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  1. I did. I grew my own scoby from a bottle of kombucha. I'm sure I posted basic instructions in here.
  2. To whoever was asking about washing your kombucha implements with dish detergent ... I would just rinse them really well, then do a final rinse with vinegar. Always rinse with vinegar as a final step. I run my jars through the dishwasher with the other dishes, but then I do a quick vinegar rinse before pouring in the kombucha. Also, a tip if you like the swing-top lid beer bottles ... I bought the Grolsch beer and just poured out the beer, there were 4 bottles in the pack, that's about as cheap as you can buy that kind of bottle. They are excellent for single-serve kombucha brewi
  3. That actually might be a good question for "can I have," just to understand where those lines are drawn for home-brewed kombucha.
  4. Lol, Yes I love fizz. No, I was discussing kombucha-making, itself. Not the W30-ness of it.
  5. Ah, Thx for clarifying, Susan... So the experience, above, would be for while not on W30, I guess. It gets confusing, as kombucha is W30 legal, and by default, it is made with sugar. I was told, "no back sweetening," which I interpreted to mean, "don't add sweetener to completed product just before drinking," even though it is known that sugar is part of the fermentation. So I wasn't sure how far it extended... Only to first ferment? Into second ferment? Wasn't sure where the line was. Good to know it is probably "kombucha legal", if not W30 legal, though.
  6. Aha... I see Kombucha Kamp sanctions the adding of a little sugar to second ferment... Maybe my Reed's candy is "kombucha legal", lol ;D
  7. Well, I don't know if this is kosher, but as I love a little ginger paired with any fruit or even alone, and I get tired of grating fresh ginger or running it through the food processor (ooh, stringy!), I've taken to buying the Reed's ginger candy to add to my kombucha for second ferment. I can run it through the food processor, and it will still have a nice texture without all the stringiness. It has only 2 ingredients, ginger and cane sugar (both organic)... Like I said, idk whether the sugar is "legal" for a second ferment... But omigosh, awesome kick! I am stuck on ginger. I have done ging
  8. Checking in as a fellow kt brewer... I've been doing it several mos, and have a little experience to share. I may not be on here, much, but you can message me. I try to burp every other day, but lately I've gotten lazy and didn't burp at all, just put them in the fridge after a week. I was using wide-mouth glass jars for second ferment. The wide mouth seems to be less "explosive" and not as prone to explosions. Can't really tell that it's much more carbonated than usual, though. One thing I try not to do is burp the day or two before they go in the fridge, for that extra carbonation.