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  1. pjena

    Frustrated Husband

    Thought I'd weigh in even though there's been a lot or responses already. It's an interesting dilemma and one I've struggled with. I think it's a good idea to do reintros so that you know how you react to different foods and you don't "waste" all of this good elimination work. I have some minor issues with some foods but nothing major or life altering to any one food. It is good to know that. If I'm eating away from home without good options, I know I can relax and not worry too much because I'll be fine. I also know, however, that there seems to be a cumulative impact when I off road too often. I choose to continue eating mostly this way because I feel calmer and more patient and happier when I'm not on the sugar roller-coaster. And I found that I really don't care about grains, legumes, etc. I mostly don't eat it because it isn't something I love, it doesn't benefit me and it steals space on my plate from better things. I'd rather eat more kale. I try to be balanced and calm about it, though. We have a special cinnamon bread we get on the way to our cabin a couple times a year. I will eat that because I want to and it's special. If we're at a friend's house, I'll eat what's offered. If I had a strong reaction to something, I'd obviously take that into account. I have a husband and 2 kids. They don't eat this way. However, my younger son has food allergies so we're all very used to eating similar but slightly different meals. And nobody cares. It used to be a source of anxiety for us. My husband struggled to be ok with me eating differently from him. He didn't want to give up his favorite foods. Everybody felt the stress of trying to make sure my son could eat perfectly. Food wasn't fun. Luckily, my son's allergies are not life threatening and we've found a nice balance for everyone. It took work and patience and practice, but I now know what to buy and cook and adjust to make everyone happy. Like you said, we can have burgers and we put dairy cheese on husband's and 13yo's and non dairy cheese on 10yo's and I put my burger on a salad with no cheese. Everyone is happy. It took a while but my husband has come around and now doesn't think twice about it. Hang in there. Do your reintros and then find a balance that works for both of you. Good luck!
  2. pjena

    Chocolate or Coffee

    This is a great conversation! I'm a mom and I do drink coffee and try really hard to avoid chocolate or sugar. My kids are 10 and 13, so we're well past the sleepless night stage, though. I drink about 1 1/2 cups of coffee each morning - a cup and then just a little more to warm it up. I've given it up before and know I can go without it. But, I enjoy it and don't seem to have any negative reactions to it so I drink my coffee (with coconut milk) without guilt. It's something I enjoy. Not something I need. If I felt I needed it, I'd probably get rid of it. I don't want a crutch. I try to avoid sugar completely. I have no off switch. I don't want to be constantly fighting with myself over whether or not to have more so it's easier to have none. I'm not 100% successful, but over time, it's gotten easier and the occasions I do indulge are farther apart. I am a much calmer, happier, more patient mom when I am not eating sugar all day. That I noticed right away. The best way you can do good for your family and yourself is to take care of yourself. Find what works for you so that your body and mind feel good. Understand you will be tired, but it is temporary. Get as much rest as you can. Try to support yourself without resorting to coffee and chocolate. You'll be healthier and happier and more able to then support your family. And, for the rest of your W30, just focus on that. Focus on how good you feel. Don't think too much about what you'll do when it's over. Hopefully, you'll feel so great that you'll want to continue eating mostly this way forever! Good luck!
  3. Agree with Chris on meals - plan your meals a week at a time and then batch cook/prep on Sundays and use the crockpot. Also, I know some people hate this because they get bored, but I find that eating the same breakfast and lunch every day helps with time management. It's one less thing to think about. As for the rest, prioritize and accept that maybe you can't do everything every day.
  4. pjena

    Veggies at Breakfast

    I never get tired of eggs and kale, but other things I've eaten often for breakfast are a sweet potato with coconut butter or carrots and celery dipped in almond butter.
  5. I like it on a salad or in tomato soup (or any soup)
  6. pjena

    Family friendly meals

    Your taco and stir fry ideas are great. We also do pulled bbq pork or beef - the fam puts it on rolls, I put it on a salad. Or ground meat and marinara sauce - the fam can put it on pasta, I put it on zoodles or a salad. Soup is good - the fam can dip in crackers or rolls and I can skip that part.
  7. pjena

    Has anyone experienced this?

    Ditto, M. I'm doing much better than I have in the past, but it's taken a long time. Keep working on it and be patient with yourself. I still cannot have one bite of dessert. One bite turns into many. However, I am getting so much better at containing those times. I aim to not have that first bite unless 10 bites would be worth it. I didn't eat one bite of Halloween candy this year. I went back through my logs and read the week after Halloween last year as a reminder that once I start, I won't stop until I'm mad at myself. That helped me hold strong this year. For me, an all dessert party would be a recipe for disaster. I'd eat before, bring a kombucha and not go near the food or wine. Focus on friends and family. If you don't start, you don't have to stop. I probably would drink the best wine ever, though, and do my best to contain the consequences. It's all about making choices. Good luck!
  8. Hi - when I started W30 I took digestive enzymes and HCL enzymes to help process all the meat. The HCL in particular helped me go more regularily. It didn't make it perfect, but better. I've weaned off those after almost 2 yrs of eating this way but still take the magnesium supplement. It's still not perfect, but better. Stick with it. Good luck!
  9. Just me, but W30 has helped me a TON with binging. I didn't get the physical benefits I hoped for, but I'm still here a year and a half later because I got some unexpected mental benefits. I've found a way to make the W30 guidelines sustainable for me and it has helped me get to a calm place regarding food. I don't think about it as much as I used to. I don't count calories in my head all day long. I don't try to exercise off those calores. I don't weigh and measure my food. I still slip up, but my binges are much less and farther between than they were and, when they happen, are often carrots and almond butter instead of cereal or candy. And with that, I don't have the vicious cycle of obsessing about food and then obsessing about the guilt over eating too much or eating what I didn't want myself to eat. All of that mental energy can be spent somewhere else. I hang out here and post often just to keep reminding myself to stay in that calm place and because I like the people and because while I'm striving for calm, I still do think about food and it helps to have a place to put my thoughts down. But, it's not angst ridden. It's just calm observations. Most of the time.
  10. pjena

    Figuring out post-whole30

    Congrats on finishing your W30s! IMO, continuing on this path won't work unless you know why you're doing it. Whatever benefits or feelings you got from W30, even if they are subtle, should be your motivation to keep eating this way. That said, for me, there wasn't anything I took out for W30 that I needed to bring back regularily. I now like eggs and kale better than oatmeal, so I'm all good. What I found stressful about W30 was having to be super diligent about reading every label (even those you read before because formulas change) and stressing about eating at a friend's house or restaurant. So, I eat mostly W30 at home and don't worry about it when away from home. I still try to make good choices for me, but I don't worry about hidden ingredients or stress about it if the only choice at a friend's house is lasagna. I don't have strong reactions to anything so being able to enjoy the company of others when eating away from home is more important to me than what I am eating. Luckily, I don't eat out often. I still struggle with the sugar dragon, so I try to avoid desserts/sweets completely, unless it's super special and worth it. I make exceptions like that occasionally - sweet corn in August, fish tacos at the beach, the occasional glass of wine with friends. 90% of my meals are cooked at home and those are almost all W30. The 10% that is away from home is still mostly W30 unless totally worth it or no other options. I have found that this works for me. I may not have all of the benefits of W30, but I still feel good and my goal is calm eating and not stressing about my food is a huge part of that. Good luck finding what works for you! It takes some time and experimentation and you may hit pitfalls. Be patient and keep tweaking to find what works.
  11. I think it's important to know why you're doing it and what you're hoping to get out of it before you start, but also to be open to discovering new benefits. You may not notice huge changes. They might be subtle. Like ladyshanny, mine are mostly mental. I just have a much calmer way of eating now. I've had a few subtle physical changes - allergies and cold sores seem better, fewer random stomach aches, less irritable (most of the time). I still have all of the same (minor) issues. They just seem less and they affect my mood much less. So, for me, that is worth it. I hope you decide to try it. It was a good change for me.
  12. pjena

    need lunch ideas

    I eat salad/veg with tuna and avocado almost every day and never get bored, but I'm weird, I think. Other things I've enjoyed - -tuna or chicken salad with mayo or mashed avocado and tons of veg and spices (I like the recipe on Tom's website) - when I'm sick of salad, I make a huge batch and divide it into 5 containers and eat it all week. -butternut squash / cashew cream / coconut milk soup and add a cut up chicken sausage and sage leaves - same as above, I'll make a batch and divide it into lunch containers for the week or freeze for another day -whatever was leftover from dinner
  13. pjena

    How do you store half an avocado?

    usually I just put the half with the pit in a baggie. It doesn't get too brown if it's just a day. You could also put it face down in a tupperware with a bit of water in it. The water will keep air from getting to the flesh of the avocado.
  14. I eat the same breakfast (3 eggs, kale, sw pot, coconut butter) and lunch (big bucket of salad/veg, can tuna, 1/2 avocado) 95% of the time. It makes life simpler. I know that meal will keep me full until the next meal. I like these meals. I don't have to think about what to pack for work. It takes enough effort to plan, shop for and cook a wide variety of dinners for the family each night so I really like not having to think about the other meals. I have been working at this since 4/1/13 and have had these same meals since the beginning. And I'm not bored, yet. Everyone is different, though, so do what's right for you.
  15. I make my own. It's not quite as good, so I am not likely to just eat it as dessert. But, I like it enough to put it on my breakfast sweet potato. Almond butter I have not cracked yet. Still my nemesis.