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  1. Kale - convince me

    I really only like my greens cooked. With kale (or Brussels sprouts) you really can't go wrong with pig and vinegar (bacon and apple cider vin, prosciutto and balsamic, etc.). Chard I just sauté in olive oil, sometimes with garlic or pepper flakes, and then a squeeze of lemon or balsamic. I've also sautéed every kind of greens with pine nuts and golden raisins, but I'm avoiding raisins at present.
  2. Anyone with Bipolar?

    I'm bipolar and generally feel much better overall on paleo/W30. Not manic-better, just better. But no *way* would I go off my meds. That's just me, though. I just feel too skittish after trying to be meds-free and then relapsing a while back. This is a good reminder about the fish oil. I have been negligent, but ordinarily I take a healthy slug in the morning (shot glass with a lemon juice chaser).
  3. Bone Broth: How much? How often?

    Bone broth update: So it gelled up beautifully, and I just skimmed off the extra fat and it looked great. I started scooping it into containers, and I guess I tipped the bowl too much because it all fell out. It kind of exploded, and there were all these globs of meat jello on the table and floor. I kept stepping in it and slipping on it as I tried to pick up the slippery, quivering chunks. It got all over my shoes and my jeans and even in my hair. I finally got it cleaned up and salvaged most of it. I think I am going to wait a little bit to try drinking it. But if gelling is the marker of success, then it was perfect.
  4. Thanks for sharing your experiences--it's really interesting to hear how people have made these changes. My plan to remain on my meds will stay the same, but maybe I'll try stopping my Allegra sometime. : )
  5. Bone Broth: How much? How often?

    I put in leeks, carrots, fish sauce, and cider vinegar. It's cooling now and smells better already.
  6. I've seen this said a lot about Whole 30 and paleo in general--people with various medical conditions who find they don't need their medications after changing their diets. It's not that I'm skeptical, it's more that I don't understand how you'd know that you could stop taking a medication that was controlling a serious condition. Does one just give it a try and if everything looks OK, just not go back on? My story is that I am bipolar. I am very well stabilized with two medications, and I don't have stopping them as a goal. But I've heard of people doing so, and I can't picture it. For me, "feeling great" off my meds is not a good measure of my mental health. The one time I experimented with this, I felt so "great" that I did not take them for a long time. Of course the predictable happened: I became manic, did a lot of things that hurt myself and the people in my life, and then crashed into horrific depression. Of course, this was long before Whole 30/paleo. I definitely feel generally better and healthier, my energy is better--not frighteningly so--but I could not imagine experimenting with my meds. And I can only imagine the conversations with my doctors or my family about it--let's just say there would not be a lot of support. As I said, this is not a goal for me with this program; I really am just curious about this aspect of Whole 30. If you did discontinue a medication--for any condition--how did you decide you were comfortable trying it? Thanks.
  7. Bone Broth: How much? How often?

    Oh, I don't know. The house smells pretty strongly of it, and I'm not sure I like the aroma. But I am not a picky eater by any stretch, so I imagine I'll be fine. I just want to get all the goody out of it.
  8. So, I've got my first batch bubbling, and I'm a little nervous when it comes to consuming it. How much/often do you need to drink it for ideal benefits? A cup a day?
  9. Dropped 15 pounds and feeling great!

    That's fantastic. Congratulations! I know that weight loss is not the primary motivator here, but it's the most quantitative thing we can point to. Energy and lessening of pain are subjective; a number on a scale is not. I know that no-weighing is the rule, but I had to go to the doctor on Friday. Even though I purposely did not look, the nurse called out the number anyhow. I've lost 10 in 3 weeks. I've got another two and change left (had to restart after a boo-boo), so, while it was technically a no-no, I'm glad I found out. Super motivating for me, as I am sure it is for you on your next 30. Again, congratulations and bon appetite on your next round.
  10. Needing Breakfast Inspiration

    (you'll have to adapt some of them for W30)
  11. Needing Breakfast Inspiration

    I just remembered this book. Great ideas for relatively fast meals:
  12. Needing Breakfast Inspiration

    But I just reread and saw you have a time crunch problem. Can you stand hardboiled eggs?
  13. Needing Breakfast Inspiration

    Sometimes I do this: Fry two pieces of (compliant) bacon. Remove from pan. In the grease, sauté kale, chard, spinach, turnip greens, whatever. I keep bags of frozen handy for this. Put the greens in a bowl, crumble bacon on top, fry or poach two eggs so that they are still a little runny. Top greens with eggs, hit it with some guac and hotsauce if you want. But I can only handle this once or twice a week. Other things I have tried that were good: - A crepe-like omelet with ground flax seeds and eggs. I just fill it with leftover meat and veg. - "Hash" -- leftover sweet potato, chopped chicken (or whatever leftover meat), and maybe some apple, cooked in bacon grease with a little cinnamon and sage. - Scrambled eggs topped with a really great tomato sauce. - Bacon, almond butter, and banana lettuce wraps. - Omelet with pesto. Usually, though, I end up eating leftovers or scrambled eggs, avocado, and whatever vegetable I have handy. It can be easy to get in a rut.
  14. Why is snacking discouraged?

    Adding to the suggestions: I load up a sweet potato with coconut oil or butter and a generous squeeze of lime. Very yummy and very tropical.
  15. Why is snacking discouraged?

    I personally find that fruit can give me the blood-sugar shakes, so I limit it to one piece after dinner as a dessert. With such limited sweet-tasting food, the fruit really does taste like dessert (which I always thought people just said to be smug and sanctimonious. GIVE ME CAKE!!!!). To make sure I get the fat, I just eat half an avocado with every meal--not terribly exciting, but it gets the job done. It takes a little while to figure out what works for you and your own particular bod.