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  1. Jihanna

    "Sugar" Reintroduction

    Honestly, I reintroduced sugar based on what I typically used on a daily basis prior to my Whole30 round. So I tried some sugar in my morning coffee, honey in my afternoon tea, a bit of honey in a homemade vinaigrette, and a nighttime tea blend that had stevia leaf. If you're focusing on sugar itself, then be sure you're only adding some to an otherwise compliant food... and I'd suggest NOT doing it at the same level you might have before, because chances are that would be WAY too sweet now. (As an example, my pre-W30 sugar for coffee was 2 tsp per small mug, and my sugar reintro measure was 1/2 tsp in a small mug.) Some might have other thoughts, but my reasoning was that the most important reintroduction data would come from things that I'd be likely to use on a daily basis (or at least often), if they were an option -- hence doing honey but not powdered sugar (for instance).
  2. Jihanna

    Day 1 - COVID-19 working from home

    I love that you're using this situation to your best possible advantage! Good luck!
  3. Jihanna

    Juice Plus

    If it doesn't list sugar as an ingredient, in any form (even sneaky ones), then you should be good where that's concerned. If there's any rice bran at all, though, then that's enough to make it non-compliant -- the question is just whether or not it's significant enough to affect your system. That said, it does look like the fruit blend (red) might be okay, as only the veggie one (green) shows rice bran. If you're not keen to assume the added days now, you can always just keep moving forward and see how it goes. Keep a log of your symptoms and whether or not there's anything significant that goes away over the course of the next few days, which would tell you if something in the capsules was likely causing an issue. If you do notice issues, you can choose to extend your Whole30 or even wait until closer to the end to see if you feel like you need to give your body more time.
  4. Jihanna


    @Tiara1234 I'm the same way - I can binge on some good food, and do it more easily than I can with junk! Home-cooked meal that's absolutely yummy? Seconds, please! Man, only a spoonful left in the dish? That's not even enough to put away... I eat it now, instead! Yes, I totally get it. I know the justifications, and I know the icky feeling that comes afterward because even good food does us wrong when we cram in too much. I found that a few things helped me to work on this habit... 1. I often drink peppermint tea during dinner. This is usually two bags of peppermint herbal tea steeped in about 12-14 ounces water (and obviously without anything to sweeten it). If straight-up herbal tea isn't your thing, you could always do one bag peppermint and one bag black or oolong, and the water ratio is variable (you might like yours stronger or weaker than I like mine). Peppermint works as a mild appetite suppressant, so drinking this while I'm eating tends to help my body step on the brakes. 2. I eat slowly and cut up my food ahead of time. Despite what my husband says about "good manners", I go ahead and cut up all of my food (if applicable) and spread it out on my plate, so it looks like there's more than there is. This allows me to put less on a plate and convince my brain that it's more, before I even get started. I eat slowly so my body can really process and acknowledge what I'm eating, and how much of it, instead of just barreling through and eating 2-3 plates before my body can scream that it's full. 3. Sometimes I'll purposefully eat half a meal now, and save half for a little later. If we've made something I know I tend to binge on, or at least want to binge on (even if I've been stopping myself lately), I'll go ahead and force myself to stop halfway through what I've put on my plate (the first serving!) and set that aside. I sit at the table, talk with my family while they eat, and then determine shortly (15-30 minutes later) whether or not I'm actually hungry enough to eat the rest of my dinner or if I just want to eat because it tastes good and is already on my plate -- if the latter, I cover the plate and put it in the fridge for a snack (or meal) later in the day. 4. If I've eaten recently and know I probably shouldn't be hungry, but I see something I can justify eating (like a veggie tray), I'll grab enough to make a mini-meal (think a boiled egg or small scoop of chicken salad and a handful of celery sticks) and pair it up with a very small serving of coffee (I'll make that a decaf if it's late in the day) or hot tea. If I can't wrap my brain around the idea of a mini-meal, then I know I'm not actually hungry and should probably skip the "snack" altogether, especially if it's one of the things I know I'm liable to overeat. Hopefully something in there might help or give you an idea of how to approach your situation
  5. Jihanna

    Question on supplements

    The "MegaMen" vitamin says it contains soybeans (automatically not compliant), and it also contains stevia leaf and caramel color, which also wouldn't be compliant. (Caramel color is a sneaky sugar.) "Thermo Igniter" I can't tell, because the ingredients list is cut off so there could be something there. I'd personally prefer to get my caffeine from coffee or tea rather than from something with artificial colors, but I don't think the artificial colors are non-compliant. The CLA looks fine, but there's no information about the source of the glycerin for the capsules. I'd assume it's not soybean oil, since there's also no note about it containing soy. "Waterex" is not compliant, again because of caramel color. For those that seem ok, unless a mod pops in to say something that's slipping my mind at this point, I'd say it's a personal call. I went out of my way to avoid the artificial colors and such during my own rounds, because I wanted to get the very most I could out of it all; but I also didn't go into this with a gym-ready body, nor did I have big plans where exercise was concerned, so I had no worries at all that I might not get everything I needed from my food (without supplementation). Again, that's a personal thing that might not apply for you, though
  6. Jihanna

    Day 51 - Advice Needed

    Whole30 in and of itself is an elimination diet, with the purpose of reaching a baseline from which to test foods and/or food groups to see if there are sensitivities which should be considered when making informed food choices going forward. Ideally, one also does an amount of "deep work" to deal with the psychological relationship to food, as well. Melissa's note about not experiencing Food Freedom is undoubtedly based on the idea that one does NOT plan to follow a continuing food plan that's quite as restricted as Whole30 is. To make those informed food choices, however, you have to do reintroduction. If you're on Day 51 of Whole30, then you're still on round 1 A second round would be when you've done reintroduction and gone forward, hopefully starting to discover what your Food Freedom looks like, and then return to do another reset of some length. That said, there's no reason why someone couldn't choose to follow the Whole30 guidelines or something close to them for a longer period of time. Paleo, for instance, is incredibly close to Whole30 but has a bit more flexibility because you're building a lifestyle (not following a diet/elimination program). In all honesty, I wouldn't suggest trying to stick to Whole30 forever. Instead, move forward step by step as you build a "WholeMe" type of plan. That's where the Food Freedom is, and "WholeMe" can be no grains, no gluten, no legumes, no dairy, etc. if that's what works best for your body... but leaves room for enjoying those foods occasionally if you deem it "worth it" based on what you know about how your body reacts to those foods. If you find yourself off the rails too far and making what you consider to be poor food decisions too often, then go strict Whole30 again for a while to reset your body and your mindset
  7. Jihanna

    Catching a nasty cold

    I got sick during my most recent reset, and focused mostly on using totally compliant teas alongside compresses, vapor treatments, etc. I also used OTC meds to reduce my fever and deal with any body aches. I'll be honest here, I had to move on to prescriptions at one point because it hit me so hard and dropped into my chest as bronchitis... which brings me to the point of saying that doctor's orders trump Whole30 rules, so I felt no guilt whatsoever about coloring outside the lines for medications to make me feel a little bit less like death warmed over My doc was on board for me using herbal remedies first, but we always had a backup plan.
  8. Jihanna

    Plant-Based "Meats"

    Eggs, veggie patties, mushroom burgers, etc. Nutritional yeast is often used in vegetarian diets to increase protein values, and it mixes quite well into broths, scrambled eggs, any mashed veggie blend, etc. Hemp seeds are a good meatless protein source that can also be added to foods. Here are a few links that might be helpful (just remember to skip any honey/sweeteners, if they're listed): https://blog.paleohacks.com/veggie-burger-recipes/ https://lexiscleankitchen.com/paleo-veggie-mushroom-burgers/ https://momfoodie.com/paleo-veggie-burgers-gluten-free/ https://nomnompaleo.com/post/5568966009/egg-foo-young-ish-spinach-egg-ham-coconut Good luck
  9. Jihanna

    Slow Roll Reintroduction - Nausea?

    Dairy in general causes fairly severe indigestion for me, starting with heartburn 10 minutes after eating and ending with nausea, bloating, and constipation. Gluten treats me a little bit better, but it's still not something I like to mess about with all the time. It's possible for me to deal several days with the repercussions of eating things that attack my system, and it's very noticeable because there's not a constant state of distress involved so I can really tell when something does go out. All of that said, it's also entirely possible that you're dealing with more than just food-related reactions. If you have nausea that has held on for several days, especially if nothing seems to help it, then I'd honestly say it's worth a talk with the doctor to make sure it's not an illness causing (or exacerbating) the symptoms.
  10. Jihanna

    Homemade Mayo without olive oil?

    That's awesome! I make mine in an old jar that once contained that nasty jet-puffed marshmallow junk. I'm honestly not even sure why we had it, but the jar works perfectly for my mayo Regarding the yolk vs whole egg issue... Apparently the egg white can potentially lead to emulsification issues, but the posts I've seen saying that all used other methods for blending and I've never personally had an issue with the whole egg and only 1 cup of oil (more than 1 cup wasn't a good thing, when I'd tried a different recipe before landing on the one I adapted for my taste). Also, using only the yolk makes it richer, I guess? I didn't ever try one that only called for the yolk, so couldn't say. You could always try it both ways and see which you like best.
  11. Jihanna

    Homemade Mayo without olive oil?

    @Irock I'd imagine it did turn out quite tart with Dijon, vinegar, and lemon juice - that's a LOT of acidity! I think you can probably tone it down a lot by using unprepared (dry ground) mustard instead, and opting for either vinegar or lemon juice. Personally, mine always works best when I use lemon juice, because the vinegar just gives a strange aftertaste for me. Here's the recipe I've built by cobbling several together and then learning what else I like to toss into mine... I mix my mayo in a wide-mouthed jar, using a stick (immersion) blender. I add ingredients to the jar in this order: - 2 Tbsp lemon juice - 1/2 tsp table salt - 1/2 tsp ground mustard - 1/4 tsp garlic powder - 1/4 tsp onion powder - dash pepper - 1 large egg (mine goes in cold) - 1 cup oil of choice (I use high-oleic sunflower oil) You don't necessarily have to have all the extra seasonings (the original recipe I had called for salt and ground mustard only), but I've found that I like mine best when I've played with the flavor this way. It works great as a mayo spread, and it also works as a versatile base for building flavorful dips or dressings. The blending method I use is described here: https://dontwastethecrumbs.com/failproof-diy-homemade-mayo-in-2-minutes/print/82759/
  12. Jihanna

    Mayo recipe - with garlic?

    I always used mustard powder for my mayo, not prepared mustard. I'm not sure if that helps or not. I also routinely added some zest in the form of 1/2 tsp garlic powder and a dash or two of black pepper. If I was making it for a specific reason, I might add more garlic or pull in other herbs/spices as well... but if using it for a dressing, I'd make my usual mayo, then tweak a portion of it for the dressing. To make mine, I sort of combined the ingredients from this recipe and the method from this one. Once it was made, I just tasted and added stuff (keeping track of what and how much) until it was something I'd enjoy (I typically despise mayo). The next time I made it, those tweaks were put in as part of my base before I blended anything. All that said, though, there's also this Caesar dressing recipe that specifies mustard powder in the ingredients (as opposed to the one I found that calls for Dijon), so maybe that'll give you something to work from/with. Good luck
  13. Jihanna

    Approved Foods Questions

    I've also done several rounds without ever using an "approved" item. I skipped them partly due to budgetary reasons and partly due to a sense of adventure. I had fun making my own sauces, condiments, etc., and still do it sometimes now. I enjoyed learning what all goes into things to bring out certain flavors, and it really inspired me to keep learning after my official rounds. I also really like being able to completely customize everything, so I can easily skip herbs I don't prefer and add or increase the ones I really like, making it a taste that's truly my own.
  14. Jihanna

    Bone broth - do I need a pressure cooker?

    Absolutely not. You can do this on the stove, in a slow cooker, or using a pressure cooker. Any of those methods works, the difference just comes down to how long it cooks and how much potential babysitting you need to do with it (i.e., I'll check much more often on a pot sitting on my stove for 10 hours than I will on a crock cooking 10 hours on low). https://wholefully.com/bone-broth/ She has a very detailed explanation of how she does things and why, with tips on how to save time and money when it comes to the veggies included in the broth) https://wellnessmama.com/5888/bone-broth/ Another example by a different blogger. Anytime you come across something that seems to be made a certain way and you can't do that method for whatever reason, just try googling "(insert food/recipe here) (insert method you'd prefer to use)" like "bone broth stove top" or "spaghetti squash crock pot". It usually happens that someone has already managed it (or at least tried it and shared the results) when I go searching for alternatives, and it winds up saving me the time of trying to figure it out on my own Good luck making your broth!
  15. Jihanna

    Too full!

    My pleasure I'm definitely not a coach or mod, lol, but I do understand how confusing it can be (especially when looking at recipes that supposedly make a certain number of servings versus how far it'll actually go for my family) in the beginning... ok, and sometimes later on, too! I try to at least read the most of the forums and then often will type responses that never get posted (heh), but when it's something I feel like I really can speak on, I try to share my experiences in hopes that it'll help I'm wishing you both luck! I'm also a little bit jealous, as I've not yet been able to convince my husband that he can live without bread, pasta, and rice for even just 45 days