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  1. I am looking at the meal planning guide, and it recommends eating 1-2 open handfuls of coconut or coconut flakes and 1-2 hopen heaping handfuls of olives every day. Is that for real?
  2. Thanks, @Christie. I followed the timing plan yesterday, and I think I'm on track with it now. I can see why it is good to put it in place to control the snacking habit. And I need that! I haven't been able to discipline myself in the food/drink area for years, the longest I've been on a "diet" would be about a week, and then I would cave. For some reason I decided to do this - for myself and my health and pain as much as weight - and I have been able to stick to it. I jumped right in without much planning besides looking at what you could/couldn't eat, making a grocery list, getting the stuff and sticking to it. I had to take advantage of the self-discipline that came knocking at my door and run with it right away! Now I am backing up and reading, what I assume, most people read before starting. So thank you for the additional recommendation. I welcome any and all recommendations. I work full time and I keep sneaking time in to read about Whole30 and find recipes - eek
  3. Lauraco

    First Timer - started Jan 28

    I wasn't understanding the timing of when to eat, and asked a question about it on this site somewhere (I still get lost on it) and two people clarified to me the importance of eating one meal within an hour of rising, enough to last 4-5 hours without hunger until lunch, same for dinner. I was sort of snacking lunch, the right foods, but not watching the timing and not enough. I understand it now, though, because I have known for a long time that it is important to eat something good for you (especially protein) or you'll get too hungry and grab something bad. So now, I am making a better plan. Plus I now know that I really need to prep more on the weekend because it takes way too long for me to put dinner together, I want to spiralize some sweet potatoes, but by the time I make the "main" meal, it would add about another hour for me to do that. So your idea about spiralizing vegetables and storing them in ziplocks is one that is on my list for sure. I sure hope you feel better! isn't it weird to not want to eat? I have always fed a cold and fed a fever. Nothing seems to stop my appetite.
  4. Lauraco

    First Timer - started Jan 28

    I hope you're not getting really sick, that will be hard to deal with on top of everything else you're trying to do. Thanks for the recommendation on anti-inflammatory recipes, I look forward to looking at them.
  5. @Christie Inge, HHC @laura_juggles Thank you both. I wasn't really understanding the concept. I should have read more about the program more before jumping into it! I appreciate the guidelines and reasoning you provided and will straighten up on the program!
  6. Lauraco

    Day 30 - It's HERE!!

    Oh my goodness, Lorna. You have been through quite a lot in your lives. I really admire you for going through so much loss, very difficult struggles with your children, keeping the family together and staying positive. That is a special gift. I love your story about your partnership with your husband and how you work together to keep the relationship solid. You're an inspiration to everyone in setting goals and working to achieve them. Thanks for sharing! Laura
  7. I'm really happy for you that you have had so many positive outcomes from Whole30! I'm like you, not totally in it for the weight loss, but hoping it will happen along with overall health improvement benefits. I have osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis all over the place, and am hoping W30 will help alleviate pain from inflammation. What are the inflammation tests your doctor ran? I don't think I've ever had that measured, unless certain standard blood panels indicate inflammation. I would like to have a baseline and measure improvement. Thanks, Laura
  8. Dear H.T. I have had times where I couldn't think of anything that I liked too - not just this food, but ANYTHING. Usually it happens when I am going through a really rough patch with work, family or health. I have learned that for me, taking time to write down what I do like, and focusing on those things helps me get out of (or at least through) my slump. For me, the things I like are reading a good book, an art festival, art galleries, movies, parks, sunsets, flowers, cats and dogs, antiquing, planning a trip, helping somebody, music, etc. and I try to make plans to do some of those things. Sometimes I get crafty, and will make my own greeting cards or dream catchers or knitting (which involves going to Hobby Lobby or somewhere to get papers and supplies), and engages my mind in something other than what is making me unhappy. When my mind touches on what I don't like I make it pop off to something I have set up in my head. My image is a picture of me walking on a dirt path through trees with sunlight all around and a sunset coming up ahead. Right now, I am immersed in finding Whole30 recipes, learning about it, reading other people's stories and what they are doing, shopping for the ingredients and trying out new foods and recipes. Clearly that is not something you are enjoying, but maybe you can find work arounds that make it the easiest it can be for you, like buying pre-chopped ingredients, or simplifying your meals to just a few things that you like fairly well and are on program, and then spend more time focusing on something else. I'm a new-comer to Whole30, so don't mean to be giving you sage advice, but I have read and learned enough to know that this plan isn't just about the physical impact of food, but as much about the mental/phychological impact of food. You didn't say why you started this program, unless I missed it. Is it for weight loss, or something else in addition to that? In my case, I have a lot of pain and am hoping that by eliminating inflammatory foods, my pain will be somewhat alleviated and I will be able to do more of the things I like to do, like walk. I don't mean to be telling you what to do, so hopefully you won't take it that way, I just want you to feel like others understand and have felt like you're feeling, and this is a good program from which to get support for all aspects of making a big life change. Good luck to you! Laura
  9. Lauraco

    Day 30 - It's HERE!!

    Hi Lorna, I just read your story above. Wow, you have come a long way! It's great that you have been on this path for so many years, I'm sure it has been life-changing, and in your husband's case, life-saving. Which is really life-changing for both of you!! I love reading about people's challenges and what they do to overcome them, so keep on posting! Thanks, Laura
  10. Lauraco

    First Timer - started Jan 28

    Hi Jihanna, I had planned to make Plantain Beef Pie last night, and it has 3 eggs in it so I went ahead and made it. It is a 6 serving dish, so I figured it wasn't as bad as eating 3 plain eggs. I think I will just be more conscious of eggs, peppers and white potatoes, but not totally eliminate them now. My doctor just wants me to lose weight, i don't think she cares how at this point Maybe I could do a separate elimination trial after the Whole30. I'll tell her about it at my next appointment. She is very holistic, so it's not like she isn't supportive, but she can't solve ALL of my problems! I went to an orthopedic doctor on Monday because my feet hurt so much and I wanted to know what was going on, althought I know from previous Xrays that I have osteoarthritis in them. He did Xrays and I told me all of my joints are shot - there is no space between the joints in almost all of my foot bones, and they are all crooked and wacky. He said the only permanent solution is surgery to fuse them together to alleviate pain, and I would be out for 12 weeks. I think I will tolerate a lot more pain before I get foot/feet surgery. So back to me being hopeful that Whole30 will help with pain, and also with losing weight so my feet don't have to hold so much. I see women walking around in their high heels and just SMH. You can't tell people anything, though, they have to figure it out themselves. I should invest in wheelchairs because I think there is going to be a big demand for them when those women get older. Today is a leftovers day for me. Yay!! Yes, I live in the Smyrna area. I did notice that you were from GA, so thought you knew what I was talking about with the temps getting up to 80 last week. My head and eyes are better this week, so I'm attributing that problem to allergies, although who knows. Have a good day! Laura
  11. Lauraco

    First Timer - started Jan 28

    I have been skipping over AIP, not knowing what it was, and I just now googled it and read this: "The autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet is designed to help reduce inflammation in the body to relieve symptoms of autoimmune disorders". Inflammation is what I am trying to elminate! Then I read the list of what not to eat, and it includes, in addition to what not to eat on W30, eggs and nightshade plants (eggplant, potatoes, peppers). Sweet potatoes are on the AIP OK to eat list, though. Oh man. I don't know if I can also eliminate eggs. I guess i'll see if I can. Rats!
  12. Lauraco

    First Timer - started Jan 28

    @Lorna from Canada I'm glad you find this as interesting as I do. I'm feeling like kind of a voyeur, but I really like reading about what other people are doing and trying to overcome, their physical and mental food issues, digestive re-entry (is it re-intro?) experience, the reactions to food being taken away and added back in. This forum is really helpful to me. I've never participated in one before, now I've turned into Chatty Cathy. I'm so grateful to Jihanna for commenting on my intro and letting me barge in on her knowledge.
  13. Lauraco

    First Timer - started Jan 28

    That is so interesting, thank you. I know I am an emotional eater, and I have already picked up on my "snack after school" habit, which in my adult life, has turned into a "treat after work" habit. I look forward to the end of the work day when I can let down, relax and not be bombarded with emails, meetings, demands, etc. Now most days I am getting a glass of sparkling water with lemon, sitting down and reading a book for that time. Or if I work late or have other things I have to do in an evening, I jump right into dinner prep. i don't drink soda, thank goodness, because I know that is hard to kick. It will be interesting to see what I react to in re-entry. For instance, I can go forever without eating chocolate, but if I start one day, I crave it every day until I consciouisly make myself give it up again. I used to be that way with peanut butter, I didn't have it in the house for years, but now it seems really rich to me and I don't ever crave a lot of it. When I think about it, I do know that eating carbs made me hungry and want to keep eating. I think that has been a primary problem - more of eating too much than eating so many bad things. Exercise is a really big factor, and I don't think I will ever be able to do enough. I used to work out at the gym and walk/hike a lot, but with my arthritis, it is just too painful. I can do more than I have been doing, though, I'm just not motivated. I hope that will change. I could do chair yoga/tai chi, some seated bicycling - I just don't. I agree with you, there are really tons of good recipes out there! Last night I made roasted chicken thighs with brussel sprouts and fingerling potatoes in a really good marinade of lemon, rosemary, olive oil and some other spices. It tasted like butter! Maybe my taste buds are changing I got the Whole30 30 Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom book - I think it must be the first one, an overall look at the program basics and some recipes. I have kind of flipped through it, reading different sections. I didn't know about the other books, so I'll probably get those too. I'm obsessed!
  14. Lauraco

    First Timer - started Jan 28

    Hi, I read some of the re-entry logs from your group, you guys are really intense! Did you learn all of that in 30 days by reading the book and other online materials? I'm wondering what brought you to Whole30. You mentioned that you used to eat a lot of beans, and that re-entry made you discover that they were causing you digestive problems. Did you have digestive problems before Whole30? Is that what you were trying to overcome? I don't have digestive problems, or if I do, I know what caused it, like too much garlic or over-eating. I usually eat pretty plain food, so the eliminations for me are primarily toast, bread, and sugars. I haven't felt any drastic changes on Whole30, so am wondering if I simply don't have any bad reactive foods to begin with. Can you shed any light? Thanks! Laura P.S. Your recipe saving tips are very much appreciated! Thank you.
  15. Lauraco

    Did I fail my Whole30?

    I would like to know the impact of snacking on fruit during Whole30 also.