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  1. Oops one more hint, dont use earl grey tea. Its got oils and such that can kill or negatively modify the scoby. Black and green seem to work well together. My favorite flavor so far for second fermentationn: ginger ( loads of it), blueberry, mint, and st johns wart. But I also do continuous brew and drink it right outta the big ol jug. Yummy
  2. Uses and Storing extra SCOBYs: they are great for facials. Sounds gross but results are worth the ick factor. Take all or some of a scoby, mush up ( technical term) and schmear on your face. Let sit for 15-30+ mins, you'll feel it feeding on the bacteria on your skin. Rinse off and voila, smooth soft skin. They are great to add to garden, compost, or in food. Can store in liquid, just make sure they dont dry out, for months. And of course, passing them on is a great gift. When brewing: clean vessels and utensils with white vinegar, NO SOAP. Distilled water for tea and dilution. If