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  1. That's a bummer about the sleep - that's been the one real victory I've had, sleeping all the way through the night, for 8-9 hours. I'm feeling generally better but, like you, no big "ah-ha" kind of thing. Maybe it's still to come - or maybe I'll just have to be satisfied with my small victories, I guess!
  2. I was finding it to be too much food, too. I had to abandon the portion size recommendations and just try to keep my protein-carb-fat proportions as close to "ideal" as I can. There are a lot of meals where I only manage two of the three macro-nutrients--trying to be better about that.
  3. For what it's worth, I did FODMAP elimination a year and a half ago and it's somewhat complicated - there are some foods you can't eat at all, some you can only eat in small amounts, it matters what combination of foods you eat.... I wouldn't recommend trying to do it in conjunction with Whole30. Just my two cents. But hopefully you'll start feeling better in the next couple of days and won't need to do it at all!
  4. Niya, I'm totally in the same place! The past couple of days have been HARD. Last night I came really close to giving in to the cravings - I hung in there, but barely. Today I feel much better - and so glad I didn't give in. And good on your for staying with it, too! And I don't think I've lost any weight either - my clothes aren't fitting any differently. I don't have a ton to lose but I was hoping I'd lose just a couple of pounds. Like you said, not the primary reason for doing W30, but it would be a nice side benefit. I'm trying to focus on my non-scale victories - improvement with
  5. This is great, thank you so much!
  6. I know canola and sunflower oil are "avoid if at all possible but technically ok because restaurants use them." I cannot, for the life of me, find any roasted, salted nuts that do not have one of these oils. I know I can roast my own, and maybe next week I'll have the energy for that, but right now I just want to eat some nuts! =) So - is it ok to have the nuts that have these oils? For what it's worth, I eat nuts in pretty small quantities, and I'm not eating out at all on Whole 30, so I'm not getting those oils anywhere else...
  7. I know what you mean about the recipe monotony... I LOVE to cook so I have tons of recipes but it's been surprisingly hard to find ones I can easily adapt to Whole 30. I did some internet searching yesterday and today I'm trying an "easy chicken curry" from NYT - even if I don't love it, at least it's something new!
  8. Same here with the food prep. Days 1-5ish I had so much stuff in he fridge I could just grab and eat. Things are looking pretty bare now. This weekend I'm all about shopping and meal prep!
  9. Today was... hard. Day 9 for me, and I just didn't want to eat anything that's compliant. I wasn't craving anything specific, I just did NOT want any of the food in my fridge. Pushed through and stayed compliant, but ugh. Here's to tomorrow being a better day! And I'm sending good vibes to all of you.
  10. This isn't really W30 but have you tried a FODMAP elimination diet? It can be a little tricky - I did mine with a Dietician to make sure I was doing it right - but I know it's helped a ton of people with IBS. There's a lot of overlap with Whole 30 but definitely not the same.
  11. Wow so glad I came across all your posts! It's really inspiring and comforting to see how everyone else is doing. This is my first Whole 30. I have a chronic pain issue and think Inflammation might be involved, so I'm hoping it might help with that. And after reading the books - both It Starts with Food and The Whole 30 - I've also been thinking a lot generally about what I put into my body, how that impacts me, etc. I started on Jan 3 (I needed the 2nd to grocery shop and meal prep!) and so far so good. I really miss wine - I don't really crave it, I just miss it. And general beve
  12. I have persistent nausea because of some meds that I take. The only way to keep the nausea tolerable is to take food when I take the meds - including right before bed. I know it's not recommended to eat after dinner, but since I have to, I'm wondering what the best food choices would be. I only need a small amount of food... Thanks!
  13. Thank you, that link will be very helpful!
  14. Hi! Just confirming - this broth (the same one I have in my pantry!) has yeast extract. In my various searches I saw that yeast extract is a "no" - but those were older posts. So I just want to confirm - yeast extract is ok? Thanks!