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  1. Jihanna

    I accidentally Chewed Gum Yesterday!

    Guilt is neither helpful nor healthy, but it's important to really consider starting over or adding time to your original timeline if a slip occurs. Why? Think of it like a science experiment. You're cleaning your system out by eliminating specific food groups for a period of time, after which you'll be testing each food group for reactions. If something has been introduced early and you don't give enough time for your system to reach an effective baseline/control, you can't trust the results of your tests. Trusting our results is actually why we go back to compliance in between reintroduction tests. This makes sure we're working from baseline (or judging against the control) every single time. It's also why it's better to give an extra day or two after really bad reactions, just to make sure you fully recover before initiating another test. So if you accidentally ingest something, I generally suggest making sure you get a full 4 weeks (or 30 days) of compliance before starting in on the reintroduction process. Call it whatever you'd like, so long as you're able to trust your reintro results. But definitely don't feel guilty or think you've failed, or anything else negative.
  2. Jihanna

    Candida Questions

    In a very general sense, yes it's possible to heal our bodies without medication. HOWEVER -- and this is a HUGE caveat -- every body is different, every situation is different, and that makes it impossible for any of us to say with certainty that you can kick it without medications. That said, I truly believe that dietary changes are the very best "first step" if medication isn't already being used... and I believe they're the best method of helping us to bring about lasting changes in health. My suggestion would be to talk with your primary doctor about your concerns, stressing that you'd like to be able to address dietary changes before considering a medication, and then keep a log of what you eat, when it's eaten, and any symptoms you experience (when, severity, etc.) so you're able to keep your doctor updated regarding your progress. If you get enough relief throughout the Whole30 but feel it's still not fully under control, it might be worth discussing an Anti-Candida Diet (or Cleanse) with your doctor. Remember, too, that if you do find that medication might be necessary, that's not a failure... it's just a way of kick-starting your systems so your dietary changes are able to have better lasting effects. Hope that helps
  3. Jihanna

    Cast Iron Pan - Used to Rub Down with Vegetable Oil

    I second Shannon on this one. I wouldn't sweat over what's been used previously, but pick an oil to use during Whole30 that will work well going forward. Personally, I started using olive oil on mine, and I haven't changed that even when we don't have anyone doing a round in the house... of course, I also stopped keeping the other oils in the house altogether, so that could have something to do with it!
  4. Jihanna

    Candida Questions

    Candida is tricky, and while Whole30 cuts out a number of foods that can contribute toward its growth, there are also a number of compliant foods that really should be avoided while Candida is an issue. Dried fruit and fruit juices are high in sugar and feed Candida, regardless of any positive effects they might also have. While Candida's an issue, it's suggested that you remove these from your diet (which means skipping emergency snacks like Larabars). Instead, enjoy fresh fruit (but try to limit that to about a cup per day). Starchy veggies (like sweet potatoes, acorn squash, even spaghetti squash) get broken down into sugars that feed Candida, also. Although W30 does suggest a fist-sized serving of starchy vegetable every day, I'd personally try to limit it to that or maybe half that while you're battling this. It might not be possible to reduce it much or any (I know I'm an absolute bear and don't sleep well if I reduce mine), but it's worth checking to see if that's an option for you. Mushrooms (and other fungi) can actually be confused with Candida by the body and immune system, which can cause you to have a reaction (inflammation) to mushrooms that interferes with treatment. Fermented foods are another thing that are suggested (by Dr. Amy Myers) for avoidance during a Candida battle. The reason is that Candida can feed off the fermented foods. Dr. Myers suggests getting the yeast population under control first, and then using fermented foods to help restore good bacteria in the gut. There are some foods that are helpful in fighting Candida overgrowth, also. These include coconut oil, garlic, apple cider vinegar, cruciferous veggies, ginger, olive oil, cloves, cinnamon, wild salmon, and lemon juice. Luckily, ALL of those can be used during W30! Here's the Dr. Myers page I used as reference, though the suggestions she gives are echoed on numerous pages where I've looked for info and suggestions regarding Candida -- https://www.amymyersmd.com/2016/07/9-foods-to-avoid-if-you-have-candida/
  5. Jihanna

    SchrodingersCat post-W30 diary!

    I wish I could give multiple reactions on this, and include a few that aren't actually part of the options... Really, though... I'm cheering for you, and slowly trying to map out what my continuing journey looks like, too... so it's interesting to read yours
  6. Jihanna

    Tajin Seasoning

    I'm assuming it's the silicon dioxide that's throwing you here, since it's got a tricky-sounding name... but it's just a trace mineral that shouldn't force you to avoid using this seasoning during Whole30.
  7. Jihanna

    What can I add to my coffee?

    I skip the creamer and instead spice up my brew. For each pot, I use about 2:1 ratio of coffee to cacao, then add a few shakes of cinnamon prior to brewing so it infuses the whole pot. The cacao I use is Crio Bru, which is 100% cacao that's roasted and ground so it brews like coffee. It tastes good to me this way, so I don't miss the creamer and sugar at all... I haven't even added them back in after my Whole30 because I've grown to really enjoy the coffee itself without the syrupy/sugary nonsense I used to always add to it.
  8. Jihanna

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Emma, I write my meal plan based on the sales. The new sales week starts on Wednesday or Thursday for all the local stores I shop, and most (if not all) of them allow you to "preview" the upcoming week... that makes it really nice if I know I'll be super-busy toward the end of the week. So I review the sales and make a notepad file (on my PC) to list what I'm likely to be interested in getting (with the costs and any limits noted); then I'll use that list as reference for making my actual meal plan, and use the meal plan to build my shopping list. It takes time and thought, but it helps SO MUCH because it means we're saving money and I'm not buying a bunch of food that'll go to waste. I try to stock up on things when they're on a super-sale, too, since that'll keep my grocery expenses lower for an upcoming week... but I haven't yet gotten to a point where I can go full-bulk with my purchases. Good luck on getting started with it again!
  9. Jihanna

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    I agree with this 100%, especially when cooking for more than just yourself. ----- Here's how mine works: Kroger is typically on the weekend. I order online and schedule pick-up for sometime Friday through Sunday. Sprouts (if I'm going) depends on the sales. Wednesday is the best day overall, because their ads start and end on Wednesday (so it overlaps and you get the best price between the two weeks' sales on that one day). They also have $5 sushi on Wednesdays, which makes my husband happy. If there's a great weekend-only sale, it might warrant a weekend trip, too. (Aldi and LIDL I don't "write in" on my shopping plan. If I'm going, I'll go based solely on the ad and my overall schedule.) My mom stops by a local produce market most days during the week (M-F) also, to see what's in the bargain bin... which means random stuff is making its way home throughout the week. Working from that schedule, I make my meal plan run from Sunday to Saturday. I write in the full week's plan for meats and starchy veggies, and through about Tuesday for other produce. Most of that will be purchased at Kroger. Produce for Wednesday-forward is based on Sprouts' sales (or what I get from Aldi or LIDL), or left blank so I can use whatever comes home from the market.
  10. Jihanna

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    One of the funniest things that I've found happening to me after Whole30 is when I go out to eat and find myself comparing my ordered food to how I'd make it or something similar at home (since I stay paleo or Whole30 compliant at home, just about always)... and of course, I assume my way would taste better because, you know, kitchen confidence (yay NSV). In some cases, knowing my at-home versions are as good if not better actively prevents me from ordering certain things now, because I know good and well that I won't enjoy it as much as I would at home, even with not having to cook and clean up! It feels almost insane, sometimes, but the "compliance-comparison" actually saves me from making food freedom decisions that I'm not certain I will (or should) enjoy... because if I don't enjoy it fully, it simply isn't worth it. That happened a lot with burgers, because I almost always figure I'd enjoy my homemade 5-ingredient burgers more than basically any burger I could get from a restaurant (they're definitely better than any fast food burger I've tasted and I haven't bothered with any from a sit-down place since my Whole30). I also prefer homemade barbecue when compared to most places (there are one or two that I'd take theirs over mine, but that's just the meat, I skip the sauce entirely). Slaw, most soups, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, etc. Sometimes I have to force my brain to shush so I can actually enjoy my meal in peace (knowing I'll mull over it later)! Granted, there are things that are way beyond what I could do at home; but those are things I can consider writing into my Food Freedom, so I'm able to enjoy them without having to cook them at home. Buffets are occasionally part of my Food Freedom as well, but only if I'm not alone -- I'll be less likely to overeat if I'm with someone else, and knowing we'll have drastically different plates is part of what makes it worth it (big variety, but not a huge kitchen prep and cleanup effort from me).
  11. Jihanna

    Started June 26-- Day 14!

    Remember that while Whole30 does remove food groups that are known to be inflammatory for many people, it certainly doesn't address all potential culprits for inflammation and allergies. If you're still dealing with a stuffy nose after your Whole30, it might be worth checking with your doctor about restricting different foods for a while to see if it clears up. A perfectly compliant food could be the cause (such as eggs), or it could even be from environmental stuff rather than what you're eating. Getting an allergy test done might not be a bad thing to consider, too. I grew up allergic to several foods (including oregano, yeast, and dairy) and non-foods (including pet dander and, wait for it, cockroaches)... and I used to work with someone who practically survived off of allergy shots for 3 months of the year because of the amount of pollen in the air.
  12. Jihanna

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    I just thought I'd pop in to give a few thoughts on stress relief and being excited over food... When I'm stressed, one of the first things I usually reach for is aromatherapy (essential oils), sometimes paired with a shower or bath. Music also helps me -- I've got a handful of YouTube playlists set up (different types of music for different moods), and iHeartRadio is something I've started using recently since I can play my favorite radio station or listen to stations based on a few specific artists I enjoy. Relaxing in a pool is one of my absolute favorite ways to unwind, though I don't get to do it often (a bath is about as close as I get except a few times per year, I'm afraid). If I absolutely want to kill all the things and nothing else is helping, I go kill all the things... really! I enjoy playing video games sometimes, and I've got a few that are fun to just go in and kill stuff when the urge strikes. I don't spend hours and hours at them, but it definitely helps sometimes to just go spend an hour (if that) going absolutely nuts in a way that (while not productive) isn't destructive. Regarding food excitement, mine didn't always come from the idea of eating something, but instead happened when I realized how good it was or how much my family was enjoying it. It was exciting to learn how to cook new things (or new ways to cook old favorites), exploring new flavor profiles, and so on. I'm also a sucker for trolling through recipes to figure out how to create some of the flavors we've enjoyed in a way that I'm able to feel good about eating them (like bulgogi and daikon noodles, instead of the traditional bulgogi jap chae). Stuff like that definitely excites me, even now that I know I can enjoy it occasionally at my favorite restaurant... because it's even better if I can enjoy it more often at home This right here was one of my favorite things about my first round. I had NO IDEA how awesome sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and even carrots could be with nothing but oil and a few spices... no sugar needed!
  13. Jihanna

    Stomach pains

    A few things stick out to me, when looking at what you ate... 1 - like @ebutz27 said, you do have a fair amount of nightshades included in your meals there, so a sensitivity to those could definitely be causing problems, especially if you're eating more of them now than you did prior to starting your round. 2 - again, as she noted, since you ate the same thing for lunch both days it's possible that there's an ingredient in that (or a combo of them) that isn't agreeing with your system. My mom can't handle Cumin, for example, it causes massive distress to her system... which means I make all of my chili powder and other spice blends from scratch, so I can skip the cumin entirely for everything she'll eat. I also skip Rosemary (my husband doesn't like it) and drastically reduce Oregano (I was allergic as a kid and we're still testing how much I can manage). 3 - apples, maybe? If you weren't eating as much apple previously and now are, it might be that you're experiencing bloating because the apples are fermented in your gut. I have to be careful of how much apple I eat, for that reason. Of course, it might not be strictly food-related, but that's definitely one of the easiest things to look at first I hope you're able to figure it out, and would definitely suggest maybe taking a nightshade-free day (or two) where apples are also out of the picture, just to see if you avoid those pains and can maybe start narrowing down whether or not it is a food sensitivity causing the problem.
  14. Jihanna

    Started 1st day today!

    Holy guacamole! I honestly can't imagine spending that much on a week of groceries... for my 7-person household (4-5 adult-sized mouths at any given time), a typical week comes in around $150, not including non-food items. I cook one family meal each day (5-6 days per week), and anyone who doesn't want that can grab something different (two of my kids usually eat little - or nothing - of what I cook). I keep a variety of foods on hand for everyone to have their own breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. The important part here is that I don't follow someone else's meal plan -- I write my own. I check online ads for stores I'm willing to shop, and make a list of what I'm most likely to want (or what the family would enjoy) with pricing. Based on what's actually on sale, I'll work up a custom meal plan each week, pulling from recipes I've used before or "new" stuff I want to try out. Then, I use the meal plan and recipe reference to make my shopping list, separated by store so I can get the best possible value for our money. I make my own mayo as well as most of my own dressings, dips, sauces, etc. I'll use store-bought condiments that are inexpensive, but I don't bother with the pricey ones no matter how good everyone says they taste. If I can't find it cheap or make it myself, I'll do without. Kroger's where most of my shopping is done, using ClickList -- I order online and pay $5 to have an employee go collect everything and bring it out to my car, allowing me to avoid walking the store and potentially spending more money than I should on stuff we really don't need. We use digital coupons and paper ones, nearly always reducing the overall bill by more than the service fee, and I get FuelPoints. It works for us. Sprouts is my favorite for produce in general, and they often have great deals on fresh meat, too. I get my coco-aminos and daikon radish there, as well as a few other things that I can't find at my other local stores. Aldi and LIDL are my backups. I don't go to either one often, but will go if they've got enough on sale to warrant a visit. Aldi is close enough to my house that it doesn't take a lot to warrant the trip, especially when they drop the price on the 3-pack multi-colored bell peppers. I also really like our local butcher, which has some pretty good sales at times. Unfortunately, I don't often have the funds available to run there since the better prices are on the larger packages of meat. Ground beef is the majority of our protein, but I'm always on the lookout for good deals on chicken. Roasts have to be on a really good sale for me to bother with them, because I'm generally cooking on the 8-portion level for the sake of having at least a little left over. ...I'm noticing how long this post is, despite attempts to shorten it, so I'm going to stop now...
  15. Jihanna

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    I think you've got it, Emma! Even McDonald's food isn't "good" or "bad", it's just options that you can choose to use or pass by... and some of the options might be better or worse for your personal situation, but you're still an adult who will make those decisions based on knowledge gained during this whole process and beyond. Food Freedom is about being able to make those choices. Sometimes my Freedom choice is going for an unhealthy (or less healthy) option because the situation makes it a "worth it" moment, but being able to find that balance and make the choices without judging myself harshly afterward was part of my goal -- another part is making sure "worth it" moments don't happen all the time, since that sort of defeats the purpose. (I want to quickly remind that "worth it" happens after reintroduction, because you have to get to baseline and determine your reactions before you can effectively judge whether or not something is worth you eating it! That can get confusing when talking about it in a during-W30 topic, so I didn't want to make anyone think I'm condoning going off-plan!).