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  1. Jihanna


    My guess is that they're looking at it as a "pizza recreation". Since you're not actually turning the meat into a dough, however, this hits me as more like spiralizing zucchini or ricing cauliflower.
  2. Jihanna

    What would you eat

    This would be my toss-up: "Purple Chopped Salad + Grilled Chicken" salad = nix bacon, nix chickpea, nix gorgonzola, nix vinaigrette; ask about sun-dried tomatoes (if only in oil, then great to keep them in there); extra avocado, plain oil and vinegar for dressing chicken = ask to make sure any marinade or grilling solution is compliant "Classic Cheeseburger" (mixed green salad comes with this, so I'd just have the whole thing thrown together) nix bread, nix cheese, nix special sauce; add avocado, extra tomato "Grilled New York Steak" ask about marinade (ideal = olive oil, salt, pepper); request potatoes and brussels sprouts to be roasted in duck fat (not fried) with simple spices only, keeping it dairy-free, soy-free, sweetener-free, etc.; nix the demi-glace Knowing myself as I do, I would undoubtedly go with the chopped salad with chicken. As nearly as I can tell, that runs 22 for the full salad (or 18 for the half), though maybe extra for the extra avocado ... and I'd likely enjoy it a bit more than I would the hamburger salad, while appreciating that I wasn't spending so much on the steak. There are other items on the menu which might be workable by either removing parts or asking to make sure the process and ingredients are compliant... but I have a hard time enjoying food if I feel like I'm spending too much for something I could make (compliantly) at home. It comes down to whether or not I judge it worth the cost of doing my own dishes after dinner!
  3. Jihanna


    Eat more, obviously, would be my first advice. You know that much already. Take a look at your meal make-up. Are you following the meal template for most/all meals but in smaller amounts than you think you might need? or are you eating too little and not getting a good balance of protein, carbs, and fat as well? I found that I have to be wary of certain foods (like potatoes) at certain times of day (for potatoes, that would be 11a to 3p or so) because of the effects that come... with potatoes, if I eat them during those times, I crash hard (like 3 hour nap and miss cooking dinner, hard). It could be that you need to tweak when and how much you eat of things to get your body's best benefit. Also, where you are in your cycle makes a difference. At the very start of my cycle (the week after my flow), I tend to be less hungry in an overall sense and I get sleepy more easily if I eat starchy carbs. The week before my flow, I start feeling sluggish and take that as a sign that I should start upping my iron (mine is typically low-ish) and slowly increasing my intake. The week of my flow, I double up on protein and starchy carbs, because not doing that would have me flat on my face. That specific set-up might not be what works best for your body, but it gives an idea of how hormones really do affect us... looking back, I've realized that I was doing this type of thing already, pre-Whole30, without realizing that's what it was and with much worse-for-me foods. In terms of prepping and cooking, minimize what effort you have to make as much as possible, if it's that effort that's causing you so much distress that you feel like you want to stop Some ideas would be... Use pre-chopped veggies when recipes call for them. Frozen ones tend to be cheaper, especially if it's a common thing like chopped onions, bell peppers, or a mirepoix blend (celery, onion, carrot or the Cajun version of celery, onion, bell pepper). Sometimes using a pre-chopped version means your dishes turn out a little differently (because the pieces are often smaller), but that's not always bad! I'll often get baby carrots on a good sale, then either use them whole or just chop them in half to have big chunks, so that's another option that does allow for larger pieces (for potatoes I do this when I can get the baby ones on sale). Make 2 of what you're eating. If you're already going to be prepping chicken breasts with herbs and spices, go ahead and double it, making twice what you need for one meal (remember to consider a leftovers portion if you need that). Cook one and put the other into the freezer to cook another time. There are a TON of "freezer meals" recipes online that don't require any pre-cooking! Cook often using a crock, electric pressure cooker, or casserole dish in the oven. These are things where you can typically walk away and let the appliance do its work, unlike when you're having to babysit a pot/pan on the stove. Salad. Let me say it again - salad. Nope, not good enough - SALAD! Ahem, sorry. Can you tell I love salad? There are so many different ways you can do it, eating something a little different every day, and so many things you can do to it to keep it fun and tasty while still being compliant. It doesn't always even have to look like just some greens on a plate with junk on top... this gado gado recipe is probably my favorite way to shake up my salads. Here, too, I'm usually making several portions beyond what I actually need for my chicken and eggs for one meal because it's easy and saves me some trouble later. Prep in advance. Referring back to the freezer meal idea, set yourself a day to do the majority of your meal prep and knock it out. Freeze what you can, and you're good to go. Even going into Whole30 as a meal planner, I had NO IDEA that I was going to spend around 2 hours in the kitchen prepping every day... and probably the only reason I'm considering another round now that I work nearly full time is that I've learned to do freezer meal prep. I plan our meals around what's on sale, whip through the store with a list of what I need (and avoid buying anything not on the list), and then come home to either prep that day or the next (or I might spread it out over two days, so like the meat's prepped one day and the veggies the next, but it all gets done and frozen quickly). Take a breath and give yourself some grace. It's awesome that you've made it this far, and it's amazing that you want to keep on. You're in it for your long-term health. If some days you manage compliant and satisfied but not template-perfect, then okay... it's done, move on. Taking the time to set yourself up for success is a game-changer, though, and helps make sure you have plenty to keep you fed and chugging along Lastly, if you want feedback about what you're eating, go ahead and post 2-3 days of what you've been eating and (if you can) about how much. It doesn't have to be specific, just enough to give an idea of what's going in so others can see if anything stands out as a glaring reason why you might be feeling like you are. If you don't already know what you've eaten, keeping a food diary is good for during Whole30 (and after, really) and can help with that.
  4. Jihanna

    How to make crispy chicken strips?

    @Shani_SWP I actually was going to suggest cassava, since it's the flour that seems to mimic wheat flour most effectively in most of the ways I've ever tried it... but I haven't ever tried the frying, so wasn't positive about suggesting it! So I'll second Shani's suggestion above, but rather than finishing it in almond flour, I'd personally opt for coconut flour (because I'm one of those people who tends to get whacked about by nuts, even just almond flour). Good luck with the frying, @Bueller
  5. Jihanna

    3 post first day meal planning questions

    Plate sizes may vary... The ones I primarily use (except for salads) are a little bigger around than my spread-out hand and they have up-swept sides that make me refer to them as "bowl-plates", whereas the typical "dinner plate" we have in our house has another 1 to 1.5 inches diameter and flat edges all around (which allows too many things to fall off the plate too easily, haha). My mom tends to use oval plates, and my daughter uses several tiny plates with one type of food on each. The key point here, however, is that plate sizes may vary. The idea is that whatever plate size you choose, whatever size works best for your hunger level, you're getting a balanced intake by starting with the suggested template as a way of learning how to judge portions and suggested restrictions for certain foods (like fruit or nuts).
  6. Jihanna

    Day 16 HELP HELP!

    So the first thing jumping out is that it looks like you're kind of heavy on nuts and fruits, compared to the template. Second, it looks like you've got quite a few things in the mix that could be leading toward gas/bloat, including nuts, apples, asparagus, etc. The next question might not seem to obvious though, because it has nothing to do with what you're eating... Where are you in your cycle? You said you're a newish mom, which means you probably haven't been experiencing typical monthly issues for a while, but they definitely show up for most of us and can often get thrown out of whack by dietary changes. Any chance you're coming up toward that time of month, or when it would likely be if you're still not menstruating due to lactation or something? The whole fat and yucky and uncomfortable feeling definitely describes how I feel every 24 days or so . Follow-up to the above -- if you ARE maybe experiencing lady issues, you might try boosting your protein and playing with the starch levels, as well as considering some options that are nut-free or at least reduce the nut consumption (I say that only because I found out the hard way that nuts wreck my hormones, and during that week it's 10x worse than usual) so you can test out what works and what doesn't work for your post-baby self
  7. Jihanna

    Amy's Log for 2020

    Amy, if you like Asian flavors and need a twist on the usual salad, try doing a Whole30-compliant Gado Gado. You can read about it and get a paleo version of the sauce recipe here -- http://meljoulwan.com/2014/12/26/paleo-gado-gado-recipe/. I've eaten off what I prepped for ours for 3 meals now, because I can change up what I put on my plate each time. (Granted, mine wasn't Whole30 or even paleo-friendly this time around, but I could easily have worked it that way for a delicious on-round easy meal.) For a good soup that's easy, this one -- https://thefamilyfreezer.com/2015/11/09/slow-cooker-zuppa-toscana-with-sweet-potatoes/. It hits all the right notes for me, and was amazing with full-fat coconut milk drizzled straight into my bowl with each serving. It works as the whole meal, for us, since you've got your protein, veggies (including starch), and fat (from the coconut milk). Written for the crock, ours was made in the electric pressure cooker this week instead... because, you know, life interfered with meal prep. Those are two big ones that will be making their way into my meal plans when I decide to start up Whole30 again. My hope is that it'll be easy enough to make extra food for two work lunches (mine and my dad's), since I work in a gas station and there's NO WAY that I could stay compliant without taking a lunch every shift! I look forward to seeing how yours goes as you get into it! I need to wean myself off soda again and maybe buy a new coffee maker, that way I won't be leaving myself to experience ALL the withdrawal at the same time!
  8. Jihanna

    I'm not hungry!

    Soup. Specifically, creamy soup. I know that part of the whole idea behind Whole30 is that we should be chewing our foods, hence the suggestion to eschew things like smoothies for the duration, but I've found that I can sometimes mentally grasp the idea of drinking a cup of soup when I can't begin to fathom eating even a tiny mini-meal... so my typical motion in times like that is to pack nutrients into a soup and drink that to at least make sure that I'm being nourished despite the lack of hunger signals. Once feeling hungry for more "real food" again, I start bringing that real food back in either as small meals or as chunks in my soup base (i.e., a bit of grilled chicken or soft starchy veg). I've found this method tends to help when I'm just too nauseated to think about food, also. Mods or those with other/more experience than I have might have other thoughts and/or suggestions
  9. Jihanna

    First Date?

    This made me laugh because I've been married over 21 years now, so my only dating is with my husband... but I definitely felt the intimidation of being asked out to eat by friends, and wondering what in the world I could do and HOW I could manage it. It gets much easier with time and practice. My favorite thing was Mongolian barbecue, because I could build my own bowl with massive amounts of veggies, season with garlic, ginger, salt, and pepper, and then pile it all on top of stir-fried cabbage re: having "the talk" about food -- @ladyshanny has a point about them not being owed an explanation. My thought here was simply that it could help avoid an awkward moment during the meal itself, if it were brought up before-hand. She's right that it'll help you weed people out if you just throw them in and see how they swim! Another thought I had a moment ago, was that a "Dutch" picnic could be nice. You each bring your own lunch and meet somewhere to share time and sparkling water (or whatever). In fact, I might have to plan a picnic day with my husband soon...
  10. Jihanna

    Whole 30 bodily side effect

    I typically start with plain coconut oil (yep, the same kind that I cook with!) and see if that helps to reduce inflammation and itching. If not, I move up to the A&D ointment (you want the gel-type cream, not the pasty one!)... rarely, I've had to use hemorrhoid cream that was medicated, but the coconut oil usually clears up itching for me. Whatever you use, you're just looking to put a little bit on a piece of toilet paper (after you're nice and clean, of course) and wipe it on to cover the affected area.
  11. Jihanna

    First Date?

    The article above is excellent... but I'll still share what I had in progress when Sugarcube posted I would ask if I could pick the restaurant, and then see if there were any favorite foods (to consider in your decision) or foods to avoid (so you won't pick a place they'll hate)... and use that information to pick a place that will make it easy to cater to your needs without making it overly difficult or requiring a drawn-out explanation. Know your options ahead of time. Whether that means calling in ahead of time, visiting in person to ask questions, or digging through information available on the website (if not all of those things)... walk in with a plan. If it'll help, write it out so you can make sure your server understands exactly what you need, and include phrasing like "isolated cooking for food allergies" because this usually means they'll cook your food totally separate (typically on a piece of foil or something). Have a discussion, even a brief one, ahead of time just to let your date know what to expect. Just a head's up that you're currently on an elimination diet and that means you won't be eating bread, beans, pasta, sweets, etc. Be ready to sit across from them as they're scarfing down things you can't eat, and be okay with that. Nothing about your plate will be strange, it just might not look like theirs... and maybe they'll even be a sport and order like you, to see what you're experiencing. Go prepared with a tiny bottle of compliant dressing (if you plan to have salad), a teabag to add flavor to unsweetened tea and/or water, etc. Things like this can definitely help, especially if you're still fairly new to the idea of eating out on Whole30. Don't be afraid to put your foot down. This is about your health, after all, so your date AND the staff where you choose to eat should both respect your needs. Alternatively, you could always offer to cook dinner and give them a smashing Whole30-style meal without them even knowing what they're missing
  12. Jihanna

    New to group - already completed 30

    I love crusted chicken also, but I tend to avoid it because I know my ability to go way overboard with it. I've come to really appreciate "poppers" during (and since) my Whole30 time -- they're sort of like squished meatballs that can be made with varying ingredients to achieve different flavor profiles. Michelle @ Unbound Wellness has quite a few popper recipes that are compliant (like this one). We buy more ground turkey than chicken 'round here, so mine wind up being turkey poppers, but it works for me... I get some flavor, some crunch, and some convenience (because I can make them ahead of time and just reheat as needed), without the drive-through cost, guilt, or gastric aftermath @littleyellowdiary I just had to say that I absolutely love your profile pic. Always one of my favorites from the series (a friend of mine even had kittens named Data and Lore, at one point, teehee). The recipe you posted looks smashing, and I wish I trusted myself with it enough to try it
  13. Jihanna

    Kill All The Things

    Many, many hugs to you! My first round and period started on the same day... I hadn't planned it that way, but my cycle was early so I went through all the detox and the period-related junk together. I TOTALLY sympathize and wish you the best of luck in staying out of trouble while trying to navigate the next few days! ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))
  14. Jihanna

    Amy's Log for 2020

    I tried to be honest about it all during my first round through, but I'm sure I missed things by omission (like not remembering to log here that I'd grabbed a banana... and another an hour later...). My written log that I kept elsewhere did contain all of that information, though, because I wrote things out throughout the day as they happened, not as a recap at the end of the day. I did try to stick to the rules 100% that first time through, though, because I wanted to reach that baseline for reintro testing and knowing already that I'd be going in with known food allergies and sensitivities, it was super-important to me to "do it right" (so to speak). My second time was a bit more relaxed. Which is funny to read, because I think I was actually more strict that time than I had been in my first, due to learning things about myself and food... so in my first, I reached for fruit ALL THE TIME, and it made my sugar dragon very hard to beat... but in my second, I refused to use fruit in anything at all for the first two weeks, which I felt gave me a leg up. My second one was also shortened to 27 days because I celebrated my daughter's half-birthday (long story, but the gist is that we do her party in June because she was born December 27th and this lets us make sure her birthday isn't overshadowed) with cupcakes, and I knew going into my round that the timing would land me there. I also didn't do a full reintroduction, instead focusing on a few foods that I wanted to get a bit more clarity on after my first round's reintro. I just weighed myself for the first time since August, though, and I'm back up to 234. (sigh) So I guess it's probably high time that I go back to basics soon myself, though possibly not a strict Whole30... maybe just making sure that I'm not eating takeout and have real wholesome food ready to go at home, while maybe taking out a few food groups for myself again (since trying to go fully W30 for my whole family would be way too expensive now that my son's back at home!). We'll see. Maybe I can put together a plan of action this month and put it into effect in February, or something Anyway... it's great to see you back, Amy
  15. Jihanna

    Day 4 - #TheSnapAttack

    "Kill All The Things" is definitely a hard period to cope through, and not just for those around us. I would personally avoid the fruit just because I know it became a reach-for anytime I was feeling snappish... which kept my sugar dragon awake far longer than it should've lasted during that first round (in my 2nd round I skipped fruit totally for the first 2 weeks, not even using it in cooking). I totally agree with Shannon's suggestions of making sure you're getting enough starchy veggies, and would even say that if there's any chance you're nearing or in "that time of the month" then it might be worth eating boosting intake (either of a macro or across the board) to see if that helps to even you out. Knocking back a small mini-meal that hits all 3 macros when you feel most likely to bite off heads could be a good way to help your body stabilize blood sugar, also, and it's definitely better than grabbing a piece of fruit by itself.