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  1. Really? - in ice sreem? I haven't noticed it. Maybe I should on my own and to smell it ...with Right nose...because my olfactory receptors are chiral...and sometimes I smell dirty sock.
  2. I don't think so. B/c in whole 30 days diet there is a lot sugar-tasting stuff - fruits, juices (with no added sugar), even vegetables - like zucchini, babanas, sweet potatoes etc... Also - try to find a bacon with No added sugar (1:100 in the cases that said no sugar it's hidden in cured bacon ) - personally, I find bacon more, more sweet than the apples.
  3. Hi, everybody, I saw that the topic, related to my ? is already closed (Breakfast issue). I'm bored to eat every morning eggs, eggs, eggs...I already don't count different forms and shapes. Let me be more specific: I like to eat breakfast, but not something like meat, salad, smutty, muffins, leftover(cold), fish etc... So, in this scenario whit what I was left ... to eat morning ? Thanks for under-standing
  4. I am already bored. I know what I wanted to know and my goal is achieved. And I am on Day 21th. I'm wondering if I have to continue to make it 30 ?