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  1. So I spent the last two days in a Training Class for work. I can honestly say that since getting past the first week of Whole30 I can concentrate better and my memory has improved. I passed my certification exam! I wanted to celebrate with Champagne...instead I had a bubble bath. I'm tired of the same food -> Eggs, meat, veggies, sweet potatoes. My husband made the menu for the next five days with new recipes he found off pinterest..Hamburger Soup anyone? I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. Daughters b-ball tournament all weekend. In between games I’m prepping for my week. I need to get in more veggies.
  3. DAY 12 OVER! Wow! This week flew by. I have stayed on plan simply because I was too busy at work to quit. My husband has also been great about cooking dinners (he's doing this with me). Tonight was my night to cook, I made the burger recipe from the Whole30, put it on a wedge salad and drizzled some Whole30 approved BBQ on top. Was more pleasing to the eye and I'm sure tastier than the Kid's McDonalds Happy Meals. I had no craving for the Shamrock shake my daughter enjoyed.
  4. @beachbaby and @BabyBear Thanks so much for your comments. I'm so glad you're doing this with me! I'm going to highlight the "Pep-Talk" now! And I'm going to think about my boredom.
  5. Ugh, I’m so bored! And my mind keeps tempting me to quit. i almost stopped at McDonald’s today, but I stopped at Rebol and had a Whole30 bowl. It was delicious and I’m proud of myself. But today... 21 more days feels an eternity.
  6. @PattiS I'm glad that rather than quitting you are starting again! I can honestly say they if it weren't for planning meals (4 days at a time) I haven't stressed about food. I have seen food and said 'I want that', but I reminded myself why I started. And it's only 30 days. I make enough food at dinner so I'll have leftovers for breakfast. I do like to fry one egg to put on top of the leftovers. Frying one egg takes 2 minutes. I know enjoy having some meat, sweet potatoes and kale for breakfast!
  7. We took a family trip to the mall today. I never go to the mall but needed a new pair of jeans. I DROPPED A SIZE! I couldn’t believe it! And I had major ‘sight cravings’. Dublin Donuts, little Caesars, Menchies, Diet Coke. But I didn’t cave! I got a bottle of water. I wasn’t even hungry, it was different not giving in to every impulse. The foods I was craving are not good for me.
  8. @LilliMarlene NSV is Non-Scale Victory... in the Whole30 you're not supposed to get on the scale. Which I think is completely freeing! So keep track of NSV's. THE KATT for me was day 3. @beachbaby Making it through Day 6 was HUGE for me too! Instead of saying 30 days now I can say 23 days! And I don't need said it over and over again, like I did the first few days, because I am enjoying the journey. I did purchase the Whole 30 book and Day by Day book (total $40 at Target) and I'm so glad I did. I re-read the book alot and it has also taught me in a week to be confiden
  9. I had some huge NSV’s today. Lunch with hubby at a restaurant..:I asked the server how food was prepared and what ingredients were. Dinner with family I ordered a big Greek salad, hold the feta and added salmon. When the salad arrived with fresh pita bread I immediately removed the bread from the bowl and asked the waitress to take it away! I nailed Day 5! i have my meal plan made for days 6-10 along with grocery list for tomorrow morning.
  10. Happy Valentines Day! Yesterday was tough but I stuck to plan. I survived my first work Happy Hour, I had a glass of beer or apps. I had to rush home to get kids to basketball practice so did not have time to stop and eat dinner. (I'm use to eating dinner between 5-6). I was famished so I grabbed an Apple Pie Lara Bar....It was good, my first time trying one. I had prepped marinade and veggies the day before so my husband put it all together and had Chimchurri Beef Kabobs on the table when I got home at 8. They were okay, probably not a recipe I would repeat.
  11. @PattiS I know the battling feeling running through your head yesterday. I get it to. And I'm hoping the Whole30 will make it quieter. You can make it! You're on Day 4 right? Just a couple more days. And lets stick together cause I think it's going to get worse before it gets better. My breakfast today: Left over chicken hash topped with eggs and bacon. Also - Have you Tried Everything But Bagel Seasoning yet? If not get some!
  12. Sluggish all day. Got home from work, put my pjs on and washed my face i got to sit at the kitchen island and watch my husband cook us the ‘Chicken Hash’ for dinner. We put some music on and talked and laughed. Dinner was delicious. We’re gonna watch a movie and then go to bed early! i survived day 3.
  13. I woke up feeling awful. I have depression and anxiety which makes it hard to get out of bed some days. Today is one of those days. And I'm HANGRY! Off to the kitchen to eat a leftover stuffed pepper with a fried egg on top. I hope your day is off to a great start!
  14. So the chicken hadn’t thawed in time for dinner so I made the stuffed peppers- bison, mushrooms, kale and sweet potato. It was a little bland so I added a little Tessamae ranch dressing in top. I’m going to bed early tonight because if I stay up any longer I’m gonna drink the kids chocolate milk!