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  1. Ravin

    Reintros and Support

    So...as the dairy worked its way through, I experienced the worst hemorrhoid flare up of my life. Either the dairy or the sugar brought a flare up of canker sores. Today is non-gluten grains. I had pancakes made with eggs, flax meal, ripe plantain, and cornmeal, with sausage in them. I dunked them in unsweetened applesauce, eating half the fruit I usually do with pancakes.
  2. Ravin

    Deep Frying

    Coconut oil is too fragile for a deep fryer. I'd go with lard or rendered beef fat, non-hydrogenated. Be careful not to burn the fat, too. Even coconut oil will oxidize too much in a deep fryer I'd think.
  3. Ravin

    Reintros and Support

    Sugar reintro told me mostly that sweets are food without brakes for me, which I already knew. Going to eat a piece of cake as an afternoon snack today to see how it affects my blood sugar. Hard to tell that when I eat it in the evening. I'm going to freese the rest in single portions to bring out for chocolate cravings or as an alternative to DD's cake (her birthday is coming up).
  4. Eggs would be the main protein. And I often do the same. All this week I've had the same thing. I'll change it up every few weeks.
  5. Ravin

    Reintros and Support

    I put butter in my cake. It was yummy, but I'm thinking more than one small serving of dairy a day is a no go for me. I'm going to have more cake with lunch tomorrow to see if I crash. I know sugar is my no go as a general thing, though. This weekend I'm going to reintro non-gluten grains and see how that goes.
  6. Ravin

    reintro plan

    Thanks! The yogurt seems to have settled well, so I'm using butter in the cake and frosting. Other people in the house are more likely to eat it that way.
  7. Ravin

    reintro plan

    So dairy reintro including sour cream, butter, and cheese left me bloated. I waited for it to pass, then this morning tried yogurt. We'll see how it goes. Tonight is also birthday cake!
  8. Ravin

    You're confusing me

    Honestly, when I suggest DD get on board with me and explain how it could help her, she flat out refuses. But she's still stuck with what's served for dinner, and there are healthier choices available more than before. The other adults in the house eat SAD, so I can't keep stuff out entirely. With kids set in their ways, baby steps make more sense to me than expecting them to change overnight. I'm also wary of creating control issues over food. Food is a deep aspect of culture, and a rapid change can be as confusing to a kid as a sudden religious conversion.
  9. Ravin

    Kale - convince me

    Kale chips! Awesome!
  10. Ravin

    Reintros and Support

    Unlike the half and half at breakfast, the potatoes seem to have left me rather bloated. I think I'll back off it for a few days and try just cheese, and yogurt. No more sour cream for me! Not just my imagination. I haven't been this gassy in some time, and had to let my belt out a notch this morning.
  11. Ravin

    Reintros and Support

    Reintroducing dairy today. Breakfast I just had half and half with my coffee. For lunch I can't think of anything to add. Dinner will feature loaded mash potatoes with sour cream and cheese. I went and donated plasma today, and they weighed me in. Before W30, I was at the cusp of donation rates, and usually weighed in just over 175 without emptying my pockets of wallet etc. Today it was 163 similarly encumbered. So I'll get less $$ at my second donation this week, but it's a significant enough change that I don't mind. My BP was a little lower than before, too.
  12. Ravin

    Eating fish & seafood worries

    Concentrated pollutants is mostly an issue in farmed carnivorous fish and large species like shark. Many such fish are also not sustainably harvested or farmed. Seafood Watch has excellent info: http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/cr/seafoodwatch.aspx/?wap=no
  13. Ravin

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    My biggest savings is rocking the ad matches on produce at Wal-Mart.
  14. Ravin


    Strongbow is a hard cider. I can't say I missed alcohol on W30. I had one social occasion where drinks were called for, and I wasn't the only one who bowed out for health reasons and just drank water. I had no trouble with sleep. Fell asleep with the kids about 8:30 and woke at 4:00 as usual.
  15. Half and half tasted weird to me for the first few sips. After today I think I'll go back to almond milk, at least until my carton is gone.