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  1. Tarrantrl

    Legume Side Effects

    My copy of Food Freedom Forever arrived today, so I'm reading it too! Dairy also gives me headaches (even just butter! Argh). I read a very good analogy about gut healing recently. I don't remember where I read this, but it was probably Whole30 material because that's pretty much all I've read this month! Imagine someone with a scraped knee that has healed a little bit vs someone with a normal, healthy knee. If you take some sandpaper and rub it on the normal knee, it won't really hurt the person much. But if you rub sandpaper on the recently scraped knee, it'll start bleeding! This is sort of like what's happening when you reintroduce stuff to a still healing gut. Hopefully most of those foods that caused reactions for you are "fine grit" sandpaper that, once your gut is totally healed, aren't rough enough to "skin the knee" on their own. But some foods may be such "course grit" sandpaper that they can scrape a perfectly healthy "knee"! This analogy was really helpful for my understanding of what's going on.
  2. Tarrantrl

    Legume Side Effects

    I'm sorry to hear you're having a lot of reactions! It's definitely possible to react to everything. That's why Melissa and Dallas excluded those things from the Whole30! Do you find that the symptoms are all heavily GI related? It's possible that your gut may need more time to heal. If you're still healing, a lot of things could cause a reaction, but once you're fully healed, you may find more things to be tolerable. Just a thought, not sure if it's applicable in your case. Even if you have reactions, you can decide when those side effects are worth it for you (your own wedding cake? Worth the gluten headache. Free cookies at work? Not worth it. That sort of thing). So even though it may feel discouraging to have a lot of reactions, it's just data that allows you to make informed decisions about your food freedom.
  3. Tarrantrl

    Reintroduction: Alcohol question...

    @Laurenacc, I don't think anyone answered this directly. Yes, that is the fast track from the book. However, you can change the reintro schedule if you want to. The changes @GoJo09 suggested are good examples or why you might reorder or expand the reintro. Some people give soy it's own day, peanuts it's own day, etc. Some people separate dairy by varying lactose vs casein content! It just depends on how fine-tuned you want your reintro data to be. I gave butter it's own day because that was the only dairy I wanted really, but unfortunately I think it's giving me a headache that isn't really worth it when clarified butter tastes fine (just more effort!). If you're concerned about sugar, you could give it it's own day or do the non-sugar versions or categories before the sugar versions. For example, do dairy without sugar, a few days whole30, then dairy with sugar (ice cream!!). Gluten without sugar, reset, gluten with sugar. If there are differences in your reactions, you'll know what's from the sugar separately from the base category.
  4. Tarrantrl

    Weighing in during re-intro

    I think you just want to be aware of your relationship with the scale and what a multiday gain would mean. Over that short time span, it probably would indicate water retention more than anything. That may or may not be meaningful to you. If you are concerned about losing body fat, weighing yourself everyday is too variable a measurement to really get at that. I'd also be surprised if you gained a meaningful amount of fat after one day of reintroducing a particular food. But if you want to monitor that water retention for whatever reason, you could do that. Only you can decide if you just want some impartial data (being aware of the limits of what a scale can tell you) or if you're tied to the scale in a more emotional way. Personally, I see no reason to weigh myself more than once a month. Just make sure you feel like you are in a good place emotionally and mentally with the scale
  5. Tarrantrl

    Legume Side Effects

    I'm a little late coming to this, but I wanted to reply. When I reintroduced legumes after my first whole30, the pain later in the day was unreal! I had really unbearable intestinal pain and I was totally shocked. How did you handle legumes?
  6. Tarrantrl

    Managing reactions and reintro

    In general, I'd say to go back to 100% compliance until you feel as good as you did at the end of day 30. It won't take as long to reset because you spent a month letting your gut heal. I'd expect a week back on whole30 to be enough, but you'll have to see how it goes for you personally. If you noticed literally no reaction from the grains, it doesn't really make sense that a reaction would develop after all of it should have been out of your system already. But like you said, you can always try it again. The reality that I'm discovering is that a lot of things can make reintro confusing, such as a lot more physical activity than usual as it seems in your case. For me today, I watched more TV than usual so I can't tell if I have a headache from that or the butter I reintroduced. To understand your particular reactions to foods, you can always reintro the things that you can't quite tell how they factored into this reaction. More data points never hurt!
  7. Tarrantrl

    Gluten Reaction - Timing?

    I saw that this was posted twice, so I'm not totally sure where to reply. Let's go with here! I think one day later isn't totally unreasonable for a reaction. Gluten definitely exacerbates aches and pains for my mom. But if you're not sure, you can always try reintroducing gluten again once you feel better to confirm it wasn't something else. However, I've noticed random bloating and gassiness while being completely compliant, too, and I still am not sure why that has been happening. So it might not be the gluten!
  8. Tarrantrl

    Fruit can wake up sugar dragon

    I also accidentally binged on watermelon during my whole30! I don't know if it woke up my sugar dragon, but maybe it woke up my watermelon dragon I ate so much that I had an allergic reaction! Definitely took several days for that to go away.
  9. It's awesome that your pain was alleviated during your Whole30! I am surprised that your reaction lasted that long because a week is more than enough time for the legumes to get through your system. However, I can relate it to my mom's experience. She had a knee injury the pain of which was exacerbated by wheat consumption. When that acted up after eating wheat, it took a while to settle down. That sort of makes sense because the pain was due to a combination of injury (no food component) and inflammation (in part mediated by food). Maybe this is the case for you too. Do you have any idea what may be causing the pain, or have you discussed it with your doctor? Even though food can impact pain, food may not be enough to cure an underlying issue. I guess it also depends on the severity of your pain. If it's not too bad, you could try reintroing legumes again to see if they really were the cause or if something else triggered your pain (personally, I love to have at least two data points for these things just to be sure). However, if your pain was severe or debilitating, you may want to visit your doctor before proceeding.
  10. I don't know a lot about celiac, but that's a lot of vomiting! Personally I think you might want to go to the doctor. The definitive diagnosis for celiac is a biopsy on the intestinal lining I think. Is it possible you got food poisoning? This seems like an abnormally extreme reaction to me. I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling this bad!
  11. The upset stomach and the congestion could be separate. For me, dairy makes me more congested. You may not have had much reaction after having it for one day, but keeping cream in the coffee every day could add up. Even if it's not that, it is better to leave the cream out of your coffee at least until reintros are over. It could make your results confusing. I'd say eat 100% compliant until you feel good again. Of course, you could have a stomach bug, so perhaps a visit to the doctor is in order?
  12. Tarrantrl

    Weight gain in week 3

    Hey @Jdbe, sorry that nobody was able to respond to your post sooner. After browsing the troubleshooting forum, I noticed that a lot of people who experience bloating found FODMAPs to the be culprit. For those, my understanding is that you have to cut them out completely to really see a difference. Check out this thread: She posts an update further down and says she is feeling completely better, lost weight, and no longer has the bloat. As far as fat, I would be surprised if you're eating too much of it if you're limiting it to meals. Eating a lot of nuts between meals can be a problem, but the servings in the meal template represent a minimum amount for daily consumption. Fat helps keep you full between meals and plays an important biological role in cell function. If you're sticking to the meal template, I wouldn't worry about the fat too much.
  13. Tarrantrl

    food dreams

    I've had a couple of weird dreams on this Whole30 (definitely did not happen on my first one). In one dream, my sister cooked a meal for me (which is weird enough because she does NOT cook), and then I found out she had used wine to cook with! I was really confused in the dream and couldn't decide if I needed to start my Whole30 over or if it was a dream. Then I had a dream that I decided to drink a bunch of beers, knowing I was near the end of my Whole30 but not caring. The weirdest part of this is that I have never had a beer, and I think I've only had one or two alcoholic beverages in my life! So strange. I was definitely glad to wake up.
  14. Tarrantrl

    Warped Mentality

    Coming to this thread late, but one way I've avoided the mental cravings during this Whole30 was to read a LOT of Whole30 material. I read the Whole30 book, reread the Whole30 timeline and Reintroduction sections several times, read all the "Dear Melissa" posts on the website, read all the testimonial posts of the website, and moved on to forum posts (obviously, since I'm here!). Reading about Whole30 experiences and troubleshooting not only kept me focused but gave me a lot of valuable information for when I am doing reintros/if I run into problems. I found this very motivating! That also means that I don't encounter as many Taco Bell commercials and the like because I'm not watching as much TV. Hope this helps someone!
  15. Tarrantrl

    Brand New to Whole30

    I know that it's way past the end of what would have been your Whole30 by now, but if someone finds this post I wanted to respond. Something similar happened to me. On day 9 i had one sip of stevia-sweetened tea by accident! I decided not to start over. Slipping on foods that contain potential allergens (peanuts, wheat, soy) I think could have more of a tangible effect on your results and would be more important to start over for. Slipping on an added sweetener may not have that effect though. There's not a whole lot of research on some of the "healthy" low-cal sweeteners like stevia (as far as I know), so it's hard to say if it's having a physiological effect other than maybe increasing cravings from the sweet taste. But you do eat things containing natural sugar on the Whole30, so I think this would be less of a problem as far as reintroduction goes. Of course, the official line is to start over, but it's probably more realistic to just live and learn. I think a great way to keep morale up is to not start your count over but to consider extending your Whole30 (so you'd do a Whole44 since this happened on day 14). If you feel like you're not experiencing a good baseline by day 31 for reintroductions (cravings aren't gone perhaps), then that might be the scenario in which you extend the program a little longer to make up for the earlier mistake. Since you're already done with your Whole30 @Sophia Treviño, what did you decide to do?