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  1. Hi Rebecca The ratatouille Sounds Like a great idea, it’s like a shakshuka. oh yes cutting out nightshades would also be too restrictive for me. I don’t always eat potatoes but when I don’t eat meat, I feel I need a little bit of sweet potato or normal potatoes or I get hungry again after 1 hour ;-) yes I also make my chia puddings with frozen fruits & another favourite is grating an apple with cinnamon (cinnamon is supposed to be anti inflammatory) & raisins. Pop some roasted nuts on it in the morning & it’s a bit like a healthy muesli or Bircher muesli. I d
  2. Hi Rebecca, You’re most welcome! I’m making it again tomorrow. Getting lots of protein in my body might hopefully help me lose some weight…? I understand how you feel. I’ve also not felt the need nor been wanting to drink except for this weekend. I’m getting a bit frustrated because I feel like I haven’t lost any weight except for the water retention. It kinda doesn’t make sense either, eating super healthy, I try not to eat anything after 8pm to give my body the rest to digest for at least 12 hours. I drink water with ACV in the am… it’s frustrating but still I want to come
  3. I agree! this virus is apparently going around, I hear friends from all over telling me the same things & it for sure ain’t covid ;-) I’m starting to feel better & get my energy back. I’ll try to get back into my workouts this week. we have a wedding coming up next weekend & I know I’ll have champagne & wine. If I don’t like it, I will not drink it cause I feel it’s not worth it. but I sure miss a good glass of white wine during the weekend.
  4. Hi everyone, So this is my 1st round of whole 30 & I know it will not be my last... I am in my 4th week so this means I nearly finished the first 30 days... Today is day 25... Since I'm only getting the hang of everything now, I didn't figure out this forum soon enough and have only been responding to a couple of other participants. Technically I should have gone back to "day 1" a few times as I chewed gum a few times. When I started week 3, when I was halfway, I had a lunch in a town I've not been living in long & it was hard to find a good place to eat which has
  5. Hi Rebecca I've been MIA but stayed on track as well. Oh my goodness, what you're going through sounds like a nightmare week. I hope your son is back home & feeling better? I feel like this virus & cough has left my body but I'm still very low on energy though. So to hopefully help you a bit... Here are a couple of recipes I love cause they're quick & easy but also family favourites and so so fast to prep and serve. For the kids I will always cook a bit of rice; wholegrain or jasmin. This recipe contains chilli which I omit when cooking for the whole family.
  6. Hi Rebecca, So I figure you live in the UK? I live in Switzerland… Just to map out & talk about that weird cough/ sore throat etc… I have had the same since day 1 starting the whole30 (has nothing to do with whole30- just a coincidence). My husband has the same now, got it from me & my kids are now coughing as well.. I’ve also not felt sick enough to stay in bed but I have no energy to exercise, I normally exercise 4-5 days/week - mix of cardio & strength & I’m a yoga instructor. It’s the weirdest thing that just doesn’t seem to leave my body. It sound
  7. Hi Rebecca, you’re definitely not alone ;-) Yes back in Asia, they always give you warm water as it’s supposed to be a whole lot better for your system than cold water, especially for women. Even though it’s super hot outside & all you can think of is Ice water, hahahahaa I absolutely get your idea of having “a break” ;-) this is my first whole30 & I’m still trying to figure out how this forum works. It seems there can be so many different threats/topics you want to discuss here, I get a bit overwhelmed & lost. Given the fact that this is your 6th, it mu
  8. Hi Rebecca looks like we started the whole30 on the same day I just read through your journal & I can relate to how you are feeling. Good job & well done, especially since you went back to work! I’m inspired by your food prepping. I do feel more relaxed when I know the food has already been (half) prepped rather then having to start from scratch every day… It definitely helps. I admire your cutting out coffee. I’m a total coffee addict & can’t leave that out ;-) I suffered a sore throat & a cough for the last 2 weeks (I’ve never had this & it’s str
  9. Hi Brenda, good luck! I’m also new to the whole30 & I just entered my first day of week 3 Looking forward to that tiger blood ?!? I hope anytime soon! the food prepping is definitely key! Which program did you do to become a nutrition & health coach? Take care & good luck to you and your husband! I’m sure you can do this! Barbara BV7