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  1. Jihanna


    It's honestly cheaper to make it yourself (and super-easy if you've got an immersion blender), not to mention you get to dictate exactly what's in there and tweak any ingredients that you're more partial or less partial to including (or based on current need). Here's a Whole30 post that tackles homemade mayo (plus other fun stuff): https://whole30.com/2014/08/mayo-ghee-sauces/ There ARE compliant brands that are sold in brick-and-mortar stores (such as Primal Kitchen), but I haven't any priced in a way that is convincing enough for me to try them. It's not the type of thing you're usually going to find at "normal" grocery stores unless they've got a section for organic foods (and maybe not even then), but specialty grocers (think Sprouts, Whole Foods, Earth Fare) would be where I'd look first. I've found a few Whole30 compliant things in unexpected places like LIDL, but no mayo there so far.
  2. Jihanna

    Hungry in Middle of the Night?

    While it can take several days for your body to start getting the hang of the meals and eating schedule, especially if it's much different than what you typically ate prior to starting, it can also be a sign of not eating enough and/or not having appropriate content to hold you through the night. Check the Meal Template (https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf) for a good look at suggested amounts and types of food, but consider also giving some example(s) of what you've eaten throughout the day -- without examples, it's difficult for a mod (or anyone else) to give you any real feedback. I can say that I absolutely have to have a starchy vegetable (size of 1-2 of my fists) with my last meal, else I struggle to fall asleep, sleep fitfully, and wake up feeling like I haven't rested at all. I generally rotate my starches so I don't get sick of any one thing (potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and acorn squash are the norm around my house, though there are other starchy ones out there).
  3. Jihanna

    Eating later in evening

    I've never run into adverse reactions based on meal timing, though I have run into worse reactions from specific foods based on meal timing (my guess is that this came from the difference in my own body position and activities that followed soon after eating, like I might experience different symptoms if I'm sitting than if I'm running or laying down to rest). The headache and stuffiness both sound like food reactions, though, unless it's maybe weather-related (barometric pressure changes definitely affect me on both of those counts).
  4. I wouldn't suggest it, only because two full days gives you time to monitor for any delayed reactions you might experience AND it gives a bit of recovery time in between the tested groups. (I wound up needing much longer than 2 days to recover from a couple of my tests, so keeping an open mind about the time-frame is something I'd always offer for consideration.)
  5. Jihanna

    Resist the hijacking brain

    This is where the psychological side of Whole30 comes into play. You're trying to break old habits and make healthy new ones, which can't happen right away because this is a process and it will take step-by-step walking through it... and it might take repetition, because most of us (if not all) have more than just one or two habits/hangups/addictions that we have to get through, and that usually means quite a bit of psychological baggage to sort out. It's worth it, though, it truly is -- and not just from a dietary perspective. Good luck to you, and congratulations for finding that strength to say that this time will be different!
  6. Jihanna

    Reintro Day... oh I don't know! Help required!

    So sorry to hear you're in a rut and feeling a bit stuck, Lorna (and Schrod)! I had to approach my reintro as an almost clinical thing, rather than a living and breathing process. I couldn't just go into it thinking that I'd test something when it felt worth it, because I know that my typical MO would be to eat things with multiple groups (and then I'd end up in the same kind of cycle - I'd feel like crap but not be able to point out which thing was bringing on each symptom). I literally made a list of all the things I wanted to test, and then I laid them out in my planner so that I wasn't straying outside of a specific food group until I tested the things in that group... I didn't follow my plan precisely, because I'd left 2-3 recovery days between each test day and for a few things I ended up needing 5-7 days recovery, but the basic outline was there for me to follow. I also didn't finish with all of them during February, so went into March wanting to do another Whole30. That hasn't worked as well as I had hoped it would, but I take responsibility for that because I decided it wasn't worth the added stress to continue doing full-throttle planning the way I'd done all January... I needed to give myself some grace, else I'd face a breakdown, which I knew wasn't the point of all of this! I'm pretty sure strict Whole30 wouldn't be possible (for me) on a continual basis, even if someone else did all the prep, cooking, cleaning, etc... but I do like how I feel when I'm keeping closer to the foundations than I've managed for the past few days (I went off the rails a bit due to having an insanely hectic schedule that came out of nowhere, which added to my new less-stress half-planned approach didn't work well in terms of staying compliant). HOWEVER! I am figuring out what my "adapted" version would be... a cleaned-up dietary plan that will work on a daily basis for me, but also gives me room to wriggle when a situation is "worth it" to me. That means no rule that says "skip all dairy", but a knowledge of what dairy is to me (major cause of heartburn and acid reflux that often leads to vomiting and extended periods of nausea, not to mention potential for painful skin reactions that don't heal for weeks afterward) gives me a foundation to say, "dairy really isn't ever worth it"... there's no rule to say "don't eat soy", but I'll know that choosing something soy-laden is likely to bring on gassy bloating (but I'll also know that I can eat some soy without any issue as long as I don't overdo it or eat it on a regular basis)... for that matter, there's certainly no rule that says "broccoli is bad for you", but I definitely limit it now because I know it brings on even more gas than soy! So I'm off the boat but not drowning, just floating peacefully and knowing that soon I'll find my island home... strange analogy, but it works for my current head-space Love you ladies!
  7. @Brandon It all works. I've definitely gotten some good input from posts originally intended for other people, and I'm always happy to help when possible I'm glad your sweetheart is feeling a bit better. Migraines are no joke and basic human functioning is difficult when one's got you in its grip... my secret weapons are essential oils (to help me function around the headache instead of through it) and an amazingly awesome chiropractor (my migraines are almost always due to my atlas losing alignment, so an adjustment works wonders for me).
  8. Jihanna

    Riced cauliflower substitute

    I've done sweet potato "rice" in skillet meals before (I spiralized it first, then tossed those through the food processor to shred), and have been playing with the idea of doing the same thing with potatoes or even daikon radish (I love using the radish for noodles in Asian dishes so am thinking it might lend itself well as a rice sub)... I'm not sure if the radish would be low FODMAP, but figured I'd offer ideas
  9. I dealt with all of that and more during days 2-4... I wasn't feeling "great" on day 5, but I did feel somewhat human again, which was a major improvement. I was basically battling massive detox from the sugar and other junk, with added issues brought on by having my cycle start on day 2 (I planned my start date for after it should have ended, but it came later than expected so I rolled with it). I slept A LOT -- one day in particular I honestly stayed in bed most of the day, getting up long enough to force food in and take medicine for headache and nausea. I'm a migraine sufferer also, and clearing my system of all the nastiness definitely brought on a big one (it lasted several days). I'll second the peppermint tea suggestion from another topic... ginger steeped in regular black tea is also good (as opposed to an herbal tea of ginger and other spices), and the caffeine from that might help with her headache -- just be wary of too much black tea on upset tummy, as that can sour pretty quickly if there's too much sloshing about in there. My favorite "I don't really want to eat anything right now" meal is a small baked potato that I mash up with a little bit of salt, pepper, and coconut oil (if my stomach's super-sensitive and I don't think I'll keep it down, I'll skip the pepper). In many cases, I'll end up wanting protein before I've finished the potato, so I'll grab a boiled egg or two (I give myself a lot of grace and wriggle room when it comes to acceptable portions when I'm feeling that yucky). I will say that nothing short of actual medication helped my headache and nausea for a couple of days there. I did try other methods, but it was a choice I made in order to promote my overall health and allow myself to sleep.
  10. Jihanna

    prenatal vitamins

    Children's vitamins CAN be used for adults (the ones we use for my girls even have a the daily value info that includes adults in the list, but in all fairness it literally says "for adults and children 4 years of age and older"), but the only reason I'd look in that direction is if you really need a chewable/gummy and also need added iron* (I looked for hours at 3 different stores to find an adult multi with added iron for my older daughter, and it simply wasn't happening, not even really expensive ones, so we grabbed the store-brand Flintstones-like ones for her). For before pregnancy, during, and afterward (for as long as you're nursing), I'd definitely go with a supplement that's specifically formulated to support your body during those times... even without the consideration of whether or not ingredients are compliant, your body will need more than it will get from a vitamin formulated for children. edited to add: * Even then, you can easily take a regular multi and then have an iron supplement on top if you're not getting enough from your food, for whatever reason (I'm typically borderline anemic and my iron's been fine since doing W30).
  11. A quick Google search brings up a ton of options for this, so it's worth checking that out yourself... but this one looks pretty amazing: https://40aprons.com/healthy-jambalaya-whole30-low-carb-paleo/ I'd personally probably throw some chicken in there to go with the sausage and shrimp, but that's because I prefer jambalaya that way!
  12. Jihanna

    Restaurant food made me ill

    I've never heard of Caesar without parm either, so that's pretty surprising. I agree with Schrod that there's a reason behind them saying it's best to "start over", but if you feel that phrase - starting over - would negatively impact your viewpoint, then see how you feel about thinking of it as an extension... instead of starting your count over again, continue forward and just tack on an extra week (or 8-9 days) at the end of the originally planned month, then move into reintroduction phase. Eating in restaurants can be tricky, and I've fond that it's easiest for me when I give them as few ways as possible to mess with my system. So I only use oil and vinegar to dress my salads (if I want a salad that comes with something else usually, I'll just have them replace it). I ask for my condiments on the side, for meats to be cooked without sauces, etc. This is all after asking for as much information as I possibly can, all the way down to looking things up online and calling them directly before going out. It takes extra work, and it takes me putting myself into a mindset of NOT seeing a meal out as a time to move away from what I'd be able to do at home (per program rules), but it's worth it for me because I end up enjoying my meal more when I don't have to worry about how it's going to affect me. No judgment from me on the smoothie, but I will pass on a word of caution -- what you've described there sounds like it was designed for sugar dragons, and more than a few sips of it would likely give me a headache at this point because my sugar intake is so low compared to what it used to be... if you start feeling yourself itching for sweet stuff (even if it's a craving for sweet fruits or roasted butternut), it might not be a bad thing to consider scaling back the overall "sweetness" of your food for a bit to see if that helps you conquer that feeling. I had to do it myself, because I realized I was using fruit (in my salad, of all places) as a crutch and I needed to make sure I could be at a point where eating fruit wasn't going to make me want chocolate
  13. Jihanna

    Starting March 1

    @Elizabeth33 - I haven't had to serve jury duty during Whole30, but I did know a gal who had a special diet and was able to take her own food because of health-related needs (if I recall correctly, she was Celiac, so it was in their interest to allow her to be sure everything was how she needed it to be). It's worth calling to see if they'll accommodate you, especially if you tell them it's an elimination diet to help you determine which foods are making you ill... if your doctor's on board, all the better. If they do allow you to bring your own, be sure to find out if they'll have refrigeration and/or microwave available to help you decide what's best to take. Also, plan for longer than you think you will be there, just so you don't get caught without enough food. (I think this would be a situation where you might want a mini-meal there, in case you get hungry before you can leave and want to avoid "snacking"; I find it easier to give myself grace for eating between meals if what I eat resembles a tiny meal instead of just a handful of fruit or olives.)
  14. Jihanna

    First-Timer on Day 4

    My first 5 days were pretty terrible. I think I described it in my log as true detox, not a hangover, because I was getting hit with all the classic symptoms I knew of both detox and dehydration - nausea, vomiting, headaches, body aches, shakes, etc. For a good part of one of those days I was barely even awake, and there's no way I would've made it without acetaminophen (Tylenol) and a nausea med (I have a mild dose of Zofran because of cycle-related nausea, and my timing was bad because I started a week later than expected, right on day 2 of my Whole30). As one who completely embraced the idea of doctor's orders trumping Whole30 rules (I'm also on a 3x daily med for bipolar), I was willing to accept that my medications weren't compliant but were necessary if I wanted to keep anything down and get anything like a decent rest at night, at least for those first few days. Since then, I haven't faced anything remotely close to that except nausea brought on during a test with dairy products. I second the idea of playing around with the type of meal and even the consistency. Although juicing and smoothies aren't recommended, my evening "meal" on the worst of my early days was definitely a smoothie... my thought was that it was preferable to at least get nutrition in even if not in the preferred state, rather than skipping it altogether. I hope you're able to find something that works until you're acclimated!
  15. Jihanna

    First Timer - started Jan 28

    I'm so glad that you're feeling enough benefit to want to keep going and continue to tweak things to find what works best for you! Coconut oil is what I use for just about everything now (I get the solid stuff, though - turns liquid only when it's hot in the house), including some non-food uses. It's getting a little late and I'm trying to make a conscious effort to not allow myself to stay up past 10 tonight... but I'll try to think over the stuff I've seen for turmeric and pass on that info sometime soon.