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  1. You're very welcome! If you are still having sugar cravings by the end of next week or having bad hangover symptoms, you might want to consider extending your Whole30 for another week or two to feel less bloated, and hopefully experience that Tiger Blood! Hey, I understand the sale thing, but just because you have them, that doesn't mean you need to eat them all until they are gone. Focus on getting the healthy protein, then filling your plate with vegetables, and add your fat. Maybe consider carrying a meat stick + nuts as your emergency mini meal rather than something sweet. I do most
  2. Good luck! If you haven't, sign up for the Whole30 starter kit : (it's free!)
  3. Congratulations you two! Those are amazing results for only 10 (?) days in! Men generally lose weight faster than women (boo!) but as long as it keeps him motivated, don't let it discourage you! Women tend to see more skin, hormone and mood results (glowing skin, less breakouts, less PMS symptoms, less irritable, etc). Focus on your NSV and keep on rockin' your Whole30!
  4. Hi @Cliffer, Congratulations on making it to day 22, it sounds like you've turned into a chef! Now, it's time for some tough love. RX Bars, Larabars and dried fruit are meant to be emergency foods, not daily snacks; emergencies like when you get stuck in a meeting that runs long, and you don't have time to sit and eat a regular meal, or you're at your kid's baseball practice or stuck in traffic. It sounds like you may have replaced your regular carby snacking (chips, cookies, candy, etc) with healthier bars and fruit, but remember, these are still sugar bombs, even if the sugar comes from
  5. Be sure you're following the meal template: and start with protein, vegetables then add fat. Also, watch your fruit, Whole30 says "occasionally" which is usually just once a day (many people use fruit as a replacement for their sugary snacks). This is your 30 day experiment so be sure you are logging your food (when, how much, how you feel) in Day By Day. You may be having more fat on some days, and not enough vegetables on another day. Maybe you're eating too much of one thing and that isn't agreeing with you. Be sure you are hydrating e
  6. Well, the hops and yeast are to mimic beer so......
  7. While technically compliant, would you be using this as a beer replacement? If so, that would fall under SWYPO and should be avoided for your round. Maybe try a fruit flavored sparkling water instead?
  8. The two main items that are "measured" are protein (1-2 palm sizes) and fats (depending upon the type). You can't really overeat on vegetables, and without cheesy, buttery sauces, they aren't very high calorie, and you'll get full long before you eat 1000 calories of say...raw spinach or steamed broccoli, so really, eat as many vegetables as you want. Whole30 isn't a low carb or keto lifestyle, so eat what makes you feel your best. We like to call breakfast, lunch and dinner Meal 1, Meal 2 and Meal 3 to break away from the connotations that breakfast needs to be eggs or something sweet li
  9. If you're cooking every day, you probably should consider cooking every other day. Leftovers are life on Whole30 and helps cut down on having to cook and clean all day, every day, especially if you weren't doing this before. Maybe you can double or triple the recipes you're cooking. And you should also make your husband more accountable for his own health. Cooking isn't hard, it's a skill, so everyone can learn it. This might also encourage him to find foods he wants to eat, and not just wait for you to hand him his meals. Generally, most people lose weight when eating whole, unprocessed
  10. Coconut flour tends to seize when it merely sits next to something moist, and it fries weird once it's clumpy. Also, do not use tapioca starch, even though it comes from the cassava plant root thingy, it does not act the same way and you'll end up with one giant tender, rather than separate ones. Yeah, I might have done that with thighs.
  11. I'm so sorry for your loss. Sometimes the routine of Whole30 helps eliminate the guilt of binge/comfort eating because you know you are fueling yourself in a healthy manner, and gives us something to focus on while we're grieving. Can you eat before the wake or bring your own dish to eat? Maybe offer to help her with the food so you can get some Whole30 meals in there?
  12. Maybe work on half portion sizes more often if you can't physically eat that much. 5-6 mini meals versus 3 full meals. This is your 30 day experiment so you have to work to find what works for you. DM me if you have more thoughts/questions!
  13. While glycerin isn't allowed because it's a sugar alcohol, the amount in supplements is minuscule, and as this is YOUR Whole30, you can make that determination. And as always, doctor's orders trump Whole30 rules. One of my coworkers was drinking this tea while she was breastfeeding: so I'm not sure if this is something you would try instead of your supplement, but you also need to feed your baby!
  14. You definitely need protein for breakfast. I'd skip the bulletproof coffee because it's literally a ton of fat first thing in the morning; if you're truly not hungry, it should be easy to skip this bulletproof coffee. Based upon your workout description, you don't really need a pre/post-workout snack, but remember that you need to fuel yourself, so be sure to eat protein at breakfast (hard boiled egg or meat stick). Lunch needs a fat, so consider adding some avocado, olives or nuts to your salad. Also, change up your vegetables, try some roasted or steamed vegetables instead of always having s
  15. Like @laura_juggles said, start with dry chicken. I've found that cassava flour works best as a flour replacement, so dry chicken, then dredge in cassava flour with salt and pepper (shake all the excess off so it doesn't clump), then egg wash, then almond flour. Kind of push the almond flour into the chicken to make it stick. Cook right away and try not to move it much once you've started cooking (either shallow pan fry or air fryer) because it's super delicate. It's been a hit and miss with me as well.