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  1. Definitely sounds like not enough food just in general - low on both veggies and fats. Sounds like you'll be back on track tomorrow. Congrats on the new family members! I tried to make a stir fry last night and thought 'OH! I will add the new Paleo Kitchen BBQ sauce I got!" and it was... not my favorite. I think it's the cinnamon flavor in there but I was not a fun and it kinda ruined it for me. Not to mention that now I have a whole bottle of it lol. I have high hopes still for the ranch and the italian dressing. Ever tried either of those?
  2. Ha! I promise, it's all about planning. If you have prepared food you can throw in a little lunchbox to take with you, it's no big deal. And because I have done enough of these, I also know which local spots have ingredients or things on their menu that I can have to keep me on track in an emergency. But thank you for the vote of confidence! Exercise is not intense- just whatever I can fit in to the day. Sometimes it's just walking my dog ;-) Where are you both from? Do you have access to a lot of fresh produce?
  3. Hello Decker and Hummybird! Thanks for being on my accountability team. I don't log my food in the thread, but I can summarize here from time to time. Hummy, like you I am (so far) feeling great! This is my 4th or 5th W30 and in the past I have had some pretty bad detox days. But it's been pretty smooth sailing so far. A little headache and some low-energy days, but I can handle it with guacamole, my one true love, by my side :-) As for other helps, I really utilize the shopping lists and I think the key is to keep it really simple but interesting. Mix in some new recipes with the old tried
  4. Well hello! Glad to be here with you all. Izzy, you can do this. One trick for me - don't cook something else for yourself, make a substitution. If they are having tuna, do the same. But wrap it in a lettuce leaf or use as a dip for veggies. If they are doing turkey, rice, and veggies, leave off the rice and add an avocado. Convince yourself that it's easy to feed yourself well. You totally got this!
  5. Greetings Whole30ers! I started with two friends on Sep. 1 but I have always loved this community and would be stoked to have a group here to chat recipes, troubleshoot, meal plan and generally have a great time. Any takers?
  6. I am a W30 Sept. 1 start! Would love to join in with you all. :-) How is day 2 going for everyone?
  7. Hi all! I started on the 5th but can't seem to find my community so I thought maybe I could jump in here? I am at the end of day 7- wahoo! Week 1 down! Proud of the discipline I have shown so far. Today was the first "hard" day - lots of painful stomach gas, constipation (sorrynotsorry for the TMI) and my day went sideways and it made my food hard - I got through and stayed compliant but I didn't do well at the balance and I feel it. Oh well, some days are harder than others. How did you all do? I haven't had cravings as much this time around (this is my 4th Whole30, one sucessful). NSV is tha
  8. If it's ok with you all, I may just jump on to this thread- I am three days behind you but so far haven't found anyone that started on the 5th (I just like round numbers, ok!?). I am day 2 and just made my husband a breakfast sandwich because I am probably the best wife ever, and am currently enjoying a plate of veggie hash while I peruse the forums. I have done 2 partial Whole30s and 1 full before, and I love them. It's such a feasible reset for me and gives me an intentional, health focused approach to controlling myself. I HATE scale culture and I am stoked to be here with you all! How
  9. All right, y'all! Hold on to your hats because we are here, we're not drinking beer, and we are ready for the sugar dragon to REAR! This is my 4th Whole30, I do about 1 every 18 months or so and I am really looking forward to some accountability partners. Anyone out there start today with me?