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  1. I have only found two flavors at my local Walmart. I am hoping since I usually buy at least a couple, and they are always low, that they start to offer new flavors.
  2. I think that answers it, then. It does contain ghee, though no other ingredient listed is questionable. I suppose I did not realize they had to note that with ghee, though it makes sense now that you say it. Thanks!
  3. I bought a couple of these, and have used them at work when I get held up and cannot get home for lunch and/or dinner. I love the flavors, though I sure do wish they would come out with these in a meal size. That would save me a lot of hassle since I work an event driven schedule and sometimes am at work for up to 24 hours. However, my question is... On the list of ingredients for the rosemary chicken bowl (and, to be honest, I did not even look at the others because I knew they were Whole30 'approved' so I simply ate them without questions) the last line says "Contains Milk". Dairy is a