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  1. mountaincatfarm

    Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule

    Glad to know about the re-introduction plan after Whole 30! First time around, I think i was on about Day 28 or 29 when I learned that I had to drop everything and fly to Illinois because of Dad's illness. I got to the full 30 days (took a couple days to book the plane flight), but didn't have the opportunity to do proper re-introductions of foods. Makes sense, however, and hope to do it properly this time around. Although I did get a lot of value out of my first venture.
  2. mountaincatfarm

    Mountain Cat Log

    Okay, pulled 2 ribeye steaks out of the freezer (I purchased a quarter of a cow from a farm share last October). Dinner will be one of those with a bit of pan fried bok choy, seasoning for the latter TBD, for the former I'm going with the basic salt/pepper/garlic powder routine. Or I might go with Creole or ras al hanout seasoning (I made both mixtures so I really do know what's in them...) I'll probably cook this with ghee, I have a jar of the organic type I can open up for this. (I'd better confirm this is Whole30 rather than merely Paleo compliant...!)
  3. mountaincatfarm

    Mountain Cat Log

    Start Date March 2nd. I've just had breakfast, and already miss cheese in my omelet.. SO far today: Breakfast: 2-egg omelet (from eggs laid by my own hens), with mushrooms, green onion, watercress, dried oregano. Cooked in avocado oil, the high temperature variety. Oh, and a couple mugs of black coffee. Lunch will be vegan, with simmered cauliflower, broccoli, onion, green onion, yellow carrots, and watercress. Seasonings TBD. Dinner??? I'd better go pull something out of the freezer!
  4. mountaincatfarm

    Starting March 1

    Hi there, I am starting my Whole 30 tomorrow... discovered one or two items I needed to eat today (they won't save for a month), but I'm up and ready to begin this tomorrow. I've done this once before, 2013 or 14 (but the same time of year). A slow time for social commitments, so that helps. Oh, in autumn of 2016, I did an autoimmune AIP restriction diet to find out what food items would be a cause of an "idiopathic" condition I had. Sort of Whole 30 magnified... discovered that eating an excess of peppers (bell or otherwise) can be an issue, but not for the condition I was trying to improve. (PS, I finally found a doctor who could help me on that!) Why I am doing a Whole 30 now: I'm now living in a small community where one community center sponsors weekly lunches, and another sponsors a weekly lunch AND a dinner, and no matter how "health" oriented they may be, too much grains and starchies! I don't eat the desserts by and large, but all this other food I shouldn't be eating is getting me a bit on the sluggish side, and I need to brazen my way out of it. A Whole 30 is simply a good idea for me right now! I like Melissa Joulwan's recipes, and Russ Crandall's recipes - because he focuses on world cuisine. Yes, he uses rice and soy sauce, but he almost always lists Paleo/Whole 30 substitutions for those recipes. I'm also inventive enough to come up with some of my own. READY TO GO!