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  1. Tarrantrl

    Smoothie bowl success?

    I found an article about how soup has benefits that smoothies don't have, and it looks like it really comes down to the bone broth and meat that are typically included in soups but not smoothies. So unless you're willing to blend meat into your "smoothie," you won't get those benefits from a smoothie. By this logic, savory soups that are water-based and don't have any animal protein wouldn't really be much better than smoothies (except that people are probably more likely to find smoothies to be a food with no brakes than any kind of savory soup). Take a look at the article if you're interested! https://www.thepaleomom.com/move-over-smoothies-and-juice-the-soup-rising-benefits-of-souping/
  2. While this may not be the same for you @Laura Thornock, I personally find Thanksgiving to be very Whole30-friendly! My favorite parts are the turkey (easy to make compliant), steamed green beans with butter (sub clarified butter), mashed potatoes (sub clarified butter and perhaps coconut milk), and cranberry sauce (which you could easily find with just regular sugar added instead of corn syrup, which is OK for reintroduction). I think the main things that are missing from a Whole30 Thanksgiving would be the stuffing, sweet potato marshmallow casserole, maybe green bean casserole, gravy (although there are Whole30 compliant recipes), and of course desserts like pumpkin pie. I never liked any of these things, so it's really easy for me to skip them! I'll be done with my extended reintroduction before Thanksgiving, but I intend to stay Whole30 for it because the dairy for sure isn't really worth feeling bad for the rest of the day when the substitutions are just as good. I'd rather enjoy the food but still feel on the ball to spend the rest of the day engaged with my family. My best advice would be to not choose ahead of time the things you think will be worth it to eat because you might not actually want those things by the time you get there. Maybe look up some Whole30 compliant Thanksgiving recipes to see how great the meal can still be while not sacrificing your reset or reintroduction period. It may turn out to be a lot of fun for you!
  3. Tarrantrl

    Different cheeses different reactions?

    @ArtFossil yes, I have a huge multi-tab spreadsheet for all this info! The only think left to reintroduce after dairy for us is gluten, but yes it does make a long reintro. It was scheduled to go from Oct 14 to Nov 16, but we had to add some extra days due to worse-than-expected reactions. @ladyshanny on the first dairy day (Oct 29) we did butter, heavy cream, and mascarpone, which all are more than 90% fat according to the nutrition facts I found. Even this caused me to have a negative reaction that I'm still dealing with four days later! Headache, sore throat, hoarse and painful voice (especially frustrating as a singer), and really bad moodiness yesterday. We've postponed the next dairy day until Nov 4 (after when I have to sing in case it messes up my voice again). This is the second time butter has given me a headache, so it looks like I'm destined to clarify butter for the rest of my life, lol. I'm hoping that some dairy items will be tolerable. We'll see!
  4. Tarrantrl

    Day 31 = Husband's Birthday!

    So you and your husband did the whole30 together I take it? My thoughts on this are that you don't have to do the same thing he does. Just because he wants ice cream and alcohol doesn't mean you need to have both with him. I'd go with the alcohol option for your reintro (since it's already the optional first thing to reintroduce), but look out for beer because of the gluten. A wine that you like would be a great idea. I'd say avoid the ice cream if you can, and if he really wants to have a non-dairy ice cream for his birthday just look out for the ingredients (you don't want to accidentally get corn or soy products while trying to avoid dairy). But if you've never had coconut milk ice cream before, it may be a let down if it tastes significantly different. And although it's ok to relax on the added sugar rule in items like sausage and ketchup once you start reintroduction, a big sugar hit like ice cream (even coconut) could have its own effects that you won't be able to separate from the alcohol if you have both. My birthday is in early January so I often have eliminated one thing or the other for new year's resolutions, and it's really not that bad to skip the treats on your birthday. I celebrate in other ways by having a good steak and hanging out with my family (and sometimes I'll have blueberries with coconut cream as my "treat"). I don't know when your husband's birthday is/was though; did it already happen? If so, what did you decide to do?
  5. Tarrantrl

    Different cheeses different reactions?

    I'm separating my dairy reintro into 6 days. I wanted to separate the effects of casein, whey, and lactose as much as possible, but I couldn't find enough information about casein vs whey levels in different items. So I just used the total protein amount and carb amount (from lactose) to separate things. I'm doing low lactose, low protein; low lactose, medium protein; medium lactose, medium protein; low lactose, high protein; medium lactose, high protein; medium lactose, highest protein (and ice cream if I want it). I couldn't find a lot of info about doing it this way so I don't know if it will help me understand my reactions to dairy, but that's what I've come up with so far. My thought process was that casein has the potential to be more allergenic than lactose, so I wanted to start off with the lowest amount of it and work up from there. Some cheeses also have molds which might be worth giving them their own day too, but I'm not doing that because I don't like those cheeses much.
  6. I just finished my third whole30 and have started a highly structured but extended reintroduction. One day 31, I reintroduced legumes (excluding peanuts and soy, which will each get their own day). I had homemade hummus with breakfast and we made some bean salad with cannellini beans, olive oil, and various spices as a side for lunch and dinner (so good with fresh rosemary and sautéed onion!). I had a little bloating but otherwise felt fine. Since then, however, my appetite has been terrible. Day 32, I had no interest in the frittata I had prepped, but I ate it anyway. By lunch, I only wanted carbs and didn't want the vegetable curry and chicken I had made. Instead, I got a compliant fruit smoothie (one of the Naked brand), a single serving bag of potato chips cooked in avocado oil and with only salt as the other ingredient, and a packet of almond butter (not the best choices, but it's what I did). For dinner I still wasn't hungry, so I had two meatballs (definitely not a whole serving for me, and no veg or added fat although they are made with almond flour). Day 33, repeat. I wasn't hungry in the morning but ate the frittata I had made (and I like how these taste, so I don't think it's burnout), at lunch I ate the veg curry but couldn't bring myself to eat the chicken, and at dinner I had 2.5 meatballs again with nothing else. I also had a little vegan 70% salted chocolate after dinner (date night!) because I'm not avoiding all added sugar so much now that I'm done with the 30 days, and I experienced this as almost a savory thing rather than a sweet or craving thing (who knew the flavor of cocoa was so complex under all that sugar I usually have with it?). What is going on? I have been consistently eating 3 eggs and at least one cup of veg with fat at breakfast for 4+ months, and I have been hungry every for breakfast morning since I finished my whole30 round 2 in mid July. I did really well on this round I just finished always getting 1-3 C veg, 1-2 palm sizes of protein, and 1-2 added fats of appropriate size at every meal, doing 3 meals a day, not needing any snacks between meals, eating within an hour of waking up, not overeating nuts (in fact, I hardly ever eat them), getting 0.5oz water for each lb of body weight, salting food, etc. I did notice an uptick in my dried fruit consumption during the last week of round 3 (leading up to my period might be the reason). I don't have a lot of weight to lose or craving issues, so I wasn't super worried about it at the time (and I still lost 8 more lbs on this round, so I felt fine with it). Could this loss of appetite have anything to do with reintroducing legumes or with the dried fruit? I don't have any other issues so I moved on to peanut butter today, but after eating an apple with 2-3 T peanut butter I'm not interested in eating anything else even though I brought my favorite soup for lunch. This is weirding me out! Sorry for the long explanation.
  7. Tarrantrl

    Pretzels ok for grains with gluten reintro?

    Sorry you got no reply to this, but just in case someone does see it I wanted to post. This technically wouldn't work for a gluten reintro because it also contains corn oil and corn syrup, which are in the non-gluten grains category. I don't know how much it matters since they're both grains, but I personally would separate them.
  8. Tarrantrl

    Hives and thrush - day 12

    This is really extreme! Did you find out what was going on, @Kmalfaro and @kvallejo?
  9. @Getwell, I'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling this ill! Starting a new eating protocol can result in some digestive distress, especially if it's significantly different from how you were eating before. However, feeling so sick that you think you might need to quit your job seems (to me) to be way beyond the possible side effects of a whole30. It's possible that you aren't eating enough, which could definitely contribute to fatigue. I don't think that the level of digestive distress you're experiencing is expected as a whole30 side effect though. Maybe you're allergic to one of the foods included in whole30 that you weren't eating much of before? Or maybe another healthy issue has arisen independently of whole30, and it just happened to occur around the same time? I'm glad to hear that you're working with your doctor on this one. Let us know if you figure out what's going on!
  10. Tarrantrl

    Salmon cakes without eggs?

    I love the one in the whole30 book! https://whole30.com/2017/04/whole30-cookbook-4/
  11. Tarrantrl

    Slip Up

    @Mikkim1231, don't worry! Every additional whole30 you do, you learn something. It seems like you're intending to wait a year for the next one, but maybe you could do the January whole30 too. I did one in July-August and I'm already doing another! And even if you missed some non-compliant ingredient, there are still lots of gains, like practicing cooking this way and changing how you think about food. You still have that even if you might have some soy complicating your results, and it will definitely help you on your next whole30 and your life in general when it comes to good food habits. Since you emotionally don't want to do a whole 56 (which I understand!), I'd say do the reintroduction as normal and just be aware that some of your results may be confounded by the soy. Think of it this way: if you learn a lot about what doesn't agree with you from this reintro, you'll learn even more from your next reintro after a totally clean whole30!
  12. Tarrantrl

    Reintorduction Prior to a Fitness Event

    If you feel that the whole30 adequately fuels your training now, you may consider extending your w30 until after the marathon and begin reintros after it's done.
  13. Tarrantrl

    What order to reintroduce dairy items?

    @Michele B., I saw that post as well during my searches. Do you have a plan as to how you will break up the dairy products when you reintroduce them?
  14. I want to do a more detailed dairy reintroduction. I'm trying to separate out the effects of lactose, casein, and whey as much as possible. I read a really good breakdown of this on the forum somewhere, but I've done a bunch of google searches and I still can't find that post. Does anybody know what I'm talking about or can anyone recommend a good order to reintroduce dairy if I had all the time in the world to do it? Thanks!
  15. Tarrantrl

    Stomach Bug-What do I eat?

    I find that lime flavored seltzer settles my stomach, just make sure to sip it slowly if you go that route. If you drink it too fast, it'll make you feel bloated probably