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  1. Robert2014

    Masters student starting Jan. 8!!

    Hi VGrad and Bernardo ~ January 8 also. My 4th. Great that you are reaching out. My 2 cents -- W30 is not for the faint of heart. I guess that is why it is called a challenge. I say this with encouragement to get your head right. Trust me -- the challenges will come. Be strong, Rob
  2. Robert2014

    Starting January 8th

    Greetings Kat ~ I am also starting January 8. I am a lawyer in Arizona, husband, father, and have climbed my share of big mountains. Cleaning the temple January 8. I do a W30 every year or so to keep things in check. Best wishes on the journey, Rob
  3. Robert2014

    Starting January 2nd!

    Best wishes Elizabeth. You will do great! I am starting January 8.
  4. Robert2014

    Inaugural Whole30 starting January 8,2018

    Hi Kelly ~ I'm starting January 8. Are you still on board? Best, Rob
  5. Robert2014

    Starting October 1st

    jbutts654 - Better to restart on Day 3 than on Day 23! Thanks for the veteran words of advice. This is my third W30. Completed the first two in good style. Temptation is at every turn. I weathered many party storms during my first W30 -- a housewarming party, Halloween (with our two children), a few dinner parties/BBQ's, a trip to Disneyland etc. Some party tips: eat a full W30 meal before you go; prepare to eat compliant while you are there (smuggle in a bag of carrots if you have to); always have full hands at a party -- a cocktailish looking glass of sparkling water with lots of umbrellas and lemon wedges, a plate with some crumpled up napkins on it; go covert -- if you announce at a party that you are doing this crazy W30 thingy you make yourself a target -- everyone tells you that this is crazy and in short order you start to believe it. Honesty is always the best policy but at some point you may just have to tell a fib, "Oh my gosh, the food and drink are so incredible, I am stuffed and could not possibly eat or drink any more" or "My stomach is feeling a bit rumbly and I feel like I might throw up all over you." If things get really nasty, go hide in the bathroom and hammer down your bag of smuggled carrots. Hang in there everyone! Blink blink, we are 10% forward.
  6. Robert2014

    Starting October 1st

    Greetings. I started October 1. This is my third W30. 3 2 1 GO!
  7. Robert2014

    January 6 - Day 1

    Great work everyone! For those continuing on in the Whole 30 zone, please share with us how it is going.
  8. Robert2014

    January 6 - Day 1

    Wow, incredible success. Congratulations to all!
  9. Robert2014

    January 6 - Day 1

    Congratulations to everyone! Celebrate day 30 tomorrow with joy and confidence for all the knowledge we have gained. Knowledge is a powerful thing. Going 30 days without [fill in the blank] is a big deal. The way I look at it, if I can go 30 days without say, a chip (or something far more exotic), I can certainly go 30 seconds or 30 minutes or 30 hours. Please everyone share how your last day turned out for you. And any stats/changes. Best, Robert
  10. Robert2014

    January 6 - Day 1

    We started this forum with about 70 of us +/-. We then had some who joined us mid-way, some who started earlier, those who restarted on some or all of W30, and some who are starting in the next week or two. As we approach the end of our 30 day cycle +/-, it would be great if everyone chimed in and let us know how the ride is ending for you and your exit strategy. Also a note: there are several that are continuing on with a Whole 30+ or who restarted or are just getting started etc. So this would not be the place to post that you downed 7 cans of Cheez Whiz and 3 bottles of cheap rot gut whiskey (note: examples of non-compliant foods were intentionally disgusting) on Wednesday morning at 12:01 a.m. You have all been awesome. Thanks for sharing this journey with me.
  11. Robert2014

    January 6 - Day 1

    Very well said Chellie. I had the same thought as I finished my first Whole 30. An entire generation(s) has been terribly misled. Big corporations and their lobbyists in cahoots with the government. Result: Frankensteinian "food and drink" spun by the best snake oil salespersons on the planet marketing a freakish food pyramid. The 1992 food guide pyramid which survived until recently: 6-11 servings of bread, cereal, rice and pasta; 2-5 servings of fruits and vegetables; 2 servings of meat, fish, eggs, and nuts; 2 servings of milk, cheese and yogurt; and sparing use of naturally occurring fat. Since the government reported that bread and cereal were good for us, I grew up eating bread and cereal Since the government reported that rice and pasta were good for us, I grew up eating rice and pasta. No wonder everyone gained a bit (or alot) of chub. We were told by the federal government that it was healthy to eat 5 servings of bread for every one serving of vegetables. Eat five servings of rice for every one serving of an egg or meat or nuts. Pasta = good. Meat, eggs and nuts = bad. Naturally occurring fat (avocado or olive oil) = really really bad. You chop out the foundation of the government pyramid - bread, cereal, rice and pasta - and amazing things start to happen to our bodies in just 30 short days. Throw in a ton of veggies and some naturally occurring fat and wonderful things happen. What condition would our country be in today if this foundation of the government pyramid - bread, cereal, rice and pasta - was eliminated several decades ago?
  12. Robert2014

    January 6 - Day 1

    It's great to be sharing this experience with such a strongly motivated group. W30 is not for the faint of heart! Wishing everyone positive thoughts blasting through Super Bowl Sunday and finishing Monday and Tuesday in good style.
  13. Robert2014

    January 6 - Day 1

    My mind, body and spirit thrive on real food.
  14. Robert2014

    January 6 - Day 1

    Curlygirl - Trust me, there is not one among us who is saying, "Wow, this is so easy. I think I will eat exactly like this every day for the rest of my life!" God willing, you will have well more than 20,000 days on planet earth to put a beat down on the B&J and tasty liquid grapes. Just get through the next 9. Day 21 is upon us!
  15. Robert2014

    January 6 - Day 1

    Great work TJ6! No one said this journey would be easy. As for me, on my second Whole 30, I can agree this is not easy. But the best things in life, our greatest accomplishments, are almost never easy. I am so impressed by our group working through the lows and enjoying the fantastic progress. The finish line (or new starting line) is now coming into view. One week from Tuesday the training wheels come off! Stay strong everyone. Rob