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  1. I completed the plan 37 days ago, I felt great lost alb and brought my blood pressure down, but I did not re introduce correctly as I went away with friends for 4 days not great. I am going to start aother whole30 tomorrow everything is ready wish me luck.
  2. Im on day 30 and I am feeling a little anxious is this even normal, I feel good and I know I have lost weight but most important is my blood pressure is down I don't want to stop eating this way is it safe to just carry on.
  3. I am confused with the GT kombusha, it states that it has sugar in it, is this allowed is it only when it has added sugar that we can't have it. I have four days to go and have been scared to drink it because of the sugar.
  4. Hi everyone, Im excited but still have loads of questions so I'm looking through the forum. I started today and have done my shopping and I am now prepping food. I bought the book so I am working through it.