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  1. Tarrantrl

    Reintorduction Prior to a Fitness Event

    If you feel that the whole30 adequately fuels your training now, you may consider extending your w30 until after the marathon and begin reintros after it's done.
  2. Tarrantrl

    What order to reintroduce dairy items?

    @Michele B., I saw that post as well during my searches. Do you have a plan as to how you will break up the dairy products when you reintroduce them?
  3. I want to do a more detailed dairy reintroduction. I'm trying to separate out the effects of lactose, casein, and whey as much as possible. I read a really good breakdown of this on the forum somewhere, but I've done a bunch of google searches and I still can't find that post. Does anybody know what I'm talking about or can anyone recommend a good order to reintroduce dairy if I had all the time in the world to do it? Thanks!
  4. Tarrantrl

    Stomach Bug-What do I eat?

    I find that lime flavored seltzer settles my stomach, just make sure to sip it slowly if you go that route. If you drink it too fast, it'll make you feel bloated probably
  5. Tarrantrl

    RX Bars

    The brand RXBar has some compliant flavors and some that are not compliant. It depends on the flavor. Some of them have chocolate, so those are out. Read the label and make sure there are no noncompliant ingredients. I always read the label on anything I buy even if the brand is whole30 approved for this very reason!
  6. Tarrantrl

    Hit a wall

    @Mr. Greg how's it going? I read this thread and found it very encouraging. And I bet you've made even more progress by now! I'd love to hear about that
  7. I finished up my second Whole30 about a week ago. I felt like I was really bloated randomly throughout the month, but I haven't yet traced that to a specific food other than sparkling water (especially if I drank it too fast!). I wasn't really worried about it because I usually wear loose dresses anyway, but I didn't expect to lose any weight by the end of the 30 days based on my bloated feeling. When I weighed myself on day 31, I actually lost 7.6 lbs! I still want to figure out what causes the bloat, but it is not related to weight loss or lack thereof for me. Maybe that will be encouraging to you or someone else who finds this post!
  8. Tarrantrl

    Legume Side Effects

    My copy of Food Freedom Forever arrived today, so I'm reading it too! Dairy also gives me headaches (even just butter! Argh). I read a very good analogy about gut healing recently. I don't remember where I read this, but it was probably Whole30 material because that's pretty much all I've read this month! Imagine someone with a scraped knee that has healed a little bit vs someone with a normal, healthy knee. If you take some sandpaper and rub it on the normal knee, it won't really hurt the person much. But if you rub sandpaper on the recently scraped knee, it'll start bleeding! This is sort of like what's happening when you reintroduce stuff to a still healing gut. Hopefully most of those foods that caused reactions for you are "fine grit" sandpaper that, once your gut is totally healed, aren't rough enough to "skin the knee" on their own. But some foods may be such "course grit" sandpaper that they can scrape a perfectly healthy "knee"! This analogy was really helpful for my understanding of what's going on.
  9. Tarrantrl

    Legume Side Effects

    I'm sorry to hear you're having a lot of reactions! It's definitely possible to react to everything. That's why Melissa and Dallas excluded those things from the Whole30! Do you find that the symptoms are all heavily GI related? It's possible that your gut may need more time to heal. If you're still healing, a lot of things could cause a reaction, but once you're fully healed, you may find more things to be tolerable. Just a thought, not sure if it's applicable in your case. Even if you have reactions, you can decide when those side effects are worth it for you (your own wedding cake? Worth the gluten headache. Free cookies at work? Not worth it. That sort of thing). So even though it may feel discouraging to have a lot of reactions, it's just data that allows you to make informed decisions about your food freedom.
  10. Tarrantrl

    Reintroduction: Alcohol question...

    @Laurenacc, I don't think anyone answered this directly. Yes, that is the fast track from the book. However, you can change the reintro schedule if you want to. The changes @GoJo09 suggested are good examples or why you might reorder or expand the reintro. Some people give soy it's own day, peanuts it's own day, etc. Some people separate dairy by varying lactose vs casein content! It just depends on how fine-tuned you want your reintro data to be. I gave butter it's own day because that was the only dairy I wanted really, but unfortunately I think it's giving me a headache that isn't really worth it when clarified butter tastes fine (just more effort!). If you're concerned about sugar, you could give it it's own day or do the non-sugar versions or categories before the sugar versions. For example, do dairy without sugar, a few days whole30, then dairy with sugar (ice cream!!). Gluten without sugar, reset, gluten with sugar. If there are differences in your reactions, you'll know what's from the sugar separately from the base category.
  11. Tarrantrl

    Weighing in during re-intro

    I think you just want to be aware of your relationship with the scale and what a multiday gain would mean. Over that short time span, it probably would indicate water retention more than anything. That may or may not be meaningful to you. If you are concerned about losing body fat, weighing yourself everyday is too variable a measurement to really get at that. I'd also be surprised if you gained a meaningful amount of fat after one day of reintroducing a particular food. But if you want to monitor that water retention for whatever reason, you could do that. Only you can decide if you just want some impartial data (being aware of the limits of what a scale can tell you) or if you're tied to the scale in a more emotional way. Personally, I see no reason to weigh myself more than once a month. Just make sure you feel like you are in a good place emotionally and mentally with the scale
  12. Tarrantrl

    Legume Side Effects

    I'm a little late coming to this, but I wanted to reply. When I reintroduced legumes after my first whole30, the pain later in the day was unreal! I had really unbearable intestinal pain and I was totally shocked. How did you handle legumes?
  13. Tarrantrl

    Managing reactions and reintro

    In general, I'd say to go back to 100% compliance until you feel as good as you did at the end of day 30. It won't take as long to reset because you spent a month letting your gut heal. I'd expect a week back on whole30 to be enough, but you'll have to see how it goes for you personally. If you noticed literally no reaction from the grains, it doesn't really make sense that a reaction would develop after all of it should have been out of your system already. But like you said, you can always try it again. The reality that I'm discovering is that a lot of things can make reintro confusing, such as a lot more physical activity than usual as it seems in your case. For me today, I watched more TV than usual so I can't tell if I have a headache from that or the butter I reintroduced. To understand your particular reactions to foods, you can always reintro the things that you can't quite tell how they factored into this reaction. More data points never hurt!
  14. Tarrantrl

    Gluten Reaction - Timing?

    I saw that this was posted twice, so I'm not totally sure where to reply. Let's go with here! I think one day later isn't totally unreasonable for a reaction. Gluten definitely exacerbates aches and pains for my mom. But if you're not sure, you can always try reintroducing gluten again once you feel better to confirm it wasn't something else. However, I've noticed random bloating and gassiness while being completely compliant, too, and I still am not sure why that has been happening. So it might not be the gluten!
  15. Tarrantrl

    Fruit can wake up sugar dragon

    I also accidentally binged on watermelon during my whole30! I don't know if it woke up my sugar dragon, but maybe it woke up my watermelon dragon I ate so much that I had an allergic reaction! Definitely took several days for that to go away.