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  1. Hey AllyB! Im doing fine over here, but the really bad cravings sat in last night and is still going on! Sooo craving sugar and bread! I have more time for cooking so I am not prepping any big batches.. Lockdown in progress so cant do much but sit at home..
  2. Yes I got better, I’m not sick.. I am a first timer and I used to eat a lot of sugar and bread.. I think my health situation in general made this really tough on my body.. glad its over now, thanks!
  3. Wow so day four.. dont know what today was all about.. was really sick and not able to eat until dinner.. threw up AS well. My body is struggling. I have too much riding on this and I refuse to let this break me!
  4. Thanks! It came out ok tonight.. letting it sit over night and I’ll try it tomorrow.
  5. So day 2 is over.. and I did struggle today. Bad headace what about you guys? I have come to realise that I eat a lot of sugar.. my body is in shock, like «wtf is going on» I didnt prep enough food so need to step it up, staying home on wednesday and need to cook. Its a lot of work! Luckily I like cooking
  6. Can anyone help with a recipe? Making dressing for my caesar salad but all the recipies are with mustard.. and none of the mustards here are compliant.
  7. Hi you guys! I start sunday as well! 1st timer.. have been prepping for a while and I am both exited and scared.. Will do most shopping tonight so need to make a list!
  8. Wow such an interessting read! I am facinated with the discuccion about nighttime cocktail.. I dont drink, but I have developed a habit with painkillers in the evening to help me relax. i recognice the pattern here with my own habit... I need to quit, but the one time I tried not to take any I had the worst night with little sleep:( So plan is to take less, before stopping completely. I think this will be my biggest challenge.. will keep on reading this thread, keep ut the good work! I start sunday!
  9. Hi! do I need a pressure coocker to make broth..? I dont own one:(
  10. I would like some tips on emergency food and snacks.. I hate olives and I dont like Jerky (dont know if there are any compliant kind here..). Is all nuts (except peanuts) allowed? Paranuts too? I used to make myself a healthy smoothie to cope with nighttime snakking.. it is with spinach, ginger, kiwi, lemon and avocado.. but I read that smoothies is not recomended.. Dont think we have the bars that have been mentioned.. I live in Scandinavia.
  11. Hi! So I just found out that someone in my country has published a book - and as far as i can see it looks like this person is fronting the exact consept that is Whole30 just calling it something else. Can she do that..?
  12. @Jihanna thanks so much for an insightful answer! Yes it is a lot of information to process, but I already have an interest for food and fitness so I find it all very interessting. Learning so much from this forum as well. Thanks again
  13. I am confused... So it turns out I have SIBO. It might explain quite a few of my health issues. But, I do not understand the difference between Low Fodmap an Whole30.. I ordered a SIBO book and here things are a little different! I know that it is very individual what diet that works the best and that I must find my way.. but I kinda was set om Whole30 now. For fodmap it Removes onions and garlic and avocado, which I love. I do suspect my system dont like onions.... Is it so that some people do Whole30 and in addition leave out the fodmaps too? Is that recomended? I dont th
  14. Wow @MeredithM20 thats great! you are lucky to have access to these products - wish we had them here. I like to cook too - so thats not the hard part. I am prepared to face my two dragons - sugar an prescription drugs! Will keep on reading about your journey