and still do it more stay every day. I’ve lost 40 lbs
  10. Can anyone explain this: it was lower after first two weeks in program but after 5 months My HDL is 110; my cholesterol is 189 and was 167 after first two weeks on program. My triglyceride is 91 but was at 84 after first two weeks on program. I’m drinking bullet coffee with coconut cream and grass fed butter and coconut oil. Am I eating too much fat; all good; but I make fried chicken in coconut flour and oil and pork rinds as a flake covering. I hate to mess with my foods; but curious about numbers and have to face heart dr who will raise meds as a way to lower cholesterol which I don’t want. Any suggestions?
  11. Bootsie1947

    Allergy? Or just me

    Thanks Shannon. I had no coconut milk this am: coffee with just the stevia. When I talked on phone no clearing throat. So not ready to say it’s the coconut milk . Am seeing allergist tomorrow. I’m starting whole 30 again in tomorrow’s challenge and will go off stevia then. Not sure how long I should stay on whole 30 to clear out any issues, and hen try reintroduction slower this time. My food issues seems to be maybe too much of nuts and fried compline foods. Up a bit on scales but I’m napping again in afternoon and wasn’t before. Thanks for your advice
  12. Bootsie1947

    Allergy? Or just me

    I’ve finished whole 30 first time but am noticing that the clearing of my throat as if I have mucous there. Or coughing sometimes to clear throat, has returned . I was aware as a NSV it went away but my friends notice when I talk to them on phone I’m clearing throat again. I do have seasonal allergies but they are contained through shots. But if the throat clearing went away, I think I’ve added something that triggers it. But can’t discover it. I drank bullet coffee almost throughout my 30 days with added almond coconut unsweetened milk or creamer. A bit of stevia leaf I added after 30 days. So I’m signed up to do another 30 with the sept challenge, bit just don’t know how to identify the source of throat learning. I’m having black coffee this a.m. with only a tiny bit of stevia leaf and so far less coughing. Could I be bothered by the coconut milk? But I only have one cup in and the clearing of throat happens all day at times. A real mister they needs solving. I don’t have Gerds as saw doctor. Help
  13. Bootsie1947

    Ready for Round Two! September Whole30

    I’m in but how do I follow discussion?
  14. Bootsie1947

    Lobster and ghee butter

    Thank you Shannon for reminding me about salt etc. I do believe that is the issue as whenever I eat out, I find that out. Also, you are right about what the doctors think I should weigh etc. I'll never been at my wedding weight. Had three children since then. I do love this program and have recommended it to 4 people of which two have done it successfully; other two gave up. BTW how does one become a coach for this program? I love sharing how successful I have been.
  15. Bootsie1947

    Lobster and ghee butter

    Good morning— so for first time I had fresh lobster with lemon and drawn butter. I was amazed by all the richness of this food that I had no stomach pain. So happy for that but was up on the scales a bit this am. I know— no scales— but I’ve finished whole 30 and have been maintaining for several months and I do weigh after new foods are introduced. I’m not stressed by this but the extra benefit of whole 30 has been the weight loss— 37 lbs since feb. my heart doctor is over the moon and all my blood work say I’m perfect— even eating butter. I know lobster is ok to eat, but I had two and only a fruit bowl for dessert. Is eating a lot of ghee not good for me? Can it cause weight gain?