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  1. Oh yum! Saving this for a superbowl app idea! I made a Thai chicken recipe in the slow cooker last night and am eating it for breakfast now with cauliflower rice. It's ok, but I don't think I'll put this recipe on file! Only 4 days to go!! Woohoo!! I think I've decided I'll do an extremely slow roll intro this time instead of extending or putting pressure on myself to meet certain criteria. I want to weigh myself if nothing else!
  2. I find it so overwhelming with meal prepping and batch cooking that I also never get more into the movement portion! Oh well- good idea though about being more intentional with walks when the weather gets a bit warmer! I'm finally feeling like I am doing a whole30! I am still contemplating extending to 45 days since it just kicked in the last day or two. Between the detox, a virus and a nasty menstrual cycle, my body is finally "over the hump" and I would like it to last more than just 10 days or so! So--- as much as I'm "over this" I'm also seriously considering two more weeks to
  3. Day 21! How'd this happen so fast? Feeling pretty good. Wishing the tiger blood would be more forceful. I do have a bit more energy and some NSV, but nothing like a switch flipped. Also starting the "I'm so over this" part of the timeline for sure. I am still only getting 6.5 /7 hours of sleep, not sure what to do about that. I fall asleep around 11/11:30 and then wake up at 5:30 or so and can't get back to sleep.
  4. Let me know what you think!
  5. Ohmygoodness, so much yes! I can totally feel this. My husband and I work completely opposite schedules so that one of us is home with the kids. So we VERY RARELY have alone time, or time at all together! I'm lucky if I sleep 11pm- 6am and that's IF my kids don't wake up scared, sick, wet, etc. Not ideal, I know, but I'm not sure what else to do honestly! ***TMI warning*** Good news for me!! I believe my couple days of stomach upset and bloat are totally to blame on my cycle starting! Once the flo began, I almost felt instantly deflated from the bloating (I mean, really, I cou
  6. If you need a good shrimp recipe recommendation, I made this recipe yesterday for dinner and it was DELICIOUS! https://whatgreatgrandmaate.com/paleo-shrimp-pad-thai/ Even my husband said we could make it again and he's very picky about his pad thai! (I couldn't find compliant fish sauce, so just used extra coconut aminos for the recipe)
  7. Downhill slope!! Woohoo! Although, I'm feeling kind of discouraged. The past two days I've had slight digestive/bathroom issues in the morning and bloating at night. Something I'm eating? Still getting over illness? PMS because my cycle is near? Who knows. I may end up extending this to a whole45 if things don't turn around in the next day or so. And I may end up looking into FODMAPS for that extra 15 if needed. Sigh-- so discouraged because of that. My mind is very clear, once I manage to fall asleep, I sleep soundly and cravings have definitely gone away. So hooray for NSV!!
  8. Hi, Ashlee!! There's a whole group of us who started early Jan, mostly the 2nd. Please come join the chat! See here: https://forum.whole30.com/topic/62594-whole-january/?_fromLogin=1
  9. OOOOO--- how'd they turn out?? We did pizza/wing night as well. And my daughter kept stealing my potato wedges and my husband kept stealing my kale chips I made! So my meal was good, too! And the wings go so well in that primal kitchen buffalo sauce. These are all tried and true go to websites for me too! I also found recently what will become a tried and true website in https://whatgreatgrandmaate.com/ Lots of whole30 options there as well. I've had a virus since Tuesday night. I'm feeling much much better, but still have a cough and congestion. Thursday was absol
  10. I'll try to catch up on replies in a day or so. Just wanted to pop in to share that so far day ten is truly the hardest day!! I caught whatever virus my daughter got earlier this week and I'm so miserable! And just want to eat junk. I'm staying compliant but oh this is miserable.
  11. I toss the wings in salt, pepper and garlic powder, spread on a baking sheet (lined with parchment paper for easier clean up!) and bake at 425 for 45 minutes. Crisps up the skin nicely! And sounds like the exact buffalo sauce from Costco I dipped them in! Also, good for you for having such a green thumb! The deer in my neighborhood would eat anything I plant like a salad bar and I don't have time or patience to set up a fenced in area.... maybe some time in the future. @____Emily____ I'm going to have to bookmark that casserole! Sounds yummy. @Niya the "withdrawal" symp
  12. The past few days have been going alright for me. The PROBLEM I am finding with batch cooking is by the week's end (yesterday and today) I am VERY sick of the options I made for myself! I started freezing some individual portions of meals to pull out in a week or two when I have a break from them! I'm never one to like eating something more than twice, maybe 3 times if I'm pushing it. I just don't like leftovers. But, I am the only one in my family doing whole30 this time around, so all the meals are mine and it's a lot to get through. But, at least it will save me prep time in future weeks wi
  13. Oh totally agree with the grayness! I live in Ohio and same-- the sun has disappeared probably until May. So depressing. I have a "happy light" set up next to my kitchen sink that I turn on when doing dishes or food prepping (which is pretty much all my time at home now!) That does help, but it's still not as good as sunshine,
  14. I too have been having problems falling asleep but have definitely been sleeping more soundly once I get there. I think mine is mostly mental distractions. Hoping it subsides. Have you tried any herbal teas? No fear of caffeine there.
  15. Good luck with the burger slider competition. Hope that it goes well for you! Sounds like fun, though. What will you use for your whole30 slider buns? Ler us know how it turns out.