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  1. Actually, a small update. I decided to talk about this with my doc last week and she got me thinking: The original study, as I understand it, suggested that 2 litres of water a day were the typical baseline requirement. But it was not suggesting this water had to be consumed as a beverage or that without flavoring, etc. It included water contained in all food and drinks. I have always thought that it doesn't count as water, but well, according to my do it is. Also back to this, it is carbonic acid! No, it is not really good for consumption. In moderation, though, it should be harmles
  2. I had some problems with drinking plain water in the past. I get sick of drinking water, and I figured since herbal tea doesn't have caffeine, that it counts too. Also water with a small amount of lemon juice is a great replacement for over sugared drinks. Worked for my brother who is really a sugar addict. Lucky you. I just don't like the taste. In the other thread I wrote about water with a small amount of salt which I make to keep my sodium balance at bay. It doesn't work for me if I try to drink sparkling water. For some unknown reason. And I'd be more worried about any a
  3. Thanks. It was always a tricky part to me since, well, I wanted to ask - the main recommendation for anti-candida diet is to consume more yogurt and such products (at least, that's what my OB-GYN said). On my program (near day 17) I'm feeling itchy even though I'm staying out of sugar and all natural sweeteners. Should I add a cheat-day to W30 program with plain yogurt to keep my microflora safe and sound or that's strictly prohibited? Maybe there are other options? I know this is not a place for a medical advice, so I wanted to ask how do you deal with this?
  4. Twice this. Got these headaches on day 13, thought it might be migraine but pickle juice was a pure miracle. If you don't have pickle juice or a tablet, slightly salted water might help as well. Never underestimate a hyponatremia (when you don't get enough sodium). Drinking water is important, but if you have changed your habits significantly it might destroy your water-salt balance (that's what happened to me - resulted in headaches).