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  1. BecFreeby

    What symptoms did you feel with which foods?

    So glad to have found this thread! I started reintro about two days ago, and last night when I had a small amount of beer and a bite of cheese my jaw ached so badly, like I got hit. It was nuts... I've only ever had that happen when I've accidentally gotten into MSG (which I avoid like the plague). I can't think of what else it was other than those two things. Any one else come across this?
  2. BecFreeby

    Turned off from food

    I'm with you there, misshannah, I am doing whole30 to get my hypoglycemia in check and I am very much looking forward to the point when my body self-stabilizes. Good luck to you! I can't imagine doing this with school and work... I would be one grumpy gus :-) You are doing a longer than 30 Whole30, correct?
  3. BecFreeby

    Turned off from food

    I'm having the same experience, and I am on Day 10. Eggs literally repulse me, and greens have been making me gag- even after working out (5+ mile run), I have to force myself to eat. No, not pregnant :-) I hadn't thought of sashimi or the coconut aminos, I'll give those a try. I'm hungry for lunch and sometimes breakfast, just not for things I can have. I don't crave anything in paticular, I am just turned off by the food in front of me.